7 key points to avoid memory impairment and loss


7 key points to avoid memory impairment and loss
7 key points to avoid memory impairment and loss

Thirty years of human life are the last years of his growth.

After that, as he gets older, he loses all his ability.

It also affects our hippocampus, causing things and events to deteriorate, the learning process, and age-related memory to begin to deteriorate.

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Hippocampus is a mental region, whose work is to make and keep our memories. As blood flow to all parts of the body decreases with age, and at the same time, it affects the brain.

This can lead to mental health and memory problems and cognitive skills and the learning process change.

As a result, and with age we can lose some of our momentary memory.

The human brain is capable of producing new cells at any age. For this, we need to take care of our physical and mental health.

This will require some better measures, by which we can keep our minds healthy for many years to come.

Here are some tips to help you improve your mental abilities and prevent memory loss and deprivation. 

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1_Consumption of Healthy Foods

The first requirement for maintaining your mental and physical health and protecting them from a disability is to use the best and healthiest foods.

Seafood plays a key role in the best diet for mental development, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Such as salmon, tuna,, and other marine fish, Etc.

Also olive and sunflower oil, and dried and nuts, seasonal fruits, all green vegetables contain antioxidants.

In the global opinion, green tea is considered to help in improving memory and dissolving fats.



2_ Get Enough Sleep

Full sleep is very important for our mental and physical health, For this, six to eight hours of sleep a night is essential for good health.

There is no alternative night for your mental health, You also sleep all day, but you will feel tired and uncomfortable.

So you need to set up a regular schedule for night sleep and follow the ban.

Before you go to bed you have to do two necessary work, Eat two hours before bed, and take a short walk, so that the food reaches the stomach to the intestines.

It is the benefit that it will not feel gastrointestinal and you will be able to take calm sleep.

The second task should turn off TVs, mobile phones,, and computers at least an hour ago, and remove yourself So that you can be able to secure them from the radiation and the Micro-rays.


and whenever sleeping, drink any drunk items, such as tobacco, wine, and tea. 

3_ Regular Exercise 

Regular exercise daily is an impact on our physical system.


If you do physical exercise every day, you will avoid many physical diseases, In which high blood pressure, Brain Hymraj joint pain, and Cholesterol add.

Physical exercise has balanced the blood, It benefits the heart and the brain as it can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


Oxygenated blood flow does not reduce memory.

Yoga and aerobic exercises can be helpful in memory impairment, which is easy to do in your bedroom or outdoor space.


Besides, brisk running and cycling in the morning can be good for our health.


Make sure you spend some time with your health because if you stay healthy, you will enjoy your life to the fullest. 

7 key points to avoid memory impairment and loss
7 key points to avoid memory impairment and loss


4_ Avoid Smoking and Alcohol 

Medical research says that excessive consumption of alcohol has a very bad effect on the brain and also leads to memory impairment.

Alcohol intoxication can harm you physically Because at that time all your senses are not working properly and at the same time it has a bad effect on your digestive system.

Just as smoking damages the lungs, it also slowly destroys the nervous system.

The nicotine in cigarettes hardens the blood vessels, Oxygen-rich blood does not reach brain cells

If you smoke and drink, quite slowly.



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5_ Face New Challenges

Our brain is like a blackboard, You can write it as long as you want.

But words and time written on it seem to be fogged, Which is difficult to remember.

Good physical health and the best foods save this blackboard from being faded. 

Face your mind challenge, and In these activities, I am intentionally sharing,

There are many indoor and autonomous games for a mental challenges, which chess, Table tennis, mobile, computer games, etc.


You can play these games alone or in a group at your graduation, it can be used to increase brain memory. 

You can also try to learn something new to keep your brain busy and active, such as playing the piano, diving, and swimming.


6_ Make Social Connections

Man is a social beast. After coming to the world, there are many requirements, Food, accommodation, clothes, and a job.

Apart from this, there are many requirements, for which it is to be between people.

Most important family and friends, without their support, it is difficult to live.


So keeping in touch with family and friends has a great effect on our memory and mental capacity.

Because living with family and friends, opportunities, religious, social events, and festivals are available.


Which helps to remember the day, date, and those happy moments, thus promoting peace of mind and mental health.

7_ Effective Measures to Prevent Mental Illness

During your business health and daily work, if you feel bad or misleading in memory.

So contact a psychiatrist right away, and consult with him about your weaknesses.

Your doctor may prescribe medication to treat your mental illness.

Which has the potential to improve your daily activities and memory.



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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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