what are physiotherapy, history, and treatment

what are physiotherapy, history, and treatment
what are physiotherapy, history, and treatment


Physical therapy (PT), which is also called physiotherapy,


Physiotherapy is a way of physical treatment, In which the patient is reached through medical and exercise, medical aid. This method is so impacted and useful, that

The patient gets very quickly as well as massage and exercise, and not any kind of medicines.


In addition, it is also used for different machines for therapy, Which is the ability to treat extremely fast and with skill, Where the patient is sent as massage and medical aid.

Physiotherapy's history 

It is known to study the ancient books,

The physiotherapy method is very ancient, and still, today's treatment method is, As used before.

Physiotherapy started in the first world in 460 BC, and at that time the founder of this treatment was Hippocrates and Gallen.

These physicians found massage, manual therapy, and hydrotherapy for the treatment of mental and physical illness. Then in 1813 comes a name for physical therapy, Peter Henrik Jensen.

Which became known as a professional group in physical therapy,

He was actually "the father of Swedish Gymnastics, he had established an institute in 1813 for physical therapy.

The name of the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics (RCIG) was placed.

Another Society was founded in 1884, The name of this society was the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Who created the best Surgeon and Specialist in Physiotherapy.

By today, many British physiotherapies are the base of this society.

Where people were taught and trained in physical therapy, One such society was founded in 1884,

Its job was to treat joint pain in the elderly and the disabled.

Then modern Orthopedics started in Sweden in the eighth century. Where regular machines were prepared for this treatment, which is the basis of modern machines today.

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Treatment of diseases from physiotherapy

The physical therapy method is different and Unique in all other ways,

In this way, exercises are done without any medicines, and the body is made in interesting ways.


Here some of the diseases are being mentioned, which is possible from physiotherapy. Apart from this, many diseases can be treated.


In the 21st Century, waist pain has been taken into an Outbreak, These are the number of people in this, Those who spend more time their jobs and sitting in business offices.

In this therapy, the patient is reduced to waist pain, with the help of massage and exercise.

Heart Disease

This method of treatment is also proving to be beneficial for heart disease, At the same time, it can protect against heart disease.

There are many types of exercise in physiotherapy, Which move different parts of the body, The longer the duration, the faster the blood flow, and the heart and its organs can function properly.

Physiotherapy also helps people who have had a heart attack.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation programs are very important for such patients, which protect them from future heart attacks.

Contact a cardiologist for physiotherapy rehabilitation programs, so they can get help.

Bladder Weakness

Some patients come in urine more, Because they do not get full sleep at night, the office work time faces suffering enough.


Patients are suffering from weakness of the rise, This is a disease,

In which the patient reduces the ability to control urine.

Some of the therapies can strengthen the muscles around the bladder, Which gets rid of this disease.

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Osteoporosis of Bones

Osteoporosis is a common disease, Which is found mostly in women.

The biggest victims of this disease are women.

Who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Physiotherapy can help these patients, To better cope with the disease and its potential risks.

Helps in the Development of Newborns

Physiotherapy can help these children a lot, There are many types of therapy for those who are weak from birth.

Which can improve the development of children

and start to sit, walk and stand up at the right time for your age.

Potential Treatment of Headache

Physical therapy is a great strategy for the treatment of Migraine pain, and with this therapy, it is possible to reduce many other types of headaches, such as cluster headaches and stress headaches.

The Importance of Physiotherapy in Military Training

Many ways of therapy are being used for physical and mental training of forces, and patients who were injured in the war, and physical suspects are also beneficial enough to treat physiotherapy.

In addition, some young people have difficulty balancing during training


  • Orthopedic Empathy,
  • Increase strength,
  • Flexibility in bones and muscles,
  • Balance in steps

And the combined range of tricks is tested, and the problems of excess or deficiency are solved.


Physiotherapy or orthopedic treatment is seen in all walks of life.

We also need to learn more about this treatment.

So that if ever there is a need for this treatment, we can benefit from this therapy technique in time.



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