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Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni came to conquer India with a large army of soldiers. A few days before the battle, he went hunting deer in the forest with his best soldiers.

He saw a deer and chased it away. Now he and his soldiers had gone astray. The evening was falling and the sun was setting on the slopes of the mountains and the Sultan was wandering in the forest looking for a way out.

Suddenly his eyes fell on two girls sitting on a hill by a distant river, The two girls looked Hindu by nature and probably belonged to a Raja family.

The princess may have gone hunting with her servants and her servants may have lost their way while hunting. The girls may not be aware of this and she was sitting on the mound waiting for the employees.

The lonely princess and her maiden were drowning by the river, unaware that a wild bear had followed them. Until then, the Sultan's arrow would have pierced his throat, He had struck the bear princess's maid with the claw of one hand and she was slightly injured. 

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni shot three arrows at the wild beast, which killed him instantly. They were both watching the wild beardie, and she was trembling with fear. After a while, when they regained consciousness, the two girls looked at the stranger.

He realized that this skill and bravery could only be demonstrated by a warlord, Now the princess introduces herself to express her gratitude towards him. My name is Smriti, I am the only daughter of the Raja of Jaipur state. Thank you for saving my life

I will tell my father that I will give you a high position in the army, By the way, you don't look like a soldier in our army. Tell me, where do you belong ...?

Smriti probably didn't know that no ordinary soldier was standing in front of her, Rather, there is the head of the most powerful Islamic army of the time, By whose name the throats of Hindu kings and Pandits become dry.

The Sultan said briefly without revealing his identity; I am a soldier in the army of another Indian state.

Come with us and I will take you to a safe place, Follow us. The sun has set and the darkness is getting darker.

If you can't find a way, you may have to spend the night in the same forest, Princess Smriti and her maid knew that this man was not greedy and he was not interested in her beautiful body, So she had no fear of the Sultan and his soldiers, She felt safe in the Sultan's eyes.

They walked a long way in the same direction but found no signs of population. While walking in the forest, the princess's dress was torn in different places due to the thorny bushes, And she was feeling tired with hunger and thirst.

Now the forest was completely dark.

The Sultan said to the princess and her maid, pointing to a hard rock and a tree; You two, rest here. The darkness of night has increased and the weather is not showing any signs of improvement. It is difficult to travel further in this dense forest in the dark.

If you leave in the morning, maybe I can take you to a safe place or your companions, Smriti had no choice but to trust the Sultan.

The Sultan realized that these girls would not be able to spend a Cool night in the forest in their expensive but thin clothes, So the Sultan gave them his thick blanket and said; you both should cover this chador, the cold of the forest is very angry.

The princess took the blanket without hesitation and covered it and she leaned against a rock and lay down in the shade of a tree, But his eyes were fixed on the Sultan's face, He was sitting down at a large rock lying nearby and trying to burn a fire. 

Eventually, a fire broke out, And in the light of this fire, the Beautiful face of the Sultan was shining. After the fire was burnt, the Sultan performed Wudhu and began to pray, The princess was shocked to see the Sultan praying and the idea came to his heart! Oh, it looks like a Muslim.

The princess trembled at the thought and he thought, maybe not from Ghazni's army, these are robbers, who eat beef. He will not leave us both alive and we will be eaten. 

But after a while, the princess explained herself and she began to remember the time she had spent with him. If it had been so cruel, it would not have saved me from the bear. Thinking this, the princess's heart was filled with satisfaction and confidence again.

The Sultan wept a lot while Dua after the prayer. Time to Weeping, the Sultan placed the tip of his dagger on his toe and pressed it. Due to this, his thumb started bleeding. The princess kept seeing that this young man did not want to be open with her. This young man doesn't want to be frankly talking to me.

In the morning the Sultan said to the princess, "Now we must go out." Going some distance, the Sultan found a white stone lying, The Sultan's soldiers had left a mark.

That's the way it is, It was an old-fashioned way. He would leave stones in the forest so that he could know the way back Where has his passing companion gone?

Eventually, the princess and sultan arrived on a smooth path, and in the distance were the remains of a small village.

The Sultan said that this is a village within the limits of your state. The princess said; Yes I know this village. 

On reaching the village, the princess sent for the Supervisor of the Village. The Supervisor came along with some of her companions.

The princess said, "Give us two speeding horses and give some dry grain to this soldier."

The princess said to the Sultan, "Stranger, we are very surprised at you. What kind of clay are you made of?" 

You kept hurting yourself with your dagger all night and paid no attention to me.

If you wish, come with us to the palace. We will reward you and your honors in exchange for saving your life.

Sultan's mounted his horse and said to the princess: O princess, keep hurting yourself so that your beauty does not harm my faith, and my attention should be on my pain and not on you.

The princess said; You shouldn't have missed this opportunity? People are ready to give up their states to meet us in private.

Sultan's said; Princess, I am a Muslim, and I am a slave of Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him). My eyes were not on your body but on my soul.

Maybe, the stain of sin would have been washed away from my body, but how could I have presented this stain of sin on my soul before my Holy Prophet ...? 

I did not see this because thank God. I am a true Muslim.

Upon hearing this answer, the princess was impressed by the soldier's attachment, love, and loyalty to his true religion Islam, As if his heart was restless to join the Religion and life of this Stranger.

Saying this, Sultan asked permission. The princess said; Tell us your name and the name of your army. We will remember.

Sultan covered himself with a veil, put his sword in its sheath, and said while holding the reins of the horse. 

Princess, my name is Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi, and I am the Commander-in-Chief of the Great Army of Ghazni.

Saying this, Sultan ran the horse and disappeared.

These were the rulers of the Islamic Empire and the Muslim kings who ruled the hearts of the people with their good morals.


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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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