100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 2020. | newsboxwithrazi.com

100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 2020.  | newsboxwithrazi.com
100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 

Merry Christmas Wishes Messages 

To express Christmas greetings and love from ancient times, Here are some ways to send messages to your loved ones and family.

The most popular were handwriting and telegrams, but now with the advent of new technologies, Sending messages from friends and family makes it very easy.

To send Christmas congratulations to her family, loved ones, and relatives Today. Messages have become the easiest and best way.

newsboxwithrazi.com will help you with this. We have made some Interesting lists of Christmas messages۔

Which you can send to your Loved Ones, Nowadays, or before the day of Christmas. Send these interesting Christmas messages to your friends and loved ones, and make this Christmas 2020 look and remember this Christmas forever.

100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends
100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 2020.

***Merry Christmas Wishes Messages,***

When the spring season comes, and the history of Christmas is the date to a close, an incredible feeling of Christmas celebration develops in the heart.

All Christians around the world begin to find ways to celebrate and accelerate with loved ones, friends, and relatives in their community.

01_ May God grant you happiness, peace, and prosperity on this blessed, happy occasion. 

Congratulations to you and your family on this happy occasion of Christmas!

Happy Christmas

02_ May God bless your life with 2_ happiness, love for your family, peace of mind, wisdom to your 

mind, happy Christmas to you all.

03_Every moment of Christmas brings us closer to you and, this is the reward of our actions. Happy Christmas. The person who is the cutest.

04_I will pray to my Lord, this sacred day, let us attract the life of all life of light and change the darkness of our hearts in light. Happy Christmas!

05_This is the prayer of my heart! May this Christmas be a milestone for you in all the joys of life. 

Happy Christmas!

06_I pray! May the blessings of God be with you Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. Happy Christmas with heartfelt wishes! 

07_I pray! These special days bring peace, love, and prosperity to all of us. 

Happy Christmas!

08_ The magic of this Christmas will take away all the sorrows of your life. May your happiness be everywhere.  

Happy Christmas!

09_ Today, I pray to my Lord that happiness may knock on your door and leave the gift of love, happiness, and good health. 

Happy Christmas!

10_ The holy month of November has passed. Now it is time for Christmas. On the occasion of this Christmas, I wish you and my family a happy Christmas.

100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends
100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 

11_ The winter season has come, and it is time to celebrate Christmas. Let's celebrate this Christmas with everyone in a wonderful way,  

Happy Christmas!

12_My prayer on this Christmas! Be happy and spread happiness all around you. 

Happy Christmas to all of you with heartfelt wishes

13_ May the shadow of God's blessings rest on your head forever. These are my best wishes to you all. Nowadays and every day to all of you, 

Happy Christmas!

14_ May these happy days of Christmas fill your life with innumerable colors. And may all those dreams come true, Which you desire in your heart.  

Happy Christmas!

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15_ God bless you! All your obstacles and sorrows will end at the beginning of this Christmas morning. May this Christmas morning prove to be a new morning for you.


Happy Christmas!

16_God! This Christmas, open all the doors of happiness and prosperity for you and your family.

Happy Christmas!

17_I pray! May this Christmas, may God fulfill all your dreams and hopes very soon.

Happy Christmas!

18_Before we ask for happiness and prosperity, we should ask for mercy. May God shower his mercy on us. 

Happy Christmas!

19_Today, on this Eid, I pray to God. May God have mercy on us Keep us all safe from every sorrow and disease.  

Happy Christmas!

20_Eid is a day to celebrate and fulfill the desires of the heart. 

It is more for us than all these heavenly blessings of God. He has sent it down to Mankind as a day of thanksgiving to God. 

Happy Christmas! to you.

21_ On this auspicious occasion, we wish you a day full of laughter and joy. 

Happy Christmas to you from me and, your family!

22_ All this is the Holidays of Christmas to happy, and stay, 

it is praised by my Lord, 

Happy Christmas! 

23_O Lord of the Universe! Have mercy on all Christians around the world on this auspicious occasion of Christmas!

Happy Christmas

24_My prayer on this sweet Christmas! May the blessings of God be with you and your family forever.

 Happy Christmas!

25_ It will be a blessing of God that I celebrate Eid with you. Thanks for always being with me.

Happy Christmas!

100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends
100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 

26_ May the magic of this Eid bring many joys to your life 

and may you celebrate it memorably with all your close friends? 

Happy Christmas

27_ May Allah blesses you with the joys of Paradise for worshiping this Ramadan. Happy Christmas to you and all.

28_Enlighten your mind with new fresh ideas this Christmas, and it will take your heart to the world of wonders.


Merry Christmas!

29_May this Eid bring joy and love to your heart and create all the opportunities for success for you! Happy Christmas!

30_Happy Christmas! to you and your family. May the Almighty accept your All Prayers. 

Merry Christmas!

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31_At the end of December, This Christmas has come to you with lots of joys and gifts.


I am sure! You will never forget this day.

Happy Christmas!

32_ O My friend, you are a beacon of light in the darkness of my heart. Do not forget me on this happy occasion of Christmas,

Happy Christmas!

33_ I pray that you get what you want and that you have always dreamed of,

Merry Christmas!

34_ I wish happiness surrounds you all around on this happy occasion. Feel the joy of it. I hope you 

will have a great time with your friends and family!

Wishing you a joy-filled Christmas season. 

35_ I wish you a happy Christmas, 

Let happiness be scattered around you.

Congratulations to you for a beautiful Christmas,

36_ On this Christmas, you feel happy, whose hopes from his friends and family.

Happy Christmas to all of you with good news

37_ Spend this pleasant weather with your friends and family! This Christmas is always memorable for 

Your Christmas decoration!.

38_ Christmas Day brought these happy returns and unforgettable memories and moments in front of 

us, which we have the search for centuries.

39_ I wish! Christmas days, happy returns, and unforgettable memories, moments, and brights brought 

us in front of us, which are slightly left.


40_ I will pray, that you get all kinds of love and happiness all this year this Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!

41_ This Christmas is the interpretation of dreams for you, the weather of this festival, you want to send 

Passionate Congratulations.


Merry Christmas!

42_ Happy new Christmas,

For all those who are no longer in the world because of the Coronavirus

43_ I pray! May God bless your life with infinite blessings with the blessings of this day. May! 

Everyone wishes you desire to do Fulfilled.

Merry Christmas!

44_ I pray to my Lord to help you become the best person in the world. May God keep you safe among us forever.

 Merry Christmas!

45_ The time for celebration and partying is fast approaching. We are all ready to embrace the best and Coolest Christmas of the year.

Merry Christmas!

100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends
100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 

46_ May God do so! May this Christmas be the most beautiful, bright, 

and refreshing Christmas of your life.

Wishing! You and All a Merry Christmas!

47_ May God do so! 

After this Christmas war, sorrow, and disease will be eradicated

 For the whole world, there will be happiness everywhere.

 Merry Christmas!

48_ My prayer for the people of this war-torn country, the peace and happiness you are looking for,

They will find you as soon as possible!

 Merry Christmas!

49_You can notice a unique, pleasant, and new Christmas. 

God binds you from lovers. 

 Merry Christmas!

50_ In this Christmas,

All the sweet memories that we are pairing with you

They come back,

Thank you for these beautiful memories.

 Merry Christmas!

51_In this Christmas, all the sweet memories that you were able to come back, thank you for the

memories of this housing. 

Happy Christmas!

52_ I pray to God! 

You have a Destination of belief and comfort, 

which is difficult for everyone to reach.


 Merry Christmas!

53_ I hope so from God!

This Christmas is for you and your family and all your friends.

We will bring the good news of good luck and good health.

 Merry Christmas!

54_ My prayer!!

Let the angels of God come down to your house and make it a beautiful piece of heaven,

And take all the problems with you.

 Merry Christmas!

55_ On this joyous occasion of Christmas, 

I wish you Satisfaction and success in all areas of your life.

 Merry Christmas!

56_ I wish you love and happiness this Christmas. 

Congratulations to you from the core of my heart on this beautiful moment

 Merry Christmas!

57_ This is my prayer to God!

This Christmas will bring you incredible joy and fulfill your every unfulfilled desire.

 Merry Christmas!

58_ From your heart wish list

Every little big thing you get this Christmas,

Happy magical, pleasant, and icy weather!

Merry Christmas!

59_ Let's talking to our loved ones this Christmas,

Whose memories will always be with us?

Congratulations to you and your family on this eternal happiness.

Merry Christmas!

60_ I ask God for this!

May his unconditional love never leave you.

May this charming scene of bliss remain with you forever.

Merry Christmas from me to you and your family

61_ It is a blessing for me to have this happy occasion with you.

 My prayer to God!

May you and I always be Together.

Merry Christmas!

62_ May this Christmas end the year on a cheerful note,

 and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. 

Merry Christmas!

63_ Wishing you a magical and happy holiday, I wish! 

You live thousands of years in the world.

 Merry Christmas

64_ I pray! This Christmas, this time everything. On your wish list will come true.

Get everything you have been yearning for

Merry Christmas

***Christmas Wishes for Friends***

65_ I wish!

May this Christmas be the wish of all my friends. 

This Christmas brings you a lot of fun and happiness.

Merry Christmas

66_ My friend

I have had so many good memories of you all my life.

You live in our hearts. 

Merry Christmas

67_ Dear friends!

Your love and commitment in this life is an invaluable gift to me, 

This holy festival and your love are a real miracle to me.

Merry Christmas

68_ Dear friends,

May the colors and happy moments of this Christmas be with you always.

Merry Christmas

69_ I am so thankful to God, 

That, I have already been given the gift of a beautiful and loving friend before Christmas.

Merry Christmas

100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends
100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 

70_ Christmas candles ask me?

When will the friend for whom it is lits come?  

Merry Christmas to a dear friend

71_ May this Christmas Magic fill your heart with sweetness and joy, 

may every wish of your heart be fulfilled?

 Merry Christmas. 

72_ Like every year, I wish you a Merry Christmas, 

and wishing you all the best.

Be happy and settled wherever you are.

Merry Christmas.

73_ I hope this Christmas will be wonderful and colorful for you, 

In these beautiful moments, 

You must remember me!

 Merry Christmas!

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74_ Not so long ago, in one of this Christmas, 

I wished for a sweet, supporting friend. I did not know my wish would come true this quick. 

Merry Christmas! 

75_ My heart tells me,

You are the best friend of my life, 

Thank you for that friendship.

Merry Christmas!

76_ Your friendship is a spring of color and light for me, 

Your presence makes every Christmas memorable.

 Merry Christmas!

77_ I don't know how important you are in my life.

But all I know is that if you don't, there's nothing for me,

and the joy of Christmas is incomplete without you!

Merry Christmas!

78_The warmth of your friendship and the feeling of your presence is the perfect Christmas gift for me.

Merry Christmas!

79_ This Christmas may never come again in our lives,

Let's make this Christmas full of sweet and happy moments!

Merry Christmas!

80_ I pray!

May God always help and take care of you.

You are worthy of love.

Merry Christmas!

81_ I pray this to God!

He will give you all the strength and power to face any difficulty in life.

Merry Christmas!

82_ I pray to God.

May you have a happy, healthy, and peaceful time this Christmas.

Enjoy every moment with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Merry Christmas!

83_ I pray!

May God give you new opportunities to succeed this Christmas and save you from trials.

Merry Christmas!

84_ May God bless you with wealth, children, and lots of happiness this Christmas.

Have a great time with friends and family.

Merry Christmas.

85_ My best friend,

This Christmas, you will always be remembered, with happy parties, beautiful experiences, and New

Challenges. Don't forget me this Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

86_ My friend

Maybe God created you for me. Merry Christmas with all your heart full of new and old memories!

Merry Christmas.

87_ My friend,

I wish! Your Christmas season always shines with the light of love.

Merry Christmas.

88_ May God do so!

May you find the destination of faith and peace that every human being desires.  

Merry Christmas.

100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends
100 Best Christmas Wishes Messages for Friends 

***Romantic Christmas Wishes***

89_ I want to fill your heart with love and joy on the beautiful days of Christmas Because I love you!

Merry Christmas

90_ My Love!

My heart is immersed, In your love, 

You do not know I have no one in this world but you.

Merry Christmas sweetheart

91_ My Love!

What difference does it make?

That we are so far apart,

But it is Christmas that keeps our hearts together. I am always with you even when you are away.

Merry Christmas

92_ My Love!

You are the reason for holding the thread of my breath,

If it weren't for you in my life, 

Maybe, I am not in this world,

You for being in my World.

Merry Christmas!

93_ My lover,

If God gave us a choice this Christmas,

That is, the beautiful moments of Christmas or Me,

So which of the two would you choose?

If I asked, I would choose you.

All beautiful moments without you are useless to me.

94_ People have many reasons to celebrate Christmas, But to celebrate it, the biggest reason you are. 

Without you, every happiness is not complete. Merry Christmas!

95_ The most beautiful moment in my life is that you are with me at Christmas.

96_ I have met a beautiful and sweet thing before Christmas. Your presence is the one that will make 

my enjoyment more enjoyable and make pleasure.

97_ My Darling,

Your smile is the gift of my life, 

My greatest wish is to see you happy.

Merry Christmas

98_ My dear,

There is no one in my heart, But you.

Your position and rank are the highest.

Merry Christmas to you!

99_ The most beautiful and standard moments for me this Christmas will be the ones I have spent with you.

I look forward to spending these beautiful moments with you.

Your love

100_ I look forward to seeing your beautiful face this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, my love!

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