Symptoms before a heart attack, and their prevention.

The leading cause of heart disease is a heart attack, which Used to affect the elderly, but now affects mostly young people.

To avoid this disease in time, we need to know the symptoms. That occurs before a heart attack.

Because if we find out the cause of the disease and take possible precautions before we get sick, we may be safe from the Onset of the disease.


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There are many symptoms of a heart attack. Which appear at different times, one of which is a Special symptom of pain that starts on the left side of the body.

The center of this pain is the left side of the Chest and starts from there down to the Toes. On the other hand, from the neck to the left side of the head.

But months before a heart attack, most patients experience pain in the left arm. For the first time, some people feel the needles sticking out of their hands. 

Some people, however, feel the peaks crawl. Which increases over time, and sometimes the patient's hand is numb for a long time.

We must pay immediate attention to any ailments that may occur in our bodies and when it comes to heart attacks

Specials care should be taken to prevent them.


This symptom is most common in heart attack patients, including both men and women. Fatigue is present in 70% of women and 35% of men. Unusual Fatigue when no heavy physical work is Done,

Indicate a heart attack or a blockage of a vein and can occur in both men and women.

If you are in a situation where you feel tired without any physical or mental activity,

And if it continues to increase at the end of the day, it can be very worrying for your health.



Some heart attack patients also experience discomfort and tightness in the lower jaw or throat for other reasons.

However, If there is a feeling of pain or pressure in the Chest, 

That spreads to the throat or jaw. It could be a sign of a heart attack.


 Chest pain occurs in both men and women in different intensities and ways.

In men, this symptom is one of the most Important early Sympstom often overlooked, while in 30% of women, the symptoms are severe.


In most patients, this symptom appears a few days before the heart attack.

Common symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, or Motion.

Before a heart attack, there is a strange pain in the abdomen or stomach, and there is a severe stomach cramp, 

This pain lasts for a few minutes, then disappears on its own. 

This discomfort sometimes occurs in the beginner, but after a while, it intensifies, and you experience discomfort several times a day.



Many of us suffer from dizziness, which can have a variety of causes. However, if you suddenly feel dizzy,


Or you may feel as if you are falling backward, and at the same time have chest pains or difficulty breathing.

So there is a strong possibility that you are likely to have a heart attack.

Contact your doctor immediately, 

According to medical science, 

It means that your blood pressure is falling rapidly because the heart is unable to pump normally.


In most cases, this is not a sign of a heart problem, 

however, if you already have heart disease, then it is an alarm.

If your cough persists for a long time and produces pinkish, brown mucus, it is a sign of heart failure.


In heart disease, this symptom appears from the earliest times, indicating that the heart is not pumping blood efficiently.

Whenever the heart stops pumping, blood does not move from the arteries to the heart.

Due to this blood accumulates in different organs of the body.  It makes the limbs feel bloat and swollen,

It has a list of hands and feet.  If your hands and feet feel swollen, you may also have a heart attack.

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40% Forty percent of patients show this symptom, That is, it is difficult to breathe, and it felt that deep breathing is not possible,

It often occurs several months before a heart attack in men and women and is usually a warning sign, That a doctor should be consulted.

Rapid hair loss

Rapid hair loss is also a clear sign of heart disease, but it is more common in women over the age of 50.


An irregular heartbeat is also a form of heart attack, also called a panic attack.

Most patients experience anxiety and irritability.


Women are very Upset, by this symptom, it attacks suddenly.

If the heartbeat continues for a while and does not slow down, it can be dangerous for human life.

Besides, the body feels Drowsy and tired due to tingling and decreased heart rate, 

It is a sign that a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.



Some people often sweat for no reason Even, in Normal weather, along with anxiety and restlessness.

If the person is not doing any hard work, it is considered an early warning sign of a heart attack, which can occur at any time of the day or night.


Of course, your answer would be, sitting in the office, car, and shop, or your job is to work in the office,

So you have to be careful about your heart health and diseases.


  •  If you are addicted to smoking, Do very little or it will have to leave. Because after the age of forty, smoking is the cause of heart attack.

  • Your food should reduce the amount of salt and pepper because many salt nutrients cause blood pressure and heart disease.

  • Consumption of fast food, fried foods, soft drinks, and stale food should also be avoided.


  • Take a brisk walk in a park or open space for one to two hours every morning. It will get rid of excess body fat and cholesterol.

  • Eat dinner two hours before bed, and then take a Normal half-hour walk Home. So that, Dinner will be Easily Digested, and you will sleep well at night.


Remember, we have to take care of our health and body parts, and we all know that heart attack is a dangerous disease, taking all precautionary measures to prevent it should be our priority.


Your body begins to warn of various Symptoms several months before and even before a heart attack.

Just need to understand these signs or symptoms, and remember, These signs or symptoms may be the cause of another illness,

So, It is better to consult your doctor. Then to worry, 

So, the diagnosis and treatment of the disease can be done in time.



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