Work from home, how to balance in Ramadan and after?

Work from home, how to balance in Ramadan and after

The coronavirus epidemic has forced us to work from home. We now have to deal with this epidemic.

If you are a Muslim, then like all other Muslims, you have to participate in worship. But we know that Ramadan has its unique rituals and practices for which we have to show a lot of patience and perseverance.

If you have to "Work from Home" in Ramadan And deal with office and business matters at home. So you need to strike a balance between family and duty. But how will that all happen? 

Here are some tips to help you get started: Which will be useful for you. Children's issues and their remedies.

Children's Issues and their Remedies;

If you are a parent, you need to make your children feel the need to do their own thing. To make them successful, they need to develop some qualities. So that they do not try to disturb you when they are in your home

This way, you will achieve your goals easily and without wasting time. Keep your distance from children and try, Your interest in their sports and activities will bring them closer to you. Which can be harmful to you.

Achieving goals;

Set clear goals and make a well-thought-out list of daily goals Assess the hurdle in meeting them. Arrange your worship as well as work. And pay attention to health issues.

Also, set weekly goals so that you can resolve your issues amicably. Avoid unnecessary activities during office hours

For example, try to use TV and social media as little as possible and as needed. Think for yourself and consult your seniors to take the necessary steps to achieve the goals.

After completing the weekly goals, move on to the daily goals. Make a list and outline the work, And look at the big/small issues so that you have a good idea of ​​the issues to come.

And determine how much time it will take to complete the task. Before starting work, you have to think about what to do first And what other work to do in the time left after the timely completion of work. Try to start with more important and quicker tasks and end with less important tasks.

In this way, at the end of work and duty, you will feel happy after your tasks And it will be an inspiration for your next day's work. Distance between duty and family.

Distance between duty and family

Isolate yourself from family members and their affairs while on duty Otherwise the confusion will hinder your work, and it will not be beneficial for you.

In this regard, the principle should be kept in mind that income is essential to meet the needs of the family And this is possible only when you can perform your duty in Ramadan in the best possible way.

Try to keep your workplace completely separate from your family. If this is not possible, build a temporary wall between yourself and your family.

In between work, if you are communicating on the phone with your client and other people if there is an exchange of harsh words or an expression of anger

So go to those parts of the house where your voice cannot reach the interior of the house and the family, And if that's not possible, get out of the house for a while.

And finish talking and come back to your workplace. This action of yours will not allow your family to be disturbed. This will make it easier for you to handle your office and business affairs.

And after completing the duty, leave the office and work problems in the same place and forget completely and join the family.

So you can spend your free time and the rest of the time laughing and happy with your family. During these times, focus on having a good time with your family.

And help parents or spouses with kitchen and household chores. Chat with family members and Play games with children. Participate in their other activities in the same way as you used to after coming out of the office.

Let your family know what it was like to come back from your office.

Avoid Procrastination

We know that Ramadan is a holy month in which we suffer from hunger, thirst, and lack of sleep. And we also know that in Ramadan, a person does not stay refreshed and alert compared to normal days

Due to which many of our tasks are not completed due to fatigue and cheapness. And the result is that a lot of our work comes together after Ramadan.

And not even at the end of the month and on the weekends. And the result is that a lot of our work comes together after Ramadan.

This causes you to have a lot of stress. These dorsal strains will harm your health, resulting in loss of appetite, headaches, irritability, and lack of sleep.

It will have a bad effect on you and your family, The truth is that you can do more in Ramadan if you get rid of your dull mind.

And finish your work every day according to the required schedule.

Schedule Necessary Tasks;

Determining the time for essential tasks is a necessary requirement.

Take care of all today's work today and don't postpone any work till tomorrow. Make a list of your completed tasks. It is better to have a complete and incomplete task entry box.

You can also do this on a computer application. But it is better to write it in a notebook. Besides, keep a record of these completed tasks in the official records daily.


You are currently independent in your actions. It is up to you to decide whether or not to complete these tasks. But if your work is not completed at the end of time, it can be a source of embarrassment to you

Ramadan is now coming to an end. Think about what you need to do now for the weekend, Make your weekend memorable.

Eid prayers if you can't pray in the mosque, So try to perform the Fajr prayer in congregation with your family.

This time you can't go to anyone's house for Eid and your relatives can't come to your house, try to bridge this social gap through social media. 
Stay in touch with your friends, loved ones, and relatives through WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and similar social media apps. Don't spend this holiday sleeping, but enjoy it with your family.

Play mental development games with kids, have a barbecue, and watch a nice movie with tea in the evening.

And play cards or any other game with your elders at night that does not require physical exertion. Say goodbye to everyone at your house before going to bed.

If that's how you spend your holidays, So I'm sure! 
You will be able to spend it very calmly and happily.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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