How to Prevent Acne: Tip and Treatments.

How to prevent acne Tip and Treatments.
How to prevent acne Tip and Treatments.

There's no sure way to prevent acneBut these tips can help reduce the severity of your acne, zits, whiteheads, and blackheads.



Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. Which usually appear on the skin of the face.

The real reason for this disease is to be a small deal on the face, Which can be filled with pus and dry too.

It is extremely painful for the skin, And even when they are finished, they leave ugly scars on the face.

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What is the Acne?


There are countless hairs on the upper surface of our skin, which in women are in the form of fine hairy,

While in men these hairs are thick, And after puberty, they take the form of mustaches and beards.

Along with these hairs, There are fine pores on the skin. Their job is to remove sweat, grease, and salts.

When these pores in the skin and the hair follicles under them are filled with fat or dead skin cells, the mouth of the port is closed.

Due to this fact does not come out of these pores, and is trapped in them, Therefore, due to the constant accumulation of fat, the place looks more raised than other places, and it causes pain in the skin.

Reasons for the causes of the Acne:

After puberty, young boys and girls undergo significant changes in their body systems. And these changes include activation of the sebaceous glands.

Acne mainly affects the skin of the face, and other small red pimples, Which are pimples, ie full of pus and some dry.

Immediately after puberty, these pimples begin to appear on the cheeks, forehead, sides of the nose, and around the lips of these young people, Some young people also have it on the chest, upper back, and shoulders.

These are all areas of the body, Where the sebaceous glands are very active, they constantly produce lubricating moisture in these parts to keep them soft and fresh.

Acne mainly affects teenagers, boys, and girls. Who is going through puberty, and the disease is considered a sign of the onset of puberty.

But the effects can last a long time and can affect also people over the age of 30.

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Treatment of Acne:


There are several effective skin treatments for acne, Which can be easily accessed.


But the result is not immediate, and it takes a long time to get rid of it quickly.

Because it has been seen, Before acne goes away, Nearby, another acne appears.

Causes of Acne:

The most important thing for the Save and treatment of this disease is to know its reasons.

Because of these reasons, Treatment is not possible to improve.

Here are a few reasons, As the main cause of this disease has been declared.

At the same time, we will explain the possible measures to prevent it.

So that you can prevent acne on your face and body in time.

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1_ Excess fat on the skin:

If your skin is oily, the hair follicles under the hair can be filled with fat and dead skin cells.

You have to, That you wash your face repeatedly, and take care of its cleanliness.

2_ High emissions of Compatible hormones:


The production of a certain hormone androgen in the human body is also a major cause of this disease, Excessive production of this hormone can also cause acne on the face.

And it continues to this day Until hormone secretion is normalized.

What makes them dynamic, and produces more hormones? 

It will be discussed in detail in an upcoming article.

3_ Medication side effects:

Some medications also have side effects on the facial skin. The list includes antibiotics, kidney, and heart medicine.


If you are taking medicines for these diseases, So consult your doctor and add some medicines for skin diseases, So that the effects of these drugs on the skin are minimal.

4_ Eating Disorders:

High-fat diets, fast food, and hot peppers and spices also cause the disease.

Foods that are stale and quite old, use also increase the chances of acne.

So avoid fried foods and spicy foods.

This is against the principles of hygiene, harmful to health.

5_ Stress:

Stress also causes many diseases, These include brain hemorrhage, heart attack, insomnia, and stomach ailments.

It also affects the skin, including acne.

So, keep yourself away from stress, and try,

Get your office and business done on time.

So that you do not get stressed because the work is not completed on time.

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6_ The effects of the environment on the face:

The effects of the environment on the face also cause the disease.

In an environment where oil vapor and ash are high in the atmosphere, Prolonged exposure to these environments can also cause the disease.

The presence of oil or grease in coal mines, petrol stations, and kitchens is an essential element.

Living or working in these places for a long time increases the chances of the pores closing due to grease and dust sticking to the face. Which can cause this disease.

 So to stay in these environments, and to avoid this disease, it is important to always keep your skin clean, So that the oil vapor and ash in the air do not stay on your skin for long.

7_ Use of poor quality cosmetics:

Most women use cosmetics to enhance their appearance.

While some male attendees use cosmetics to highlight the beauty of the face.


This is when using cosmetics that are made from cheap, poor, and substandard products, and they are either not very high in fat or not at all. Which fills the hair follicles and pores and closes its mouth.

So avoid the use of shoddy and cheap cosmetics, and always use standard cosmetics.

At the same time, before going to bed at night, you must clean the cosmetics from your face, so that its side effects do not harm the face.

How to prevent acne Tip and Treatments.
How to prevent acne Tip and Treatments.

Treatment of skin acne:

When you know the causes of acne on your skin, Meet a dermatologist immediately to prevent this.

The methods that dermatologists use to get rid of acne.

These are usually:  

1_ Acne should be controlled;

2- Reducing the production of fat in the skin

3- No scars on the skin

4_Reinfection of the skin and prevention of bacterial infections

Use the medicine prescribed by the doctor as directed by him.

These medicines take plenty of time to showcase their effect, 

Can be, These medicines will show their effect in four to eight weeks.

It can also be, That your skin looks worse than before, But don't worry,

It may take some time for facial skin to recover.

Do not use medications, creams, or lotions without a prescription, They can damage your facial skin.


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