07 Proven Tips for Winter Hair Care

07 Proven Tips for Winter Hair Care
07 Proven Tips for Winter Hair Care



How do you like the winter season to get into the blankets and enjoy the peanuts? It feels great.

But remember! 

This weather is dangerous for our skin as well as our hair.

The lack of temperature and humidity this season will not only affect the beauty of your hair but also damage the roots of your hair

Therefore, all of us need to take proper care of our hair in this season, So that our hair will always be beautiful, thick, and shiny.

The cold winter air makes your hair coarse and lifeless, which causes the scalp to grow at the roots of the hair.

And because of this weakness of the hair, hair loss occurs very quickly, If it is not stopped in time and not treated.

So for sure, you will get baldness.

If you are already suffering from various hair problems, it may be even more difficult for you to take proper care of your hair in winter.

But worrying is not the solution to these problems. It is our first need to solve them in a timely and easy way.

Just take care of your hair the methods you have been told must be followed consistently.

Here are some simple and useful tips for winter hair care.

By following them, you can benefit both men and women.

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1- It is necessary to apply hair oil:

It is very important to keep your hair moist in this season, as natural oil is less available for hair in winter.

To take proper care of hair, make sure to apply hair oil daily or after a day, so that the hair is always moist and fresh.

This oil will also provide energy to your scalp and hair roots, which will eliminate dryness and dandruff, which are the main cause of hair loss.

This will prevent your hair from splitting, and will also prevent premature graying of the hair, any hair oil you like can be used,

But I would recommend that you use mustard or coconut oil for your hair. It will be a very nutritious and useful oil for hair.

In extremely cold weather, Semi warms it up before using it.

So that this oil can also provide the required heat to your scalp and hair.

Whatever hair oil you are using, massage it into the hair root thoroughly for five minutes.

Doing so improves blood circulation to the scalp, and this process strengthens the roots of your hair.

02- It is important to drink water:

Most people drink less water in the winter, which is completely wrong.

We know that in winter we do not feel as thirsty as in summer.

This does not mean that we do not need water during this season.

But remember, even in winter we have to hydrate our body, which requires less water than in summer.


Nutritionists say that hydration controls the moisture level in our hair.

Which maintains the shine of the hair, and prevents the tips of the hair from splitting,

It also helps prevent scalp and itching.

3- Wash hairless in winter:

Do you wash your hair daily? So this process is by no means correct.

Washing hair daily weakens it And removes the hidden natural oils present in the skin.

This causes dryness and irritation in the skin.

Try to wash your hair after one day.

Always use a good quality shampoo to wash your hair which is beneficial for your hair.

4- Hot water is harmful to hair:

We all prefer to use hot water for bathing in winter.

But washing the hair with hot water damages its roots and makes it shiny.

Whenever you need to wash your hair in winter, always try to use lukewarm water instead of cold water.

The thicker and longer your hair is, the harder it is to care for it in winter.

Because cold winds hit our hair very easily making it dry and weak.

It causes the hair to break and fall out and the tips to start cracking.

If you have long hair, always tie and cover it before going out into the open air to protect it from cold winds.

You can also use hats and scarves for this.

It can also be shortened to keep hair healthy in winter.

5- Use conditioner on the hair:

In winter, you should avoid washing your hair in the morning and the evening. Noon is the best time to wash your hair.

Be sure to use conditioner after washing your hair.

Because it is very important to provide proper moisturizing to the hair in winter.

Due to this hair growth may be possible.

Always use the same brand of conditioner in your hair, and choose a conditioner that is rich in natural oils, such as almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and so on.

It is not necessary to apply conditioner on the roots of the hair, but apply conditioner on its ends and its natural length.

This will prevent the hair follicles from splitting and drying out.

6- Reduce the use of heat styling tools:

Lack of moisturizing in winter makes hair extremely dry and brittle. This lack of moisture makes it delicate and sensitive.

Heat tool heat and styling chemicals can make it more dry and weak,

Because it absorbs all the moisture from your skin

Therefore, avoid using unnecessary hair styling tools on hair in winter, and change your hairstyle to suit the weather, using hair styling gel and oil. 

Use a towel to dry your hair, and women try to keep it covered with a towel until the hair is dry.

In addition, massaging the scalp with the best oils will be effective for the health of the hair.

Due to this, the hair will remain healthy and shiny even in this season.

7- Using a deep conditioning hair mask:

Using a deep conditioning hair mask once a week for winter hair care can be great for the scalp and hair.

Because this season, the hair mask protects your hair and protects it from breakage and loss.

This helps to retain moisture inside the hair and prevent dryness.

Prefer masks for your hair that contain natural ingredients such as eggs and honey.

These natural ingredients will give your hair a good texture and will also promote hair growth

You choose the mask according to your hair type, and if your hair is dry,

So mixing oil in it can also eliminate the effect of drought.

Always be careful not to try to get out of the house with wet hair in winter.

If necessary, dry your wet hair thoroughly first, as exposure to cold air increases the risk of hair weakening and breakage.

This winter, You are required to take extra care of your hair in this season as compared to other seasons so that it will support you till the end of your life

With some effort and change, you can ensure good hair health.

Remember, always choose products that suit your hair.

Also, include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

It will allow you to maintain healthy and shiny hair on your head even in severely cold weather.


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   Written by Razi Ahmed 

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