What is cholesterol and Why does it happen? It is Plan and Treatment.

What is cholesterol and Why does it happen? It is Plan and treated.
What is cholesterol and Why does it happen? It is planned and treated.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a white lubrication substance, and its composition is similar to greasy.

The production is in our liver and for the preparation of this. 

The liver is one of our food's proteins, and after passing through the preparation phase, it is included in the form of particles in our blood.

Cholesterol is a human-friendly mixture our body is always needed. It is very important for the development and health of cells involved in our body structure.

But if the amount present in the body increases, then our body can suffer from many diseases.

What works in our Body

Its work is to improve the performance of various Hormones, 

and system-scheduled performance, and as well as the body is also used to produce Heat.

Cholesterol is a fixed quantity of all the time in a healthy body. If it is necessary, everybody in the body will continue to do according to the normal.

However, if it Exceeded the fixed limit, many problems in the human body start to be born, and different organs of the body put very negatively on the heart, brain, and the culprits and joined.

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Where does the Cholesterol in Blood Fall?

Blood works to deliver food and oxygen to different parts of our body. Some of the cholesterol in the blood contains our food from the body, and its quantity depends on our diet.

But most of our body depends on our liver. Because the liver produces cholesterol in the same amount as a healthy body needs.

But some people live inherently or caused by any internal illness, starting to produce cholesterol,

It causes the amount of cholesterol in blood due to the blood.

it quantity gathering is gathered in the Internal layers of our body's blood vessels and becomes unemployed storage of cholesterol,

It causes a constant reduction in the blood circulation, And some of the casualties are closed at some cassettes, because which our organs reach severe error.

What is Cholesterol in Found Food Items?

Cholesterol is obtained from animal organs, Which are used for food. The following items are significant in this diet.

  • Cow and goat meat
  • Egg-yolk
  • Dairy Accessories 
  • Such as Milk 
  • Yogurt 
  • Butter 

          and Cheese, etc.

  • Cholesterol is very high in animal organs, such as the Kidney, lever, the brain.

  • The quantity of cholesterol is relatively low in the lighter chicken and Saltwater and sweet water fish.

  • Food determination is not included low, fruits, vegetables, pulses, and dry fruits.

What is the Fixed Range of Cholesterol in a Healthy Body?

A Normal amount of cholesterol in a healthy body should be up to 170 to 180 mg according to global ratings,

  • High cholesterol or borderline cholesterol is the amount of cholesterol, that increases from 181 to 1991 mg.

  • While the quantities of cholesterol will be 200 mg or more, it will be called high cholesterol,

Who can prove to be very dangerous for the human body?

What is cholesterol and Why does it happen? It is Plan and treated.
What is cholesterol and Why does it happen? It is planned and treated.

How Many Types Of Cholesterol?

Cholesterol particles can not circulate themselves in our blood, but they run on a Special protein.

This protein is known as Lipoprotein. His example is a stream,

On which the cholesterol is like a boat that reaches different organs through blood.


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(HDL)High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol

High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterol

This cholesterol is considered "better cholesterol", and since the liver is a characteristic recycled it, then cholesterol is dissolved there.

Which causes the quantities of cholesterol in blood due to the blood and all the organs to do the right thing. Especially does not have an extra burden on the heart, and reduces the risk of heart disease. 

This cholesterol is found in all our cells and helps build them, and also performs other useful functions.

It binds to a protein to perform all its functions. This protein is called lipo_ protein.

(LDL) Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol

This cholesterol is considered "bad "because it is the type of cholesterol that enhances them in the inner layers of blood drainage.

Taking them tightly reduces blood circulation and causes heart diseases.

Tri-Glyclists (triglycerides)

It is the grease that collects in the form of particles in our body,

when humans more than the chlorines were to add their food, or could not spend the calories in the body.

Our body needs when good energy (For example, exercise, heavy physical work or fasting, etc.) So, Triglycerides are used only.

What are the Reasons for  the Cholesterol

In this disease, inherited effects are very Important.

If families have cholesterol, Their children and Youth are also doing cholesterol.

The Amount Of Grease in the Diet also Increases Cholesterol

  • Eggs, fast food, fried items, refineries oil, and cow's meat are a few examples, Which cause continuous use of this disease.

  • There are also some diseases, which are more likely to increase quantitative cholesterol.

  • For Example, Thai Ride, Kidney stones and sugar diseases, etc. 

  • The biggest reason for increasing cholesterol is also Obesity. But, It can be controlled by exercising and balancing the diet.

  • Alcoholics and cigarettes can also be important reasons.

So our health and survival must stay away from these elements.



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