Advantages and disadvantages of "e-commerce business"

What is an "e-commerce business"?
What is an "e-commerce business"?

As we know, "e-commerce business" is one of the best ways to do business today.

The advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce trade will be discussed in detail here.

All methods of e-commerce business are very useful and reliable for all merchants, consumers, and government agencies.

Because in this way of doing business, government officials cannot interfere in your work, nor can they receive any bribe money for the timely completion of any work.

Similarly, all other persons including traders, farmers, students, and consumers will also be bound by the rules of e-commerce business, which are laid down between them.

This way buying and selling process is very easy and flexible, and people on both sides have the option to cancel their contracts before delivery.

Merchants and consumers can find each other. It has become easier for both of them to reach their desired goods and services in a short time.

Merchants and consumers do not have to go to the market for the desired goods or services, they can now buy and sell online at any time from their home or any place of their choice through their electronic devices.

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The benefits of e-commerce business for new business people.

1) In the era of e-commerce, it is proven to be a very easy way to make money by making business and starting at a low cost and time.

2) There is no need for items stored to start the online store, nor does need any security for care, employee, furniture, and equipment.

3) It enables 7/24 and 365 days of the year, provides easy access to more users. Access to the entire world is possible through the online store.

4) Social media is playing the best media in which the people can be targeted by all people of the world, such as helps to access their items.


5) The merchant does not have to go to the warehouse or office to sell and deliver the goods.

Because all of this is done automatically, the trader has plenty of time for his other personal tasks as well.

You can also spend a good time with your family and friends, and a balance of all its work (Buy and sell) can be included.

6) There is no need to borrow for business matters or transactions. Neither to go to the people to get the money. Just push a button for payment and recovery.

7)Items are less than the market requirements, and transport costs are also reduced.

On the other hand, due to the shop, office, and staff, the margin of profit in the trade is more,

More gear, more sales, more profits also increase the possibility of trader profits.

8)Payment method can be paid and received through money, mobile and computer due to easy.

Therefore, the amount of cash does not have to take banks for transactions.

Get rid of the curse of hoarding for black marketing and profiteering.

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Benefits of users (eCommerce Business).

1)The user can choose your favorite product from your home, and can also get information about new products of the world.

and he can also find out, what is the opinion of people about the new products coming to the market?

2)The customer can view all the products of the world from the comfort of their home.

This allows him to buy the product of his choice at the lowest price in his budget.

3)Consumers have the facility to get their items at home as well as elsewhere, For which it does not cost extra money.

4)The customer does not have to go out to shop.

Therefore, it does not have the problem of traffic parking and does not incur fuel costs.

5)Many merchants offer their customers huge discounts on online shopping, free coupons, gifts, and more, Which allows the user to make additional purchases.

6)Shopping can be done at any time of the day or night, and the customer can order items whenever he wants.


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A Look At The Losses Of "eCommerce Trade"


1)It is not possible to physically observe the product, Which can be tested by touching.

After seeing incomplete details and images, The right product selection may have trouble,

and in case of error, These are possibilities, That you have to buy your desired items for the second time.


Thus the cost of your item will be expensive from the local market.

2)Most traders discount and coupons on the user in the online business,

This method is a successful way of business prosperity.

The user bills these items from the discount and coupon, Which is unnecessary and not quick use, As a result, the consumer's budget often goes bad.

3)An event or festival may lack customer service for goods or services.

Delivery and after-sales of goods and products may also be delayed.

4)Lack of technical knowledge can make it difficult for consumers to shop online.

Merchants and consumers may suffer from software changes or technical glitches.


5)There is no direct contact between the merchant and the customer.

Which can lead to deception at any time.

This information about e-commerce business will be useful for you.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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