What is Brain Hemorrhage: Symptoms, Survival, and Treatment?

What is Brain Hemorrhage: Symptoms, Survival, and Treatment?
What is Brain Hemorrhage: Symptoms, Survival, and Treatment?

Brain hemorrhage (also called Bleeding in the brain). A brain hemorrhage can actually be the result of an accident, tumor, stroke, or blood pressure.

Humans are strange and unique creatures created by God, His ability to think and understand makes them unique from all other creatures.

These abilities have made him want to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

That is why he has come out of his earth and circled the moon and space, making his life comfortable.

His inventions have reduced the hardships of weather and travel, and the journey of thousands of miles is now completed in a few hours.

But different parts of the human body also suffer from various diseases, Which are very dangerous and fatal, Including the human brain.

One of the most serious brain diseases is brain hemorrhage.

Which will be mentioned in detail here.

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Brain Hemorrhage

Brain hemorrhage is a mental illness in which, for some reason, accidentally

The cerebral arteries rupture.

It can cause severe brain damage and even death.

Survival of life depends on how quickly the swelling and bleeding inside the patient's skull are controlled.

Many patients suffer from paralysis or coma even though the bleeding process is controlled quickly.

Which can be temporary or even for life.

A ruptured cerebral artery is more likely to die, which can be more or less different depending on the type.

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Types of Brain Hemorrhage

Research so far has identified three different types, which we will summarize.

1_Intracranial Hemorrhage

This is a type of hemorrhage in which an internal rupture of an artery causes blood to flow to the inside of the head.

2_Cerebral Hemorrhage

The type of hemorrhage in which an artery ruptures and begins to bleed in or around the brain.

3_ Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

The type of hemorrhage in which a gap is created between the brain, and the tissues that cover the brain.

In all three cases, the patient's body bleeds a lot, which makes the patient more likely to die.

And even if you get timely medical help, the risks are still there, and the patient may have a temporary or permanent stroke or coma.

Causes of Brain Hemorrhage

Brain hemorrhage in which the cerebral arteries rupture can have many different causes.

It can include temporary or accidental accidents, such as a road accident, a plane crash landing, a head injury from falling from a mountain or a building, etc.

Brain tumors, high blood pressure, and the use of blood thinners can also be the cause.

In addition, regular drug use, tobacco, and not exercising daily can also lead to it.

As a result, a small or large amount of blood begins to flow inside the brain.

Which affects the blood flow from the heart to the body, If this process is prolonged, it can lead to paralysis or coma,

Because in this process, the brain does not get the required oxygen.

Twenty to thirty percent of stroke patients have a ruptured cerebral artery.

Excessive blood pressure or obstruction within the brain,

This speeds up the process of bleeding from a ruptured artery.

As a result, the flow of blood to all other parts of the body is affected.

Which disables the limbs, which may turn into paralysis after some time.

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Symptoms of Brain Hemorrhage

* Severe Head and Neck Pain.

* Short or Long numbness of the face, hands, or legs.

* Feeling of needles piercing different parts of the body.

* Paralysis of limbs on one side of the body.

* Feeling difficult to swallow something.


* Blurring or doubling of vision for some time.

* Loss of balance once or several times a day.

* Difficulty speaking or understanding, reading or writing.

* Persistent drowsiness, etc.

What is Brain Hemorrhage: Symptoms, Survival, and Treatment?
What is Brain Hemorrhage: Symptoms, Survival, and Treatment?

Possible Causes of Cerebral Artery Rupture

There are many possible causes of cerebral artery rupture, two of which are more common.

The first cause is an aneurysm In it, a part of the blood vessel swells like a balloon, It is usually caused by high blood pressure or a narrowing of the arteries.

The wall of this part of the artery begins to weaken and rupture at any moment due to high blood pressure.

When it explodes, blood begins to accumulate inside the brain.

The second reason is called arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

During which the internal arteries and veins of the brain become abnormally intertwined, Which disrupts blood flow.

These complications can usually occur in a patient before birth, and with age comes complications.


But it cannot be called a family or hereditary disease, and it is not clear why this patient was born once.

How to Save Brain Hemorrhage?

To prevent this disease, we need to know the causes that increase the risks of this disease.

Of which hypertension is the biggest cause, The risk of this disease can be reduced if it is kept under control.

Also, if you are a patient with high blood pressure, and are taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, So it is not right to reduce or give up Medicines voluntarily.

The patient who came to the hospital, the Fifty Present Brain Hemorrhage, did not use medicines according to the doctor's instructions, either.

Or he stopped taking medicine because he thought he was healthy.

Smoking, Drugs, and alcohol use must be avoided.

Because these things are very dangerous for our body and help to spread this disease.

The nicotine in tobacco slowly makes our arteries hard and inflexible, This increases the chances of a Brain Hemorrhage.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a special focus on food and hygiene.


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