What is depression, What is the single most common cause of depression?

What is depression, What is the single most common cause of depression
What is depression, What is the single most common cause of depression?


There are times in our lives when we are very frustrated and bored with our lives. Like the death of a loved one we loved so much, and the grief of their separation makes us sad, or the grief of failing an exam in which we were sure of success.

This depression usually lasts for a few days, after which there are two conditions, and return to routine life. This happens to us when a loved one or parent dies, and we give up our food and all our hobbies out of grief.

The severity of the depression is so great that it can affect the daily routine of life When a lover or a parent dies, and in his grief. We give up our food and all our hobbies. Because no mortal can return to our lives, So we have no choice but to be patient.

When the second condition is different from the first condition, man fails in any purpose of his life.

Like exams, gambling, love, wealth and employment, or any other similar cause makes us depressed.

Whatever the reason for the sadness, we try to forget it after a while and strive again to make up for this loss and success. Coping with our depression is a sign of mental health.

Some confusion in our lives can be solved by talking to our friends and relatives. Or they have the courage and determination to solve them.

That way, we get better without any treatment.

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How does depression feel?

Depression affects some people less, and they start living Normal life in a few days.

While some people have the severity of the disease, which is why they can not get out of its effects, They do not forget or try to forget these things and events.

Eventually, they become depressed and need treatment.

The same sadness that we all feel from time to time. These patients find it much deeper and more painful.

Here are some of the symptoms that usually indicate the onset of depression, It is not possible to say for sure that every patient has all the symptoms mentioned,

  • But if a person has some of these symptoms, he or she must see a psychologist.
  • To be sad and restless all the time and for no reason. The expression of which is visible on the face.
  • Not being interested in any work and hobbies becoming lonely.
  • Things and works that used to be of interest to you are longer boring and Boredom.
  • Express physical weakness despite being healthy, showing that you are very Tired.
  • No paying attention to daily tasks or things that cause difficulties in Tasks.
  • To consider oneself the unfortunate man of the world, Ask the same question over and over again.
  • Not accurately defining directions, Go in the opposite direction with your destination information.
  • Staring at the sky and walls while thinking or mentally absent.
  • Keep blaming yourself for the little things of the past, Feeling we have 'Wasted and useless' emotionally.
  • Thinking of suicide or trying to commit suicide to escape from your problems.
  • Waking up all night for no reason and falling asleep during work.
  • Talking to yourself or repeating aloud what you are thinking, Other people may be surprised to hear that and think you are crazy.
  • Squeezing fists or punching a wall in retaliation. 

A few compositions of depression

Here are some important reasons for the main reasons, which are the main causes of depression, and many people will be observed.

Such situations in human life can never come to childhood.

So instead of disturbing these problems,  

Their solution should be found.

Troubled by life's failures

Some people have failed badly in one of the cases of their lives. Each time the efforts can not successful, because of which they look quite disappointed and tired, and that's why they do not take interest in the essential tasks of their day and domestic pharmacies.

While some people have been going through stages of failure and deprivation since childhood.


That's why they don't face new challenges, as other people usually do.

If you are one of those people, you will see many people around you who have failed miserably at many stages of life.

Nay, but some of them have given up, In which they have failed many times. 

You've never noticed people like that,

Because you have always considered yourself a failure.

Keep trying, 

success belongs to the one,

who tries again and again.

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The grief of something to lose

There are certain traumatic events in a person's life, such as the death of a parent, divorce, loss of job or business, in which case a person can suffer from severe depression, But it is common for people to be sad and think for a while.

We keep thinking and talking about it for the next few weeks, Then after a while, we acknowledge this fact and return to our daily lives.

But some people do not get out of this sadness and suffer from depression.

Shakespeare said that the world is a stage and we are all its characters. Everyone comes to this stage on time and goes back to acting.

Every human being has to leave this world one day, 

Better for us to complete his unfinished work, 

which his life did not give him time to complete.

Suffering from loneliness and selfishness


There will be many people around us who look like self-determination and self-views.

They do not want to burn together, moments of happiness or moments of trouble they are always isolated from other people.

When they face any problem or illness, they feel more trouble than others.

A lonely person who has no friends or relatives around will surely be very much under mental pressure and physical fatigue, In these situations, it increases the risk of depression disease.

We have to spend some time with such people

And advise them to interact with people, 

So that they are not alone in the event of an upcoming illness or disaster.

Long or chronic physical illnesses

People with chronic physical illnesses are more likely to develop depression.

It can also be incurable and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, AIDS, or heart disease, and there may be illnesses that are very long-lasting and painful, Such as visual impairment, joint and back pain, temporary deafness, or respiratory diseases.

And there may be diseases that are permanent and cannot be cured or It didn't result for long.

For example, fluid, blindness, permanent breakthrough, hand or foot cut, etc.

These are some of the Big reasons for depression. If it occurs in young people, the chances of developing severe depression increase. This can lead to suicide.

If such a situation befalls us or any of our friends, 

we must face it,

because life is only once.


What is depression, What is the single most common cause of depression
What is depression, What is the single most common cause of depression?

The dark side of the personality

Depression is a disorder, Which can happen anytime and to anyone, it is not fatal, but the different reactions of people to it make it fatal.

However, some people have a higher risk of developing depression than others.

This may be due to our personality as well as our childhood incidents.

Some people achieve a high position in society with their hard work and talent, leaving the poverty and oppressed environment and reaching the destination of success.

But some people are not liked or recognized by society and do not like or accept do their personality.

Despite getting a high position in society, their family profession is identifying their personality.

Some people will be like that, Who may have been sexually abused as a child, He must have spent his childhood in destructive activities.

These circumstances and events also cling to a person's personality in his youth and success, Which causes depression.

If such a situation arises, So instead of fighting people, 

consult a psychologist, and follow their instructions, 

This way you will avoid mental distress and depression.

This article explains in detail the symptoms, causes, and treatment of depression.

You are asked if the conditions described in the article are also facing you, and you are suffering from severe depression.

So instead of treating yourself, you should consult a doctor or psychologist.  



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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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