A simple way to get 1000 readers per day on your blog post.

A simple way to get 1000 readers per day on your blog post
A simple way to get 1000 readers per day on your blog post

Have you ever wondered, Why every blogger wants to increase their blog traffic?

If you think seriously for a while, you will surely realize that getting enough traffic is the ultimate requirement to make your blog successful.

Yes, this is true.

Whatever your goal is, whether you want to make money by selling a product on blogging or want to increase affiliate sales, getting a lot of traffic to your website is very important for all these purposes.


Now. Here are some Important and popular tips that are being provided to you, through which you can get a lot of traffic to your website.

1- Give your blog the best time of your life

For three years, I was also frustrated with my blogging career, and it was possible that I would have given up on my blogging career.


But I didn't want to give up on blogging, so I started looking into the tips used by popular bloggers to improve my blog.

After a lot of research, I found out that all those bloggers spend most of their day on their blogs.


He was constantly writing new articles even during his busy day, his eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, exercising, and other daily activities did not affect his writing skills.

All these things made him popular in the blogging world, due to which he was able to post several articles on his blog every week.


If you also want to climb your blog to the top of the popularity ladder. So you will need to write more articles, Do more research and devote more time.

All these things together will help you get 1000 readers per day, and you will be successful in your goals very soon. 

2_Write essays on different topics

Can there be such a person? Be passionate about making money online, but don't be passionate about cooking.


Be an actress who doesn't need beauty tips.

Every person may have many hobbies, for the information which he visits different websites.

We have always heard that for success in blogging, It is important to always create a blog on a single niche.


But whenever we observe the website of a successful blogger, we see that website is built on multiple niches.

Therefore, you should also decorate your blog with different articles, so that your readers can read articles written on different topics.


This way viewership will increase tremendously, and you will be able to get a thousand or more readers in a few days.

3_Understand the need for consistent blogging


You must also try to post continuously like me. But you must have often felt that in continuous posting, The interval usually becomes longer, Which causes the failure of continuous posting.

So we often wonder where the mistake is happening.

It has often been observed that our household and financial commitments do not allow us to post consistently.

Due to this, our continuous posting is decreasing rapidly.

After knowing this much you might ask the question, how long should there be a gap between publishing content?

The answer is, if your website covers a niche, at least one article should be posted every week.

Likewise, if the website covers multiple niches, there should be a post every three days on different niches. 

If you keep posting new posts every week, you will keep getting repeat and new visitors to your blog.

As important as the quality of your content is, so is the interval between posting content.

If you also want to make your position as a good blogger, you need to strike a balance between content volume and spacing.

So that your website can get 1000 readers per day.

4_ Make sure to subscribe button 

Whenever a new visitor lands on your website and presses the subscribe button, So he gets a notification every time new articles are published.

Think of every website visitor who subscribes to your website! How many visitors will keep coming back to your website?

Suppose, if your website gets 100 visitors daily, and 50% of them subscribe to your website.


Whenever you post a new article, at least 25 percent of the audience will be people who subscribed to you.

You can also send messages to your subscribers with links to your old posts, this way you can get more users daily.

This will help in fulfilling the desire of 1000 readers daily

5_Stay connected with your social network

Who does not know the power and capabilities of social networks, Through which you can spread your words and thoughts to millions of people in seconds?


Land distance doesn't matter in social networks your texts and video messages can travel around the world in a second.

And you can deliver your message to every corner of the world all it needs is a device and an internet connection. 

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, you should stay connected with your social network and share your post link as much as possible.

Some bloggers put their personal social media network links on their websites, which turns out to be very inaccurate and useless.

Because you may have friends and relatives who are not keen on websites


And your social media pages may be annoyed by a flood of website links.


It is, therefore important for you to keep your social media personality and create separate social media pages for your website.

I am sure. Your social media page will attract thousands of audiences to your website.

6- Use magic and explosive keywords

Put keywords in the title of your article, which is magical and explosive, and compels people to click on the article and read it completely.

Similar words as news channels use in their news, but beware,

Your article headline should use words that appear in your article.

For this, you can use a keyword research tool, which can help you find trending keywords. 

7- Comment on the others' blog posts

Another unique way to get more views on your website is by commenting on other posts, where you comment on posts from popular websites and competitor websites.

Commenting on the posts of popular websites and competitor websites improves your website's SEO.

And chances are high, That the audience visiting these websites will reach your post through the link in the comment.

This starts to increase the number of viewers on your post, Which will help you get 1000 readers daily.

It is also possible that the post of your website that you have linked to while commenting on another blog will be featured on Google pages.

But the biggest problem is usually the comment box of famous and competitor websites is closed, So it is not possible to make blog comments.

Now the first question arises, Why do popular and competitor websites keep their comments box closed?

Usually, the reason for this is to avoid spam comments, So that websites that are suspicious in the eyes of Google,

If those sites comment on your post, your post may also be suspicious in Google's eyes.

Now the second question arises, Which websites to post comments on, and how to find them?

My advice to you for commenting on a post is to target the web posts hidden behind the pins on Pinterest.

The specialty of this social media website is that it has websites for every niche available,

And usually, most of the website comments box is open, in which it is possible to add your comment.

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