Types of coronavirus, and its symptoms, treatment, and prevention measures.

Types of coronavirus, and its symptoms, treatment, and prevention measures.
Types of coronavirus, and its symptoms, treatment, and prevention measures.


Recently, a dangerous virus suddenly began to spread in the world, which rapidly spread to the whole world.

This led to mass deaths, and the entire world economy was on the verge of collapse in a matter of days.

This disease is known as the coronavirus, and now it is better known as Covid 19.

The first person to suffer from the disease was a Chinese national who died in December 2019 in Wuhan, China.

And in a very short period, it has spread to all the countries of the world, now the disease has become a global epidemic.

While World Health Organization was officially statue of this virus in March 2020.

Coronavirus also belongs to the family of these viruses, which have a very high rate and severity of infection.

It develops in several stages and begins with symptoms such as a cold, cough, and difficulty breathing.

It is more severe than other common seasonal illnesses such as colds and coughs, and if not diagnosed and treated in time, can lead to death.

Current statistics show that the number of deaths from the virus has never been higher.

Struggles are being waged in all countries around the world to prevent this epidemic, and it is being tried to stop spreading.

Where a significant number of COVID-19 diseases have taken people by surprise, At the same time, its death rate has made people mourn.

The health departments and research teams of all the affected countries want to control this epidemic.

That this epidemic is dealt with as soon as possible and that every effort is made to defeat it.

Coronavirus has so far spread to all countries of the world, and its various new types often make headlines. 

This article is about the types of the Coronavirus, In which its symptoms, treatment, and prevention measures will be explained.

Varieties discovered in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil, and new variants in the US and Indian B1617 will be mentioned.

In addition, these types of lethality and their brief comparison will be.

1_Early or newborn virus

A mysterious coronavirus similar to pneumonia was first discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The World Health Organization observed the virus in January 2020, and it was named SARS Cove 2 while the disease caused by it came to be called Code 19.

Recent research has shown that the virus was present in many countries around the world before December 2020, However, clear confirmation is yet to come.

So far, more than 200 million code cases have been reported worldwide.

The majority of them have contracted the same type of early or newborn virus,

Cases of this type of virus have been reported worldwide and so far only a few countries have been able to protect against it.

2_B 1.351 (south African type)

In October 2020, this type of virus was seen on the scene, but its spread in the world started in December 2020.

This type of virus first appeared in October 2020, but its spread began in December 2020.

So far, the virus has infected people in 48 countries.

The mutations in the virus are similar to those in the UK's B1.1.7 and are 50% more dangerous than the early or newborn strain.

3_B 117 (British type)

Koron's British-type cases were reported in September 2019, which was the main place of the British area Kent.

But it was officially announced in mid-December next year, B117 cases have been reported in several hundred cases so far.

The feature of this virus is that it can spread more easily than other types, and it is twice as deadly as the early or neonatal type.

4_P1 (Brazilian type)

The type of coronavirus was identified when some travelers from Brazil arrived in Japan.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but by October 2020, the virus had begun to spread.

Currently, several cases of Corona P1 have been reported in more than 25 countries.

This new strain of the P1 coronavirus is 2.2 times more contagious than strains from the UK and South Africa, and this new type of code 19 preys on those who defeat any other type can make.

There are such mutations in this type of virus, Which is capable of resisting all kinds of vaccines, However, this is not yet known. How coronaviruses can control the virus?

5_B 1.427 / B 1.429 (California type)

Evidence suggests that the outbreak of the B1,427 virus began between September 2020 and January 2021.

Currently, cases have been reported only in the United States.

This type is new and not much is known yet, But scientists believe it is becoming more contagious and exacerbating the disease.

6_B 1.617B (Indian type)

The deadly coronavirus, which spreads in India, is called B1.617 and was discovered in late October last year.

The B1.617 coronavirus is different from other viruses, the outer spike of this new type of virus contains two major mutations, which are linked to human cells.

The current B1.617 variant was first identified in December, but an earlier variant was also seen in October 2020.

In May 2020, it was classified as a "worrying and dangerous type of virus." It is followed by the coronavirus of the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa.

Recent research has shown that the Indian variant type can spread more easily in the human body.

Sample testing in India During January to March in Maharashtra, 90% of the samples were diagnosed with Indian type.

The Indian government has come under fire for allowing large-scale political rallies and religious festivals in India in recent months.

As a result of these gatherings, the spread of the B1.617 virus has accelerated.


To avoid and prevent code 19, We have to accept the opinion of experts and paramedical staff, and these precautions must be taken by yourself and your family.

These include wearing face masks, social distance, and frequent hand washing.

Which can also be effective in spreading these new types of viruses.

Also, be sure to get both doses of the vaccine, Because it will also help slow down the spread of the virus.


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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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