Measures to prevent visual impairment at a young age or in old age.


Measures to prevent visual impairment at a young age or in old age.
Measures to prevent visual impairment at a young age or in old age.

Recent scientific research has shown that the most common cause of poor eyesight at an early age is the use of unhealthy foods and environmental pollution.


Besides, a few other reasons are explained in this article.

Prevention and care can help keep your eyes healthy and prevent major causes of permanent blindness.


Low light and constant use of mobiles and laptops for long periods of the day is also making young people, especially children, visually impaired.

Because when we are playing games, movies, and doing office work on mobiles and laptops, our attention is more focused on the screen than on other electronic devices such as televisions or video projectors.

As a result, we blink our eyes as little as possible to keep our eyes focused on the task at hand.

One of the most common symptoms of dry eyes in these conditions is the runny eye. They say that the breakdown of the oil and mucous membranes of the eyes increases the tear vapor.

The sensors in the eyes compensate by producing more water. So "swollen eyes and tiredness" throughout the day are a sign of this.

Dry eyes can also be a major cause.

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Our good health is linked to a better and healthier diet overall. Which we enter our bodies daily. If we continue to eat healthy food, it will protect us from many diseases.

Experts say that using beef, fried foods in oil or ghee, poultry foods, finely ground wheat or grains, and processed meat can cause the disease.

It can also cause life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. This increases the risk of impaired vision or loss of vision at any age.

If you want your eyesight to continue to function as you get older, avoid poultry and unhealthy foods, as well as frozen and tin packets.

In this way, every Organ of the Body will be protected with age, especially vision protection will be possible, for which the use of poultry food and red meat will have to be stopped forever.

If you are worried about your vision, Then Always get in the habit of eating fresh and boiled food. And at the same time, add a small amount of fresh fruit to your diet every day. This process will be a good step towards getting better health.


Environmental pollution and traffic fumes are Extremely harmful to the eyes, leading to increased eye damage and weakness.

The thick smoke from the burning of petroleum and the grease in it go to the Membrane of the eye and make it dirty and itchy.

This causes watery eyes and a feeling of Itching.

Because the eyes use water to clean the grease, and if this grease sticks to the eyes for a long time, the risk of eye infection increases.


And a minor infection can cause swelling and redness in the eyes. Permanent Infections, on the other hand, increase the risk of vision loss.

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If you have diabetes and high blood pressure, 

or a doctor has diagnosed the effects of these diseases. 

So, these diseases may also affect your eyes, which can lead to poor eyesight and night vision problems.

Therefore, see an eye specialist immediately after the diagnosis of these diseases. 

So those possible eye problems can be prevented.


While alcohol is harmful to human health, it is also harmful to the eyes.

Because even a small amount of alcohol affects the brain and disturbs its balance of work, a person loses control of himself.

In this way, blood pressure also affects the eyes, and red streaks appear in the eyes of the person who consumes alcohol.

While smokers, cigarette smoke and ash get into the eyes and make them dirty and itchy.

Continued use of cigarettes blurs the lenses of the eyes.

Due to this, the vision of the eyes is affected.

So if you care about your health, then you have to give up tobacco and alcohol forever.


If you are attached to the office or business and spend most of the day sitting in the office or shop dealing with office matters and clients,

So this action of yours will surely make you suffer from obesity.

There is a strong possibility that it will turn into diabetes and high blood pressure for some time, which can be dangerous for your health and busy life.

At the same time, Fried, Salty, and Spicy foods should be avoided.

Here's a look at some of the possible causes of the effects on the eyes, which cause eye disease and blindness.

These effects can damage our eyes at any time and at any age. For this, we have to protect ourselves from all these reasons.

So that our eyes, Our present, and the end of life will be with us.




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