What is blood pressure? Its symptoms and preventative measures

What is blood pressure? Its symptoms and preventative measures
What is blood pressure? Its symptoms and preventative measures


Blood pressure is a dangerous disease. It causes an increase in blood flow for some reasons and also increases the heart rate.

It is usually caused, by a blockage in the arteries of the heart. As a result, oxygen-rich Blood does not reach different parts of the body in time.

Therefore the human brain directs its heart to a quick blood supply, And the heart itself begins to beat faster to move Blood to these parts of the body.

This process causes the Blood to reach the Areas of the body, Where the need for Blood was felt.

Other than that, This process pushes forward the blockage components of Blood clots in the arteries. In this way, the frozen components dissolve.

It is called blood pressure. This process can be part-time or long-term.

If the arteries of the human body continue to block, 

High blood pressure can persist for years without any symptoms.

Even without symptoms, damage to the blood vessels and your heart continues.

If left unmanaged, they can be at risk for serious health problems, including heart attack or stroke.

High blood pressure usually develops over many years, and it ultimately affects everyone.

There are no permanent symptoms of high blood pressure

So that it can be detected in time, 

and it is estimated at this time When your health begins to suffer.

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According to a conservative estimate, blood pressure of 120/80 or less is better for the heart and the human body.

It is called normal blood pressure. However, if it is 140/90 or higher, it can damage your heart and require a visit to a doctor and treatment.

Since everyone can get it after 40 years, the risk is higher in Certain people who already have the disease in their family.

If a person's blood pressure is above 129/79 and persists in different parts of the body, it will be considered high blood pressure.

But if it is close to 140/90, then it is a dangerous condition, and it will be considered the first stage of high blood pressure, in which a minor heart attack can happen at any time.

To do this, We need to change our lifestyle and follow the doctor's instructions on the diet chart that your doctor will prepare for us.


According to medical experts, high blood pressure can occur at any age and if you have not had your blood pressure checked for a long time, do so.

If you're between the ages of 18 and 25, don't get me wrong, I'm young and safe from high blood pressure and heart attack.

It is by no means true.

The number of young patients with high blood pressure has been rising for some years now, And after the age of 20, whenever you have to go to the doctor because of an illness, you must have your blood pressure checked.

To prevent premature blood pressure and heart attack.

According to medical experts, there is no age-specific biodata for blood pressure. But it starts after 40 years in most people.

And it starts to grow very fast, if not diagnosed and treated in time, So this disease can be dangerous for the human body.

But it is a common observation that people are generally careless even after 40 years, and they think that they should go to the doctor only when there is a problem or signs of disease.

An excellent example is given for this disease. Whenever the ostrich feels threatened by enemies, So he hides his head in the sand. 

While! His body is out of the sand.

He thinks She is hiding from his enemy, but because his body is visible to the enemy, she Easily falls prey.

If you, like the ostrich, think that you can avoid this deadly disease by not seeing a doctor and having a physical check-up, then this is your misunderstanding.

Most patients with high blood pressure are unaware of the onset of the disease. But when the disease progresses, they go to the doctors. By this time, the disease has spread to 25% of the body.

  • If you spend all day free or sitting, or your job is to work in the office, So you have to be careful about your health.

  • If you are addicted to smoking, Do very little or it will have to leave.

  • You need to reduce the amount of salt in your diet because too many canned foods can cause high blood pressure and heart disease.

  • Fast Food, Fried Foods, and Soft Drinks should also be avoided.

  • Take a brisk walk in a park or open space for one hour every morning. It will get rid of excess body fat and cholesterol.

  • In the same way, after eating at night and before going to bed, take a Normal walk for half an hour at home, So that Dinner will be Easily Digested and you will get a good night's sleep.

We have to take care of our health and life, and we all know that life is only once. Appreciating it and living it well is our number one priority.


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Every year in all countries of the world, awareness is raised about this deadly disease, for which, It is Recommend to celebrate May 17 as World Day.

Get yourself aware of this World Day and encourage your parents, relatives, and friends to learn about Blood Pressure and Heart Attack on the occasion of this. 



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