Keto diet: Why the keto diet is bad?

Keto diet: Why the keto diet is bad?
Keto diet: Why the keto diet is bad?

This article will comment on one of the most popular diet plans, the keto diet. Like all other diet plans such as Zone Diet and Blue Zone Diet, it is popular.

Many diseases have become very popular in recent years, including diabetes, heart attacks, and kidney diseases.

The main reason for all this is obesity and weight gain, Due to which the tendency of people to lose weight is increasing.

One way in the popular way to reduce weight through food is a way of Ketogenic Diet, As commonly the name keto Diet.

This diet has been used in this diet plan, From which fat-melting ability can be obtained.

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Keto Diet Features

Here we will try to know the benefits of the keto Diet and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

The use of carbohydrates in the diet is reduced or eliminated in the keto diet plan, excess fat is used instead.

This method is considered to be quite effective, it burns body fat faster, Which helps in rapid weight loss, gets rid of excess body fat, and as a result, more energy is gained.

The diet was first tested on children with Epilepsy and was found to be beneficial.

To understand the Catalanic Diet Plan, we have to understand the process of Ketosis.

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What is Ketosis?

Use the sugar as a fuel to produce the energy available in our body, As starch is obtained, which is the necessary component of our diet.

If the amount of starch in our diet is reduced or eliminated, Then the body will be forced to use the ketone bodies stored inside it to produce its necessary energy.

This process calls Ketosis, which is burnt storage fat in the body.

In addition, more protein and fatty foods without starch are used in the diet. such as meat, fish, butter, and eggs.

The purpose of using these foods is to accelerate the process of ketosis, and if the process of ketosis has not started, then its onset has to be stimulated.

The benefits of the keto Diet are not visible in a few days, On the contrary, after several weeks you will notice a significant change.

Because your body tries to balance the low amount of starch in the diet, and if starch is eaten daily (20 to 50 grams), Then the body tends to rely on its stored fat to meet its energy needs.

This is when the process of ketosis begins, and your body slowly begins to break down or burn stored fat.


How long will this process take, and how much fat will be burned? It depends on the person's body and daily diet.

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Benefits of Keto Diet.

There are several benefits to using the keto diet.

This diet plan is controversial among people, most people think that the benefits of this diet plan are less and the disadvantages are more.

We will first mention its benefits, including epilepsy and weight loss.

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Treatment of Epilepsy and Seizures.

This diet plan is by far the best diet for epilepsy patients, and most patients have recovered.

Since this plan is used in extra fat in the diet, it has been pissed in the Epilepsy and seizures in children, and the rate of recovery in children from this disease is proving to be better than other methods.

The foods recommended in this diet plan improve and regulate their nervous system, however, experts forbid the use of this diet plan in every disease.

Because in this plan, the patient is prevented from using starch in the diet or reduced.

We know that if we do not include vegetables and fruits in our diet, we can get many other diseases.

And so many complications start in the patient's digestive system.  

Because your daily starch intake must be up to 50%.

Treatment of Obesity.

Diet experts agree That use of this diet is to lose weight very fast, Which you can easily observe.

But within a few days, you may have abdominal pain and constipation, For which you have to rely on medicine.

Because in this diet plan the consumption of red meat, fat and salty foods is increased.

Disadvantages of Keto Diet.

There are many side effects of this diet. They are briefly mentioned here.

Increased cholesterol.

This diet plan uses red meat, fat and salty foods.

This diet creates indigestion and raises cholesterol, which in turn can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Kidney disease:

This diet is extremely dangerous for kidney patients Because the use of this diet increases dehydration and salinity in the body.

It also increases the chances of cholesterol and kidney stones forming in the body.

If you suffer from kidney disease, do not use this diet without the advice of your doctor.

keto flu:

It has been observed that people who use this diet usually get keto flu.

The biggest reason for this is that the body does not accept this diet quickly, and it is included in the side effect of the process of ketosis.

Bone and muscle diseases:

Most people who use this diet plan start to weaken many important bones and muscles in the body.

Because the diet is rich in iron and calcium from fruits and vegetables, it is not included in the diet.

That's why people who use this diet must have loose bones, fatigue, and physical weakness.

Deficiency of vitamins and essential minerals:

This diet plan is not appropriate in this regard either, Because vegetables and fruits are not on the menu of this diet plan.

This is the reason why the use of this diet plan deprives the body of many important nutrients.

Including most vitamins and essential minerals, Because not including these ingredients in this diet can cause many problems for the body.

In addition, some people may have symptoms. For example


To feel dizziness


Difficulty breathing


These are the symptoms, many of which are felt in people.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author.

newsboxwithrazi.com is not responsible for the completeness relevance, or accuracy of any information in this article.

All information is provided on a case-by-case basis.  This content, including advice, provides general information only.

It is by no means a substitute for a competent medical opinion.  Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information.

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One last Thing

If you want to use the Keto Diet Plan, consult your doctor first Because this plan has temporary benefits and is also beneficial in many diseases,

But long-term use can damage your health and physical system.

If your weight is too high. So this diet can be taken advantage of temporarily, But in the meantime, be sure to stay in touch with the doctor.

Remember, if you want to reduce obesity and weight, So the long-lasting and far-reaching benefits can always come from eating a balanced diet and exercising.

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