What is Autism (ASD), What effect does it have on the lives of women and girls?

What is Autism (ASD), What effect does it have on the lives of women and girls?
What is Autism (ASD), What effect does it have on the lives of women and girls?

Here is information about the characteristics, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of autism in women and girls.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the name given to specific behaviors and developmental problems and difficulties in different individuals.

It will look at the factors that affect the mental transmission, social interactions, play, and comprehension skills that affect women and girls.

These are the features that match them together and give a challenging chain.

When these girls reach puberty, they will notice a significant change.

The nature of their problems will change over time, and signs of improvement will begin to appear.

Women and girls with ASD usually have lifelong differences in social relationships and attitudes.

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Symptoms of Autism(ASD)

Symptoms usually appear in boys by the age of 2 or 3, while in girls the effects are more pronounced after one year.

Symptoms may be delayed for several reasons, such as tooth extraction, physical weakness, and vaccination, and often, it can be diagnosed early in boys at 18 months, and after 13 months in girls.

It could also be that early intervention leads to later positive results in the lives of children with autism.

ASD children found a common feature, that they make a lot of responses to other people's sounds like their parents,

Even if they call them any of their names, they do not see the direction of the sound.

This is usually done when they are younger, especially when they are of two years of age.

With growth, some positive changes begin to come, Still look different from other children.

Do not even show interest in people, And do not interest in playing with our children.

Do not attract others for your main needs, even urine and stools also make them in their clothes.

Can't accurately estimate household items and their toys (size, color, and distance).

Unusually play with your toys, And many times they injure themselves with these harmless toys.

Some children get very tired and some look very lazy.

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ASD and its Spread in Society

ASD is a very common developmental condition.  One out of every 100 babies born in the world is born with symptoms of ASD.

One in four children with ASD is a girl. The disease or its symptoms are found in children in every country in the world, and it cannot be attributed to any particular country or nation.

It is even prominent in every social and economic background and affects people of all races.

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Potential Reasons for Autism (ASD)

Research so far has not revealed any specific causes of ASD. However, several causes are considered to be the cause of this disease.

ASD is attributed to a decrease in brain development in the years before and after birth, and the second reason is related to inheritance, which seems somewhat correct.

In many countries, there are families with symptoms of ASD in more than one person.

But this is the real cause of the disease, This cannot be proved.

Some of the salient features of ASD

In most girls, ASD is caused by a complication of a gene that is passed on from family to family.

But remember it too. 

ASD is not a mental disability or disease.

Nor is the negligence of the parents the cause.

Rather, the behavior of girls with ASD is self-defeating, it cannot be considered rude in any way.

If your child is experiencing some of the symptoms of ASD, meet your family doctor without wasting time.

Maybe, he recommends an iron deficiency test for your child, Or they may refer you to a child psychologist who specializes in diagnosing ASD.

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How to Diagnose ASD

The process of diagnosing ASD in children, especially girls, is quite complicated.

In some cases, it is not possible to tell just by looking, whether the girl is suffering from this disease or not.

The characteristics of ASD vary with the growth of any girl.

Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more children. Which lasts a lifetime, affecting the patient's mental capacity.

But the disease changes over time, sometimes affecting less and sometimes more.

According to the recent global institutional health, every one of the 160s born in the world is suffering from autism.

This information will definitely be useful for you and will help in the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease.


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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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