Treatment of knee and joint pain and precautionary measures

Treatment of knee and joint pain and precautionary measures
Treatment of knee and joint pain and precautionary measures


Knee and joint pain begin in most people after the age of 40.


But it is a common observation that even after 40 years, people are still careless, and they think that they should go to the doctor only when there is a problem or signs of disease.

But when the disease starts, they go to the doctors. Until then, couples, Much damage has been done.

Since everyone can get it after forty years, however, certain people are at higher risk.

There has been a significant increase in the number of young patients with knee and joint pain over the past few years.


It is mainly due to the use of fast food, fried foods, and soft drinks, So, the use of these foods should be reduced or abandoned.

Whatever the disease, the pain is very disturbing and unbearable. Knee and joint pain are very important and significant.

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The number of knees and joint patients in the world is in the millions. Patients with this disease go through it day and night.

They are greatly affected by the effects of climate change such as rain and extreme cold.

Women are more prone to this disease than men Because men usually keep their bodies in motion for work and household chores, 

While women stay indoors and do housework, they have less physical activity than men. 

Therefore, due to a lack of physical activity, their joints become thick and dry, 

which later leads to knee and joint pain.

These mothers are more prone to joint and knee pain, especially after childbirth than normal women.


The joints in the human body are essential for walking. Walking, getting up, sitting, and performing all the functions of life.

They become weak or stop doing their job. Then life becomes very painful, and they need others.

Symptoms of the Knee & Joint Pain

There are symptoms of knee and joint diseases. The following are the major symptoms.

  • The sound coming from the bones while moving the joints

  • Difficulty and Trouble in bending and straightening joints

  • The sound of crackers when moving from the joints

  • Unnecessary mild and sharp pain in the joints

These are the factors that cause knee and joint disease, and what precautions should the patient take in such a case?

It is also very important to know so that they can be adopted and saved from suffering.

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Causes of the Knee & Joint Pain

From the opinion of all Experts, The Biggest cause of this disease is Hereditary or Familial disease, Which is passed from parents to children.


  • Calcium deficiency in the human body is also a major cause of osteoporosis.

  • Physical weakness leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body that cause this disease.

  • Lack or loss of immunity in the body also causes joint pain.

  • Joint pain, also known as arthritis, Is a condition in which the body begins to produce cells that work against it, usually due to an infection.

  • The disease also affects the lining of the bones. (called Membrane in medical Parlance) and causes joint pain.

  • An increase in uric acid in the human body, for any reason, is also considered to be a major cause of joint and knee pain.

  • Excess cholesterol in the body is also a major cause of these diseases.

  • Drugs or excessive alcohol consumption also affect the bones of the body, including knee and joint pain.

  • Deficiency and excess calcium and potassium in the blood also give rise to this disease.


  •  Pneumonia, obesity, and constipation also affect the knee and joint pain.

  • In women giving birth to a new baby, careless eating after childbirth can also lead to the disease.

  • Dryness of the knees and joints after an illness

Precautions Against Knee & Joint Pain


  • Minimize the use of rice and rice products in your daily diet.

  • Don't eat fried or market products.

  • Use Foods that are Laced, such as Lentils, Beef, and chicken legs in meat. And arum, okra, etc. In vegetables.

  • Women who spend most of their time in the Household washing dishes and clothes should wear gloves when working.

  •  Wear warm bandages on knees and joints in winter. Protect them from the cold. This precaution will also protect you from future troubles.

  • Always get in the habit of massaging the whole body, especially the joints, before taking a Bath.


  • Get regular exercise, get in the habit of getting up early every morning and do light exercise. It will keep your joints active.

  • Avoid foods that cause high levels of uric acid and cholesterol in the body.

I believe that, following these tips. You can increase the age of your knee and joints because it is more challenging to live with this disease. 



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