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Why are people interested in online shopping and what are its advantages and disadvantages?
Why are people interested in online shopping and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Online Shopping

This post outlines some of the basic reasons why people shopping online, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

The success of online buying activity or E-commerce (online store) raises many competing online store websites. 

Ever since the Coronavirus epidemic has gripped the world. People don't like to be in crowds anymore. Access to large journal stores and shopping malls is essential to meet all the necessities of life.

To make it possible, The need for online shopping activity or e-commerce (online store) is acute, This has led to the emergence of many online store websites.

The biggest factor involved in this buying and selling activity is the availability of items at all times and with ease.

Recent research has shown that online stores encourage people to quickly purchase items at reasonable prices through the Internet. This method is very popular in the world and is also very popular among people.

Next, we will present some important tips on the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.


The advantages of online shopping.

1..Easy and quiet shopping.

All business people and professionals shop on their way home after the end of duty time.

This is usually a time of heavy traffic and in a hurry to get home, they shop carelessly Many essential items remain unattended despite the availability of inventory.


As a result, housewives face difficulties due to the unavailability of goods, and you have to go to the nearest supermarket to buy these items.

This makes the availability of expensive and substandard items possible and a waste of time.

Sometimes you can select all the items you need from a big shopping mall, but when you come to the payment counter, you have to face a long queue.

As a result, a lot of your precious time is wasted and sometimes some people postpone the purchase.

Sometimes there are situations where the items listed are not available in one mall which makes them have to go around other malls which is a tiring process.

So the solution to all these problems is found in online shopping, in which buyers can decide to meet their needs through online shopping.

2..The hard way to find Car parking.


After 9 to 5 duty, most of the women and men go to the shopping mall for shopping.

Due to which the roads of the highway are filled with vehicles, and due to overcrowding in the shopping mall, the parking lot is not empty.

Waiting for the parking lot to be emptied means you have to walk around the parking lot for hours without any reason, Due to which time and fuel are wasted separately.

Online shopping frees you from all these problems. You can shop online anytime and anywhere.


3.. Easy availability of all products.

When we go to shopping malls and supermarkets, it is difficult for us to choose the items we like first.

If we take the example of garments. If you like a t-shirt, it may not be our choice of color or size.

and the size and color of the T-shirt we like may not be available in this mall or superstore, So we have to find the clothes of our choice in another mall.

It may be that even after walking around in two or three malls, we do not have the clothes of our choice, so we will have to cancel our purchase, We will have to search again some other day.

The online store, on the other hand, helps people to purchase items at reasonable prices quickly through the internet.

And if the goods are not available in one online store, we can move to another online store in minutes.

4.. Best discount on commodity prices.

All online marketers offer their customers the best discounts on different products.

This trend continues every weekend and event. Some markets provide one item free of charge upon the purchase of another item.

This way you can get the best savings when shopping online.

All products can be purchased anytime with one click and are delivered to you in a matter of hours.

Now you can buy all these things only through computer screens or mobile devices, Items you may need immediately and in the future.

Imagine for a second How wonderful and enjoyable it will be. You can also do it with your shopping, music or other household activities.

5.. Easy to find product information or trends.

Whenever we purchase a product, we first gather information about the product to see if it can meet our needs.

Most people prefer necessities that are Durable and long-lasting, for which a foreign brand is preferred.


These trends go through a tiring process of finding, So it takes a lot of time to buy these items.

But in online shopping, this step is very simple and easy, Finding product information or trends has never been easier. As much as online shopping.

Now you can get complete information about any item anytime and anywhere at home before shopping


Here we are explaining to you the disadvantages of online shopping and also how to solve this problem.

This advanced information will not confuse you with these issues and if you come across these issues, it will be easier for you to prevent them.

1.. Cheap and poor quality products.

Some new companies are doing affordable items for reputation and the fastest growth of their business.

Due to low costs, these items are extremely poor and non-standard. Which long time does not benefit you.

While some companies give non-standard items as a gift or offer to their customers after purchasing standard items.

If you intend to purchase the items ever, always choose the online company wholesale in selling high standard items.

Remember only high brands can provide you with quality products.

2.. Items not arriving on time.


The common complaint of many people is that in online shopping, the essentials from the company do not reach us on time.

Top brand companies usually deliver goods in two hours or more. While some companies ask for 24 hours respite.

There are several reasons for the delay in the delivery of goods, which the company or its representative informs its customers.

This includes product availability, packaging issues, and road traffic. If you are ordering items from online shopping, give it a try.


So order all your goods to the company 24 hours in advance. This way you will get rid of the hassle of waiting.

3.. Color and size change.

Buy clothes or kitchen utensils, color, and size changes are becoming a major issue in online shopping.

This can be a serious problem, especially if the problem is with the costumes and if it is worn at an immediate event or festival.

I think the best solution is to choose two different colors when shopping for apparel

And give this option to the company concerned to deliver the ones that are available immediately, Order clothes one week in advance, and check immediately after delivery to see if the items of your choice have been delivered.

4.. Difficulty in changing and returning items.


Online shopping also includes the benefits of a replacement and return policy, But sometimes we have a bigger problem than that.

Because delivery of goods and exchange or return are two separate stages through which the goods reach you, You have to lodge a complaint with the office of the concerned company for replacement and return of the goods, and you also have to state the reasons why you are returning or replacing these items.

After hearing your complaint, the staff at the relevant company will give you a new return or replacement date, and the given company representative will return or change the goods to you after the given date.

All these processes take a few days and when this whole process is not completed you are disturbed.


My advice to you is, whenever you shop online, never rush, do thorough research on every item.


All the manufacturing points appear on your computer and mobile screen. Read them and place an order when you are satisfied.

5.. Unnecessary and additional costs.

Online purchases are usually made by credit or debit card, as credit card payments are made after several days.

As a result, it is not possible to control expenses and buy unnecessary items.

Thus, the extra cost of using the card can cause problems for us.

If you are planning to shop online, I suggest you use a debit card so you can easily control your budget.


Remember that overspending can affect your savings and increase your odds.

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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