How to present yourself as a blogger on social networking sites.

How to present yourself as a blogger on social networking sites.
How to present yourself as a blogger on social networking sites.

There will probably be a few people in the world. Don't have one or more accounts on social networking sites. If you tell me you don't have a bank account, that's okay.

But you also don't have a social networking account. So it's hard for people like me to believe that. Creating a social networking account is just a matter of minutes. But sticking to it and giving it time is a must. It has been observed that many people are absent from their social networking sites for a long time. While some people are present on their social networking sites but do not see any reaction. In this way, their presence or absence on social networking sites is equal.

If you use social networking sites for personal and time pass. So, it doesn't matter how or when you use social networking sites. How much time do you spend surfing on these social networking sites? It doesn't matter

But if you are using social networking sites as a blogger or to promote your blog. So not giving enough time to these social networking sites can be dangerous for your blogging career. Here we will unveil the secrets of presenting yourself as a blogger on social networking sites through a few key points.

Social websites and your presence

As a blogger on social networking sites, you need to be present at any time of the day or at any Specific time. (login) when using social networking sites and (log off) properly after use. That way, all your friends will know about your arrival and departure. Some people, especially bloggers, are always (login) into their social networking sites. However, most of the day they are not present on social networking sites. As a result, all friends and viewers feel that you are not responding to their posts and comments. While some people may feel that you are arrogant or that you are ignoring them. These things can be very harmful in the future. Your friends and viewers don't have to complain to you. Rather, they may quietly choose another path. There may be people who block you on their social networking sites. That's why you have to. Use social networking sites regularly and on time.

Social websites your services

A good blog needs to provide its services on a social networking site. Your friend and viewer have certain needs, Some questions need to be answered, which draws them to social networking sites. It is not necessary for them to ask you direct questions or for you to wait for them to ask you questions. On any subject about which you have knowledge or argument. Express it Without fear. Remember to just give your opinion and don't challenge anyone. Once you win an argument with someone, you will lose it forever. This way you will keep those friends and viewers away from your social networking site. There are a few small things that are still used on social networking sites. Visit your website and read and comment on all your friends' posts. Posts that don't require comments should at least like them. A small emoji is enough to get you an Attendance at this website. Share some good posts with other friends and tell them what you like about this post.

Share happiness and sorrow on social websites.

Some social networking sites remind viewers of certain events. For example, Facebook remembers the birthdays of all its viewers and issues a notification a few days in advance. This way, all viewers know who has a birthday today or tomorrow. Besides, notifications are issued on all religious festivals and the country's independence dates. We wish all our friends on these dates who belong to these festivals or these countries. Where freedom is being celebrated, these people should be congratulated and text messages, audio, and video messages should be sent on occasion. In which there is an expression of good wishes and love, this act of yours will keep many people attached to you and will remember you with kind words.

How to present yourself as a blogger on social networking sites.
How to present yourself as a blogger on social networking sites.

Social networking and access to your needs

As a blogger you can use social networking sites to your advantage, Every blogger wants to see more and more traffic to his blog.

Regular visits to Unique Viewers to promote her website are the key to her blog's survival. Every blogger uses a lot of effort and tactics for this. If you follow the methods mentioned above, you can enjoy the positive results If we use the right methods, the results will be long-lasting.

Social websites and your selfishness

Social networking sites are a home or a colony inhabited by people of different races and nationalities and languages. We must respect the wishes and needs of others besides ourselves to live in this colony and don't be selfish, it has been observed on many websites that some people only send URLs to their websites. Its no identity is that the posts of this website have been expressed, Unless the Vicezer does not click on this URL, he can not be able to guide what is behind this URL. Some bloggers disappear from their social websites for weeks and months and after giving a post, you give a URL added. If you want your blog's Promotion, keep communicating with your views and to your post URL as well as a small text Article. Which has been told about this post?


Remember that the whole system of the world runs on a policy to take something and give something. If you want to get something from the people of the world, you have to give something.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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