8 Best technical on-page SEO tips.

8 Best technical on-page and off-page SEO tips
8 Best technical on-page and off-page SEO tips

Many people are looking at the question of what is SEO, how it works, and why it is needed for a blog article.

Let's search for the answer to this question. So SEO is called search engine optimization.

This is a technique that allows other web search engines to index their web pages.

In other words, the record of every page of your blog reaches all search engines. This way any user can easily find any content of your blog on search engines.

As good as the content of our web page is, it will be ranked first and foremost in web search engines and SEO plays an important role in reaching the position.

Suppose you need health and fitness research tips then surely you will search it in the world's largest search engine Google or any other search engine like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

A long list of search engine health and fitness will appear on your computer or mobile screen. A search engine is just a machine that cannot write articles, so where did this long list come from?

The search engine has a list of articles and submits a list of articles that we SEO transfer to it.

When a user comes to a search engine in search of an article or content, the same article or content list appears in front of them, and when a user selects an article, the search engine takes the user to that article's page.

In addition, the popularity of SEO is also because it does not allow users to wander into the world of the web.

and easily get it to the desired article or content. If your website is complete SEO then this will be a great way to drive traffic.

Websites that are prominent in the search engine and on the first page that have a good ranking are possible at this time. When SEO is done in a good way, it can be said, SEO is also a means to improve the ranking of your site. 

So if you want to see your websites in a valuable place, keep SEO, Because SEO is always changing, and will continue to make your websites valuable at no cost.

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SEO is a very broad topic and we will divide it into two groups for convenience.



ON PAGE (SEO) is a process that gives you the option to add your content to the web's search engines using modern and improved methods.

To get the most out of SEO benefits for your web post, you need to understand and follow these basic steps.

Make sure your website pages are easily viewed at the top of all search engines and that Internet users can get the most out of them.

1- Choice Of Popular & Well-Known Post Titels 

The start of any web page is from its title. This is the title of the Identifying in the web search engine.

Understanding the importance of your post title, use the keywords that are being recognized in search engines and are very popular among Internet users.

But also remember that only making a good post title can not rank in a search engine, but it is necessary for the good post title, and the article to be the best.

So before writing and posting an article, expand your research. Gather as much content as you can and then post the article, get a result-oriented title.

Use the best search tools, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of users.

GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER is a good and reliable search tool, you can get help from it. From which you can choose a post title based on popular words.

Consider the number of words to write a title. If you are writing an article that is less searched or has less true competition, you can write a title of 30 to 35 words.

Example; Wooden utensils.

Articles with such titles are usually seldom searchable and easily reach the top rankings in all search engines, you will not need much effort for these articles.

While articles are highly searched or have high search competition, the title for such articles should be 70 words or more.

The title should contain only the most important words and strictly avoid using the same word over and over again in the title of your article.

As is the case with popular websites, so should your title.

As you may have noticed, the title of every good article that ranks on the Google page uses words as well as a few specific hints and numbers.

Which always manages to attract viewers and get top rankings.

For example, 150 best messages for Christmas.

2- Permalinks, An Essential Part Of A Web Page;

The permalink of the post is the main link of a web post or the first step on the ladder of success. You have to pay special attention to this very important permalink.

Write it in a language that is easily understood by all popular search engines.

It is best to write it in English and use as few words as possible to represent your article.

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3- Understand The Importance Of Image;

Image is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program, Before you load the image, select the copyright-free images. Also, rename the image, and add the title of the post.

When choosing an image, consider its size and pixels, the minimum size, and high-quality images relevant to your post, and present a summary of your post that will give excellent results.

Because SEO will try to give this image a better and more stable position in the search engine, you will also see this image in Google Images.

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4-Tie With Link Chains Your Article,  

Every prominent post on the website is linked to some of the most important Link chains.

These links help bring this post to a prominent place and direct the traffic to this post to other posts through the link within it.

In this way, the user who comes to your post also reads other posts which are beneficial for your other posts and cause them to increase their rank.

So keep adding external and internal links to your articles according to the content.

(Read this article to know the external and internal links).

A small example is to be understood that if you post a "blog" related article, So you surely have some articles related to the "blog" already posted,

This is a good opportunity to link to all these articles on this post. So, every user who will read your articles will also reference the other articles related to the blog.

So he can also choose other convenient materials, which is necessary for your website's growth.

5-Meta Description, Introduction To Your Web Page;

Meta Description is a ranked webpage identification. Whenever a reader finds a web page.

So the meta description appears under the title of this web page and provides a summary of the content on this page.

Specialization in its preparation can take your page to the top of search engines. Because more than one and a half hundred words can be used,

So choose only the most important words that describe the purpose of the text, and include the title's keywords.

If you are using WordPress, you can use any good plugin. This way you can write a meta description in it. It can contain up to 150 words.

6-Headings & Subheadings Title.

Use the headings in your writing, Use H1 headings once. Ask H2 to H5 to any of the headings you use in writing.

Use lessons on the headlines but the headings are also necessary. H2 and H3 should avoid repeated use.

7-Usage Of Long-Tail Keywords

The title of your post is an important keyword, and you must bold it when using it in your post.

Don't write each of your posts as a story, but break the article into several sections and make the title or subtitle of each section.

Do not repeat your KEYWORD more than 15 or 20 times in this section. Each KEYWORD can be repeated up to 3% between texts. This means that a KEYWORD can only be repeated 20 times in a 1000-word text.

In the last paragraph of the post, write a line about your blog and also add KEYWORDS to your post.

8-Website Speed Is An Important Factor.

How long does it take for your website posts to load? This is a question most webmasters do not know the answer to.

If your website takes a long time to load, viewers usually leave such a post. 

This causes you two types of losses, the first is the dislike of viewers and the second is the ranking down of your post in search engines.

Every webmaster wants visitors who come to his website to read more than one post and give their opinion about those posts.

But, if your post is taking a long time to load, they will not wait for it to load.

In that case, Google or any other search engine will not be interested in showing your post.

So try to minimize other things besides every posted article on your site, and also minimize advertisements, so that your viewers can easily read the articles.

The sidebar can also hide, a good state should be loaded in 0.4 to 0.5 seconds. It's more time for your website.

Our way to tell will be beneficial for you, and using these methods you can take your post very quickly to the top rank.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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