What is constipation, and what foods to avoid?


A Constipation Meaning 

Constipation is a type of disease in which the stool movement stops, and the stool does not pass for several days.

Or the amount of stool decreases, and it becomes harder to pass, Which lasts for several weeks or more.

According to one estimate, if a person has less than three stool movements a week, he will be considered constipated.

Although different people have occasional constipation, which usually does not cause any harm, some people experience chronic constipation.

Which can interfere with their ability to perform daily tasks.

One of the possible causes of low back pain is constipation. 

This is because the obstruction of food in your digestion puts pressure on the muscles and nerves of your body.

It causes severe discomfort, which increases and worsens over time.

There are several symptoms of constipation, including:

  •  Feeling of frequent bowel movements,
  •  Severe or chronic pain in the lower back and lower limbs during defecation,
  •  Problems with bowel movements, and
  •  Includes hard or lumpy stools

You may also experience abdominal pain and bloating at times and a feeling of fullness while you have not eaten anything.

Constipation Remedies

Regular use of water is essential for health dehydration can make a person suffer from constipation. To avoid this, it is important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

If you have chronic constipation, drinking a small amount of carbonated (sparkling) water can relieve it. 

This can help them re-hydrate and re-energize the intestines.

Try to drink at least 08 glasses of water every day to get rid of constipation as much as possible.

Foods that cause constipation

Our daily diet also includes certain foods which can cause constipation in case of any disorder in our digestive system.

Symptoms of constipation include loss of bowel movements, bloating, gas, and abdominal pain due to indigestion or indigestion in our digestive system.

So whenever we face such a situation, we have to avoid using these foods!

For this, always need to be healthy and keep your essential things to keep your intestinal movements.

The most important thing is to include the right foods in your diet regularly and, at the same time improve your lifestyle.

Here is a list of foods you should avoid when you have constipation.

1_ Processed and frozen food

Processed foods have made our lives much easier and more comfortable, But there are also many side effects.


Numerous diseases including hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease, are Processed foods that are thought to be the cause of these diseases.

Nuggets, finger fish, processed ham, burgers, pizza sausage, and frozen dinner packed with preservatives

All of these products contain high levels of sodium and sugar as well as artificial flavors and colors.


Your digestive system has to work hard and effort to digest all these complex and synthetic ingredients.

As a result, the digestive system slows down and becomes weak, leading to various gastrointestinal diseases and problems.

These include constipation, so it is important to keep these foods to a minimum.

2_ Persimmon

You must have eaten persimmon, also known as Japanese fruit. It is a delicious orange tomato-like fruit, a delicious fruit full of essential nutrients.

It is usually available in the market in two varieties, one sweet and the other astringent in taste.

It can cause other astringent types, especially constipation Because it contains a lot of tannins.

Which interferes with our digestive system and restricts the movement of food, as well as reduces intestinal fluid

So whenever you want to eat this delicious orange persimmon, always eat sweet persimmon to avoid constipation.

3_ Chocolates


Chocolate is equally popular with children and adults, but you will be surprised to learn that chocolates can also cause chronic constipation.

Especially the chocolate type, which contains a lot of milk, milk is one of the easily digestible foods.

Due to this, it is considered the first food for newborns,

But when this milk is added to chocolates to make fat, too much of this fat slows down digestion.

As a result, many people suffer from indigestion or constipation.

4_ Red Meat

Red meat has become an essential part of our diet, but too much red meat can cause constipation Because it contains a lot of fat and iron.

And it contains a type of fiber that the digestive system has difficulty digesting.

Therefore, it is best to avoid red meat such as beef, crushed beef, and pork, But if you use venison, mutton, and goat meat, it is unlikely to cause constipation.

5_ Fried and fast foods


The trend of people eating fried and fast foods is increasing, and it is increasing day by day,

It is causing many health problems. It is also the leading cause of obesity and heart disease.

Because these foods are high in sodium and synthetic ingredients,

Therefore, they slow down the passage of food in the intestines, which usually leads to constipation.


If there is a person who has at least one meal a day of fried or fast foods. So not only will he have constipation, but he may also be at risk for other health problems.

So you have to eliminate these foods from your daily diet if you think that you are suffering from constipation after eating these foods.

So avoiding them completely will be good for your health.

6_ Caffeine

Everyone loves freshly baked coffee. We all want to start our day with a cup of aromatic coffee.

The fact is that excessive consumption of coffee or all foods made from it can lead to constipation.


These beverages, black coffee, cold coffee, energy drinks, cream coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soda, etc., contain large amounts of caffeine.

If you consume a lot of these caffeinated foods, it is more likely that you will get constipation in a few days.

But, if used in limited quantities, this amount of caffeine can be beneficial for your intestines.

We advise you if you want to avoid constipation, to take caution in using caffeine

7 _ Bananas

Bananas can also cause constipation in some people. That is why they are used as home remedies for stomach upset.


About 70-80% of bananas are resistant to starch, a complex carbohydrate type characterized by dietary fiber.

Although dietary fiber works to keep the intestines active and dietary fiber helps relieve constipation,

But during intestinal disease, digestion of certain types of dietary fiber in bananas creates difficulties for the human digestive system.

So if you are feeling constipated, or have an upset stomach, avoid eating bananas in the meantime.

8 _ Constipation During Pregnancy

It is common for women to have constipation during pregnancy. About 16 to 39 percent of women experience constipation at some point during pregnancy.

Constipation is most common in the third trimester of pregnancy, as the fetus is heaviest at this time, and puts the greatest pressure on your gut.

Although constipation can occur at any time during pregnancy, the chances are up to three months after the baby is born.

9_ Alcohol

Alcohol use among young people is on the rise, especially on weekends as young people, as well as older people, drink heavily


But remember, excessive consumption of alcohol can cause constipation, nausea, and headaches, as alcohol causes dehydration in the body.

So when you don't drink water after drinking alcohol. Alcohol can stop your stomach cells from working, and as a result, the cells excrete only water instead of waste from the body during digestion.

As a result, dehydration slows down bowel movements, and feces hardens, which in turn causes constipation.

If you have been suffering from constipation for several days. If and want a cure, contact a specialist as soon as possible.

And use the medicine prescribed by the doctor, and avoid alcohol completely during the treatment.

Always include high-fiber foods in your diet to prevent constipation.


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