5 best Tips to Make you a Professional Blogging

5 best Tips to Make you a Professional Blogging
5 best Tips to Make you a Professional Blogging

I'm looking forward to seeing your article on the front page of Google in the future, which may take you months and years to reach.

Blogging is an industry.

Blogging has become a growing industry in the world of the internet, More than 3 million blog posts and 10,000 new bloggers appear on the blog every day.

But sadly, so many bloggers are out of the industry every day, and if we observe it for a while, then this number becomes less than a thousand and sometimes more in a certain niche.

In business competition, It can be very difficult for you, So how do we make our place in the world of blogging?

Let's try to find the right and reliable answer to this question, Here's how to put one together for use with your blog, Show yourself as a professional blogger.

Because readers recognize you from your blog. Without blogging you are nothing to them.

Here are some quick and easy tips to become a professional blogger. By following them you can become a better blogger.

1_Great content creativity:

First and foremost, provide the best creative content you need, Only your readers can take your blog to the heights of fame because it is not possible without their help.

Feel the need of your readers. Try something new for them, Your focus should be on what your readers are looking for on the Internet.

And at the same time keep observing the articles of the competition. And point out the shortcomings in their articles in your article, That way, your audience will have something new to read.

2_The birth of a new article:

Do a web search before writing any new articles, Check out your competitor's posts, which one is the most searched in the world market.

Your articles are like playing cards. Use them when you need them, It is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

Don't be impatient for the result. Your blog is like a mango tree, You need patience and hard work before it comes to fruition.

Sometimes it takes months or even years to see results, Even if you are publishing really good content, the result can come in weeks.

3_The role of backlinks for good traffic:

Backlinks can play an important role in generating good traffic to your site, after posting an article, go to your competitor's post and comment on their article.

And critique and praise their article and at the same time leave your URL in their comments box.

Whenever I load an application from the Google Play Store, I first check its comments box, From the comments in the comments box, I can gauge how reliable this application is.

Users in the comments box tell us how the application works, This is how I use this application after getting the right information.

It also saves me time and relieves mental tension.

Similarly, when people come to your website and make comments, you will know how the readers liked your post.

Use the best blogging tools to avoid common blogging mistakes and take your blog to a whole new level.

It's not a matter of weeks. Don't give up so easily in the long run, Because every professional blogger in the internet world has gone through this stage.

Remember, it is only through hard work that you can become a good blogger.

4_Is Google ranking a guarantee of success?

Every new blogger believes that ranking on Google is a guarantee of success, But this idea is by no means correct. Because we know that the same people are on the first page of Google.

Those who have strong backlinks and domain authority will have more traffic to their posts no matter what they write Because most of their traffic comes from their subscribers.

Let me give you a small example of this if you buy shoes. So first you go to the big shoe stores, The quality of the shoes here will be very good but the price will be very high.

This may be beyond your purchasing power so you will turn to small shops, The shoes here will be both standard and non-standard but the price will be very reasonable.

The shopkeeper here will pay full attention to each of his customers, will tell the quality of his shoes, and will also give a guarantee, While in a big store you will not see anything like that, because the brand sells here.

It doesn't matter if you buy shoes from them or not, Because thousands of customers like you are in their stores every day.

But few people like you come to small shops and the shopkeeper wants every customer who comes to buy shoes from them.

For this, he uses many measures such as a discount, exchange, rate, quality assurance, and guarantee.

You also have to use different methods to increase traffic to your website. The best way to increase traffic to a website is through social media.

5_Use special keywords for the article:

If you also write an article that is relevant to the keyword of the special, So the only people who will come first to read your article are those who will be in the top ranking of Google, and we will use the idea of ​​the most important content of your article in our future articles.

When you are a blogger, you always have to do something new to learn, You are also like the shoe shopkeeper, You have to take care of the needs of your audience.

You should always look for things that are important to help as many readers as possible, Network with other bloggers to see what they're doing to make their blog stand out.

Get feedback from your readers to find out what they want to read, Delays in responding to their comments can be detrimental to the reputation of your website, and research this topic before publishing the article

To provide as much valuable information as possible to your readers.

I'm looking forward to seeing your article on the front page of Google in the future, which may take you months and years to reach.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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