Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body.

Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body.
Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body.

People in the Blue Zone eat vegetables, and then they eat potatoes, goat's milk, honey, and beans to enjoy during the holidays.

What is Blue Zone Diet? 

Over the last few years, some new methods of food plans have become very popular.

The goal is to achieve weight loss, protection from dangerous diseases, and long healthy life.

The two most popular series are the Zone Diet and the keto diet, Which have been mentioned in previous articles. 

A new diet plan will be discussed today, Like the Zone Diet and the keto diet.

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Dietitians have made many foods synonymous with the public based on basic food principles and availability and solve the problem of physical health and obesity by controlling the number of calories per day.

But there are also diet plans, Which have been used for centuries in many parts of the world.


The diet plan that will be discussed today, Its uniqueness is, That the distribution of nutrients in it is as follows, Which makes it unique from other diet plans, and has the potential to reduce daily calorie intake without any exercise or extra effort.


And besides, an amazing feature is, That this diet plan can keep you young and healthy for a long time.


According to an estimate, This diet can help you stay healthy for 100 years or more.

It's not a diet plan. 

Rather, it's a way to live a better life.

It contains a complete formula for mental and physical development and the prevention of disease.

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The Beginning of the Blue Zone Diet


In the early 2000s, a group of dieticians. These areas were explored. Where every other person was over 90 years of age, and he was in better health than the 45-year-old.

These are the five main regions, whose names are as follows.

Areas included in the "blue zone":

1_ Akria (Greece),

2_ Nicoya Island (Costa Rica)

3_ Luma Linda (USA),

4_ Sardinia (Italy)

5_ Okinawa (Japan)

The health and longevity of the people here make them unique from the people of many other areas.

The people of these five regions live the longest in the world. Here are five reasons why they should live longer:

Which are

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Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body.
Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body.

1- Use of Vegetables in Food

The way people in the "Blue zone" eat is very different and unique from other people.


They cut the food into small pieces while cooking. So that they look bigger in this way, they deceive the brain and transfer fewer calories to their stomach.


An analysis of the basic principles of their diet reveals that The people of these regions eat mainly fresh vegetables and fruits.

Which are cooked over low heat and with minimal salt, and foodstuff.


They eat twice a day, including breakfast and dinner. Both foods include seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Their job is to provide the body with essential nutrients, and antioxidants.

According to nutritionists, it can reduce the risk of heart disease and inflammation, and dietary fiber, an important component of vegetables, stimulates and regulates digestion.

Which is more important to keep the body healthy.

People here do not eliminate red and white meat from their diet.

However, they use it sparingly and eat only twice a week.

Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body.
Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body. 


2- Exercising Daily

People living in the blue zone don't go to the gym.

Rather, these individuals have such a high level of physical activity,

Which does not require additional exercise. They do not like the use of machines and do most of the work with small tools.

This includes farm work, boating, building, and small bridges.

These people are always happy and calm because their stress levels are very low, and enjoy their current life.

3_ Tradition of Fasting



The tradition here includes frequent fasting, Because the people here are Orthodox Christians, and their religion requires fasting for almost half a year.

While people in the "blue zone" must fast at least once a week, young people fast more than once.

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4_ Getting Enough Sleep

The people of the "blue zone" live such a full life,

In which the clock has no significance.

They recognize the rotation of the sun as a sign, Which doesn't require them to tick tick the clock, and leave the bed when the sun rises,

and start your morning with a healthy breakfast, which is responsible for providing them with energy throughout the day.

These people use light snacks for lunch, such as porridge, fruit juice, etc.


While many of them avoid lunch.


These people take regular light naps lasting one to two hours.

They think a light afternoon nap will save him from heart disease.  

And taking a nap reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 35%.

In addition, a light afternoon nap helps them deal with stress and calms the heart and mind, and in the same way, dinner is eaten shortly after sunset.

The elders then sit down and chat happily and enjoy the red wine.

Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body.
Blue zone Diet plan - The best plan for the human body. 

5_ Staying Connected With Religion and Society

The people of the "blue zone" are bound by strong religious and social chains.

Which is the basis of their connection' and also gives a strong sense of purpose in life.


These people eat delicious food together, Drink a full glass of red wine,

And live a full life with your family, friends, and loved ones.


They prefer to spend time with their families instead of spending time on the news and movies.


By incorporating these five methods into your life, you too can benefit from them.

So start practicing these methods today, and get more than 100 years free of diseases like the people of the Blue Zone.

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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