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Happy Birthday 

Every birthday in our life gives us hope that this coming new year will be a year of happiness and success, and we also want the achievements that we have not been able to Achieve in the last many years.

Achieving these successes and achieving these goals is the priority of this new year.

Along with us, our loved ones and friends also wish that their loved ones remember his birthday and send them prayer messages on this birthday.

Everyone in the world wants to make their birthday a memorable one.

The best way to send greetings is to laugh, smile, Send prayer messages to yourself and your loved ones on their birthdays, and enjoy the moments to come.

 1_Happy Birthday to Mother 
 2_Happy Birthday to the Father
 3_ Happy Birthday to Relatives and Friends
 4_Happy Birthday to Lovers


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Happy Birthday to Mother

(1) Mom,

You are the strength that always helps me to fight against all odds in my life.

I love you and happy birthday.

(2) My Mother,

My God is praying that happiness surrounds you everywhere. 

You feel such a little pleasure, which you were getting away today. 

God knows what was sacrificed for our enemy. 

(3) Sweet Mother,

The pain of childbirth is equal to the pain of death for every woman.

The hardships you have endured since my birth and my youth.

I will never forget it. 

(4) My Mother,

All the joys and colors of my life are because of you.
If it weren't for you, my life would be nothing but darkness.

(5) My Mom,

I pray! 

From the beginning of this birthday, 

May God turn all your obstacles and sorrows into joys and successes.

(6) My Mother,

I am grateful for your unconditional love. 

You are the woman in the whole world who loves and cares for me the most. 

No one can understand me better than you.

(7) Mother,

I can't believe there's any other mother in the world like you,

She must have loved her children so much.

(8) My Mother,

Every new year comes and goes, but every new year of your life is very important to me.

Mom, I love you so much.

(9) Cute Mom,

I thought many times. 

If I do not know if I was not. 

God has given me great favor me. 

You have for me.

(10) My Sweet Mother,

Life-in-life Sunny sunlight, 

you are a gentle shade.

 How much do I love you don't know you?


(11) My Mother,

No one like you rejoices in my victory and success.
Happy birthday to my great mother.

(12) My Mother,

We just have memories of you. 
The world is colorless to me without you.
I wish you a happier birthday than ever before.

(13) My Mother,

The best personality God has given me in the world,
They are you.

(14) My Mother,

You are about to start a new year of your life in a few days, and I hope this coming year will be a happy year for you.

(15) My Mother,

You are very special to me, and the beautiful smile on your face is the greatest reward of nature for me.

(16) My Mother,

The candles on your birthday cake light up and tell us,
How hard you worked to brighten our future.

(17) My Mother,

I will pray to God, the earth on which you set foot,
Let that place be green there.
Anything you touch will turn to gold.
Mama, you are great.

(18) My Mother,

Forget all your worries and anxieties today and light your birthday candles.
This birthday candle will light up and burn all your worries and anxieties.

(19) My Mother,

On this birthday, I will pray this for you, God!
May God protect you from every sorrow and disease,
Happiness is the only happiness in your life.

(20) My Mother,

I will celebrate your birthday the way you thought,
My greatest wish is to make it better and better,
I hope you like the effort.

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Happy Birthday to the Father

(1) My Dear Father,

May your shadow always rest on our heads. These are my best wishes to you. Have a brighter and more enjoyable day today than you did yesterday.

(2) My Father,

On this birthday, 

You feel happy, 

You hope for your children and family. 

"Happy Birthday" to you with good news. 

(3) Sweet Father,

I have a prayer! 

God enhances your life with unlimited blessings. 

Every wish will be fulfilled as you do. 

(4) My Dear Papa,,

This birthday day is the most beautiful, bright, and Fresh day of your life.
Whoever never ends. 

(5) My Dad,

Your life is full of the sacrifices you have made for your education and training.

We cannot repay your kindness by giving our whole life.

May God grant you long life and good health.

(6) Dady,

You are my first friend in the world, who befriended me from childhood to adolescence, never leaving me alone in joys and sorrows.

Now is the time for me to never leave you in your old age.

(7) Dad,

When I was young and weak, you gave me strength and took my finger, and climbed the ladder of success.

You are very important in my life.

(8) My Father,

You are one year older this birthday.

But I'm sure you'll like it.

(9) Dady,

The time is coming when the greatest wish of your life will come true.

I hope your birthdays will be the day of your hopes.

That will make your life happier.

(10) My Sweet Father,

People say that man grows up,

So, His memory gets weak.

But I say, my dad's memory is growing over time.

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Happy Birthday to Lovers.

(1) My Sweetheart,

My wish for you on your birthday is that you always be happy and healthy.

(2) My Sweetheart,

Your beauty is more precious to me than a beautiful diamond. 

My prayer on this birthday is that you will always be beautiful and young. 

(3) Sweet Sweetheart,

Your strong support is a great gift from God to me. 

I pray you always be safe.

(4) My Sweetheart,

Happy birthday to a person that’s charming, talented, and witty, and reminds me a lot of myself.

(5) My Lover,

In the joy of your birthday, I pray to God.

Always have a sweet smile on your face.

(6) My Love,

Your birthday should be full of joy and celebration. 

I wish you a beautiful and wonderful birthday.

(7) My Love,

I hope that your birthday will be full of lots of love and laughter, 

Your biggest wish will be fulfilled on your birthday.

(8) My Husband,

Wealth is Special to Someone,

And for some, gold and silver are Special.

But for me, you are very Special.

(9) My Lover,

Every human being wants his or her spouse to be wise, virtuous, and sensible.

I'm glad you have all those qualities.

(10) My Sweet Wife,

In this long and tiring journey of life, 

everyone needs a traveling companion. 

It is my good fortune that I have found a fellow traveler like you.

(11) My Wife,

On this birthday of yours, 
I will pray to my Lord, may this day turn your life towards the path of light and turn the darkness of the heart into light.

(12) My Sweet Wife,

I pray for your best future, and
I hope this year will be the most amazing for you.

(13) My Husband,

May this special day of yours be very special, 
I pray to my Lord, may your luck be glorious.

(14) My Lover,

On this birthday,
You must remember all these sweet moments,
Which were rooted in you,
Thank you for these beautiful memories.

(15) My Wife,

The most beautiful and standard moments for me this birthday will be the ones, 
I will spend it with you.
I look forward to spending these beautiful moments with you.
Your love

Happy Birthday to Relatives and Friends.

(1) Dear friend,

A friend is someone who is a partner in your past sorrows and a trustee of your secrets.

You have all those qualities.

I am so lucky to have a friend like you.

(2) Dear Friend,

My prayers on this birthday! 

Be happy and spread happiness all around you.  

(3) My Friend,

I pray to God on this birthday!

May this New Year be the year of fulfillment of all your dreams and hopes.

(4) My Friend,

Today, on this birthday, 
I pray to God.  
God bless you.  

Protect you from every sorrow and disease. 

(5) Hello Dear,

May this birthday day fill your life with endless joys, and may the colors of the rainbow join your life.

(6) My Dear,

Don't worry about the future, 

I'm sure your future will be brighter and more unique than ever.

(7) My Dear,

Our past is gone now, 

There is no point in worrying about it.

Because we can not change it, 

Let's work together to improve our present and future.

(8) My Friend,

Today, on this birthday, 

I pray to God.

Succeed in your efforts to make the future better.


(9) My Dear,

I pray! 

In all the joys of life your age,

May this new year be a year of success.

(10) Hello Dear,

Congratulations on this birthday to you, 

I wish you were with us on this birthday. Always thank you for living in memories.

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