Which mosques that were built in the same night.

Which mosques that were built in the same night.


It has been fourteen hundred years since the religion of Islam came into the world. Thus, it is a new religion in front of all other religions.

But the number of its followers is growing day by day and this growing number will make it the most popular religion in the world in a few years.

Islam is a religion that the person who believes in this, all the time to sacrifice his life and the goods.

An incident that exposed the Muslims' religion of Islam to the world. as will always be remembered and written in golden words in the history books.

The story took place at Shah Alam Chowk in Lahore. Where a mosque was built one night.

When there was some night there was no mosque, but when their eyes opened morning, their views were of a great mosque. Which had no existence until tomorrow. They were looking at this mosque with surprise. 

There should be a minimum of six months in such a mosque, but the mosque was standing before the people of his whole climate. 

The cause of construction and incident in this Short time is very interesting and faithful.

Studying history books, we know that this incident is 1917. at that time the British government was the government of India and the rest of the nations was their slave.

Hindus or Muslims had to interrupt their religious worship and build sympathy to build a synagogue. 

A large number of Hindus lived in the area near Shah Alam Chowk in Lahore. While the number of Muslims was small, there was no mosque nearby and Muslims used to offer their five daily prayers at home.

Once passed through some of the Muslim traders, this place was done, Due to the night, these passengers decided to spend the night.

Due to not being a mosque in this area, a vacant was cleaned for the prayer Azing (Eshna).

The first time (Shah Alam Chowk in Lahore.) became the sound of Allah's Akbar.

On the other hand, many Muslims of this area also prayed for the (fajar) with these passengers

While this area was the majority of Hindus at this time. But despite the passengers', Muslims continued to pray in this place without fear.

The Hindus could not like this act of the Muslims, and they started a riot.

The matter reached the court and there was a position of Hindus there as there is a large number of Hindus living here so a temple will be built on this place.

While the Muslims believed that we have been praying here for many days and before that, there was no temple here, so a mosque should be built here.

The court ruled that an investigation team would visit the site tomorrow morning to gather evidence. If Muslim worship or traces of a mosque are found there, the place will be reserved for a mosque. 

The case was being pursued by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a young Muslim lawyer, and he suggested to the Muslims there that, If they build a mosque before morning, then the judgment of the case will be in favor of them.

It was heard that the enthusiastic youth decided to build a mosque overnight in consultation with each other. These Muslims were led by the famous wrestlers of that time (Gaman Pahlawan).

Every Muslim participated in the construction of this mosque according to their ability and the one who had the goods, he dedicated to the mosque.

Building this mosque, women and children also helped with young men, and the items that are required Water, cement, and building steel were moved from one place to another.

On the other hand, the court also decided to judge the Muslims after the construction of the mosque.

This mosque was built in 1917 and its name was "full of the mosque" this mosque was built in 100 yards area.

This story is listed in history books but its real fact is a bit different. It is said, at this point where the mosque is a Small chapter, in which people used to pray.

A Hindu temple was being built near it. Therefore, the idea of ​​strengthening the mosque came to the hearts of Muslims as well.

Applied for the construction of the mosque for a long time and that application was not accepted.

One day in May 1922, a group of young men consulted with each other and built a mosque here overnight.

He started work after Isha prayers and built a small beautiful mosque after Fajr prayers.

Since the mosque was forcibly built without the permission of the Municipal Committee. So the government, with the help of the police, demolished the mosque.

In 1934, with the approval of the site, Anjuman-e-Islamia built the mosque with the donations of Muslims, which still exists today.

The inscription on the mosque clearly states that "Masjid Shaheed was built by Anjuman-e-Islamia Punjab Ramadan 1353 AH (1934) Mir Imadar Munshi Chughtai." The name of this mosque is "Masjid Shaheed".

Now the arrival of the investigation team and the decision of the judge, the Quaid-e-Azam's proposal to build a mosque overnight, and the guarding of the gamma wrestler,

Do not match the facts in any way, Also, the idea that the decision was in favor of Muslims is by no means correct and the current mosque building is the same one that was built overnight.

This mosque is very popular among the people due to its story. People come from far and wide to see it and think that this mosque is the one that was completed in one night.

 A guide is being issued here. Quotes in this post are taken from Wikipedia and Images were taken from  pexels.com.



Written by Razi Ahmed 

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