How to get rid of Dark Circles on the Skin?

How to get rid of Dark Circles on the Skin?
How to get rid of Dark Circles on the Skin?

Dark Circles

You or a friend must have been in the dark circles of the eyes, Or you may be wondering, what is the disease of dark circles.

Let us tell you, dark circles are a skin disease, which is noticeable around the eyes,

There can be one or more reasons for this, which cause serious problems for the beauty, health, and age of our face.

Various methods are used to remove these dark circles, including many medical or natural methods.

Not all of these methods work permanently. So these methods are used by changing them at different times.

It depends on the weather, the cause, and the type of skin.

Let us first look at the causes of dark circles around the eyes.

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The Main Causes of Dark Circles:

It is a common observation, That dark circles often appear due to lack of sleep, But this is not the reason for the formation of dark circles.

There are many other causes of dark circles under the eyes. 

Which will mention in detail.

Signs of Age:

The Biggest cause of this disease is old age.

Due to this, the fat layer of the skin under the eyes is removed, and the skin becomes thin and loose.

Which makes the blood vessels around the eyes more prominent,

Also known as hyperpigmentation.

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Inadequate Sleep:

Another major cause of this disease is lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep has many harmful and permanent effects on our health,

These include memory loss, loss of ability to think and make timely decisions, infections, loss of appetite, and obesity.

The Third Major Cause of this Disease is Allergies:

One type of allergy is skin rash, which spreads easily to the human body, and is one of the most common diseases.

The disease is caused by a special substance, called an allergen, which is released from food, various flowers, and domestic pets.

Whenever this substance hits the body, or these substances attack the human body,

So the human body's immune system reacts.

At this time, there is inflammation, itching, sneezing, and spots on the body, and if it attacks the eyes, there is a lot of itching in the eyes, and the skin around the eyes becomes red.

And so later on, these red marks take the form of black circles.


The fourth major cause of this disease is hyper-pigmentation.

There can be many reasons for this, as a result of which the fat layer of the skin under the eyes is removed, and the blood vessels around the eyes become visible.

Lack of sleep, loss of appetite or food, signs of chronic acne, and sunburn or skin burns can also be symptoms.

In hyper-pigmentation, the skin color of the affected area is usually very deep red or black.

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Reduction of fatty Tissues Below the Eyes:

There is a small amount of fatty tissue under the eye and in its socket.

In an emergency, That is, when there is extreme hunger and unavailability of food, it is converted into energy.

Examples include people trapped in storms and floods and people in famine-stricken areas.

That's why their eyes always look sunken Because the fat pads behind them are activated and provide energy to the body,

It causes a hole around the eyes, and his color becomes dark black.


Iron Deficiency:

Iron deficiency in the body causes dark circles around the eyes. Iron deficiency is a form of anemia.

It can affect people of all ages (including men and women). 

Anemia means a decrease in the amount of hemoglobin in the types of blood, 

or a decrease in the numbers of RBCs.

Decreased hemoglobin levels in the blood cause dark circles around the eyes.

Due to the Ultraviolet Rays of the Sun:

The sun's rays contain dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays, and when these rays hit the skin, they make it red and dry. And the skin begins to lose moisture and oil.

This has a detrimental effect on the softening of the skin, and at the same time, wrinkles begin to appear.


Dehydration can also cause dark circles around the eyes.

Because our inner soft tissue is a mixture of water and oil, which refreshes our skin,

In intense sun and heat, these compounds evaporate into the air cooling the skin

But, when the body is dehydrated for some reason.

So the soft tissues under the skin only expel fat to protect the skin from the intense heat.

Due to this the layer of this tissue gradually begins to shrink.

It causes pits to form around the eyes, and the skin color becomes darker with the heat.

Hereditary Genes:

Some people inherit dark circles around their eyes.

It has been observed that dark circles around the eyes of some people appear at this ages

At that age, these dark circles also appeared in his parents.

But it cannot be said, with certainty that everyone will face such a situation.   

Cigarettes and Smoke:

Cigarette and atmospheric smoke also affect the formation of dark circles.

This smoke causes irritation and inflammation in the eyes, such as redness of the eyes. and surrounding skin due to itching,

In addition to all of these causes, some factors can cause dark circles under the eyes, such as waking up late at night and drinking too much alcohol

In addition, using computers and mobile phones in low light can cause these lines to appear under the eyes.

Precautionary Measures Against Dark Circles:

  • Drink plenty of water daily to prevent dark circles and maintain skin moisture and freshness.

  • Minimize the use of mobile and computer at night or in low light

  • Be sure to wear sunglasses before going out in the sun.

  • Make maximum use of fruits and fresh vegetables.

  • Use sunscreen to protect skin from sun exposure.

  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet, Which are high in vitamin C.

  • Try to avoid stress and untimely anger.

  • Get six to eight hours of restful sleep daily.

  • Avoid heavy smoking and alcohol.

  • Walk barefoot on the grass in the morning. This process is useful to prevent visual impairment and dark circles.

If you also have dark circles around your eyes, and you want to treat them, First of all, read these reasons, and follow the precautionary measures.

Then examine yourself, or consult an excellent dermatologist.


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