10 best ways to increase the length of your article.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article 1.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article.

If you want to write an excellent and standard article, Here are some small and useful tips that you can use to easily increase the length of your article. We all work hard to write a good and quality article.

Collects content from a variety of sources and examines various sources related to the Internet, books, and articles.

Then one of our articles can be published, but at that time we are facing a lot of trouble. Our article has not reached the number of thousand words.

By the way, even if your article is between 400 and 600 words, they are publishable. But the best way is to have all your articles over a thousand words. 

Because we observe that thousands or more of the world's articles rank very quickly in Google. And they have a lot of traffic flow, and your audience gets a lot of information

What would you do if such a situation happened to you at any time? Of course, you must have thought something about this.

I am giving you a few Important tips that you can use to easily overcome these problems. And easily successfully solve your future problems.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article2.

1_Introduce the article.

Introduce your article on the first line at the beginning of your article. So tell your readers briefly what you have targeted and what you have pointed out in this article.

This way your readers will have some idea of ​​your views before they read the whole article. Which will encourage them to read the whole article or not?

10 best ways to increase the length of your article3.

2_Divide your article into a specific subtitle.

If you intend to write an article. So, Give important article titles instead of writing your article regularly.

Without a title, it's hard to put your ideas together properly. For example, you may be writing content and your thoughts may be diverted to another article or you may have forgotten something important.

By making the title the source, if you start writing, you will already have a good idea of ​​the possible gaps so that you can easily complete this part of the writing.

This is because you can create a title in which you have to cover the points that you think are important,

10 best ways to increase the length of your article4.

3_Attractive look outlines for the subtitle.

Beautiful outlines of the title are also an important part of your blog. This will fill some of the gaps in your article And a nice outlined title will make your page attractive.

And of course, having a plan, which is a title, helps you write faster. If you know where you're going with a piece of content, you can just write it.

That doesn't mean you can't move things around later, but it certainly helps the process of getting that content completed.

There's one last benefit of outlines, especially for those creating lots of interconnected content.

If you've got an outline for each piece, you can see at a glance which pieces of content complement each other and can identify opportunities for linking.

That's why outlining several pieces of content at once is a valuable part of any content strategy.

You can use outlines for any piece of content you create, Would it be wise for you to think about what you plan to add before you start creating content?

10 best ways to increase the length of your article5.

4_ Draw a picture by subtitle.

Maybe you know that pictures speak for themselves. An artist can transfer an entire film of his idea to a paper canvas.

Just think, In one picture, a baby lion is drowning in deep water and the lioness standing on the shore is watching her baby sink helplessly.

How many words will you choose to tell this story? If this picture is placed in front of a few good writers, the choice of words of each writer will be different from others.

If all these author's thoughts are combined, it will become a whole book. Remember! A 2 × 2 feet picture was placed in front of him and he wrote the whole book.

If you also create a photo according to your subtitle, The image that reflects the title of your article will also reflect your point of view. And it will cover up the weaknesses of your article.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article6.

5_ List your previous article

All of your previous articles that have been published so far and related to your new article. Include a complete list of these in your article.

You may have seen such lists between articles on very good and popular websites. Contains the title of the article as well as a link to it.

This way the reader reading the article can easily jump to other articles through this link. This gives the reader easy access to other articles related to the need and this hyperlink or anchor link can play an important role in strengthening your domain authority.

It is also beneficial to you in many ways and a few hundred words can contribute to the growth of your article.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article7.

6_makes a good blog post.

Before writing a blog, ask yourself if you are well aware of what you are writing about.

Why would anyone read this whole blog post? And Will this post be able to meet the needs of our readers? 

Start your blog post interestingly. A short story that matches the content of your post

And to make the article more interesting, add it to your post, so that your readers don't get bored. Besides, your article should be able to help readers solve these challenges

Which they are facing. And interestingly, his attention was also maintained in the article.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article8.

7_Paste an ads in your article

Your article is where you need to prepare the buyer.

When you come up with a title for your blog post, paste the ad according to your buyers' personalities and interests. 

For example, if your readers have been wanting to start a business for several months or are already running a business. Your article provides them with these services and information

So, you show them only those ads which are useful for their business.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article9.

8_Conceptual outline of your upcoming article

If you're looking for a great way to speed up content creation, one of the best tips is to create outlines.

What you will introduce to your readers in the coming article, And what important things will this article relate to?

If possible, give a summary of this article. To keep your readers interested in your blog and keep your links strong

10 best ways to increase the length of your article10.

9_Explain the end of the article and the lesson

Conclude the article charmingly, and before you finish the article, make sure that there is nothing wrong with your statement.

Explain your impressions in detail to provide readers with as much information as possible. If your article is linked to a story, be sure to share it with your readers at the end of the article.

10 best ways to increase the length of your article11.

10_Get opinions from people about your compulsion

At the end of your article, get feedback from people about this article, ask them out well if they are no longer absorbed in the connection, Observe their views on excesses in this article.

Activate your blog comments and advise your readers to comment on the article's strengths and weaknesses by leaving comments in the comments box.

That way, this new line of a few hundred words will add to the thickness of your article. 

And finally, I would like to ask you how you like this article. Mention its strengths and weaknesses in the comments box.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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