True Story-The Purpose Of My Life

True Story-The Purpose Of My Life
True Story-The Purpose Of My Life

The purpose is the point at which your talents, skills, abilities, and gifts intersect with a void or a need in the world around you. What is your purpose?

Today was the fifth day for Waqar from Dubai but I had not met him yet. He was staying at his aunt's house and I went to his house twice times.

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But every time I was told that the dignity had gone to the Servant quarter and would come home late at night. I was wondering what he was going to do at the Servant Quarter.

Somewhere he started using drugs, etc. The Servant Quarter was 3 km from our home. I was upset to hear this and thought I would ask her as soon as I met her. What is the reason that you are going to the Servant Quarter every day?

A few days later I met him at the weekend and I met him warmly. For a long time, we kept talking. I told him the circumstances of my life and he was sharing his Dubai tolerance and his office issues with me.

Finally, I asked him what you were going to do in the Servant Quarter. After listening to me he was silent for a while. I asked him again, And also said if he did use drugs?

After being silent for a while I heard what he said as if he had dropped a bomb on me. I didn't believe my ears, I told him. Tell me again what you said?

He repeated his words and said, "I go there to find my mother."I was also silent on hearing this.  I didn't understand how to answer him.

Finally, I told her.  It's been three years since your mother was dead. And we were both involved in his burial.

You're crazy.  Where are you looking for your dead mother? He said that my mother is not dead. She is alive and is in one of these servicer quarters.

I said.  Did you! Don't go downhill with your hands? He said.  Yes, I had them down. And the soil was dumped but my heart says they are alive!

My friendship with Dignity was not very old. After only a few months, he left for Dubai. That's why I didn't know him very well. I was curious about that.

That is certainly something that happened to him.  Because of this, he is making his mother feel alive. And I wanted to know what had happened to him in his previous life.

I took him to a hotel and after ordering tea, I asked him to tell me about the events of his past life. Waqar took a tea sip and started talking about his previous life.

My father passed away when I was eight years old. For a few days, dear friends and neighbors came to visit us. Then only the neighbors kept coming.  Relatives were only visible in the festivities and joy and sorrow.

It was my time to go to school and my mother was not very educated. Therefore, it was difficult for them to get a job and they did not have to stay away from home all day long while they were working.

So they took up the sewing machine and the neighbors' clothes were sewn. There was a low margin of income from the sewing of clothes, That's why our house was running very hard.

I don't know what my mother ate but she always fed me well. She wore modest clothes.  But at every festival, I had to wear new and good clothes.

When I was fourteen and I was about to say goodbye to school. Then I told my mom!  Mom, I'm grown up now.

How long do you have the sewing machine running? I have a small job so that I can bear the expenses of home and education.

Mom said, son until you get higher education. I will not let you have a job until then. You read well and get a good job.

When you get a job, I will marry you. And the bride will come home with a moon. Then I will stop running this sewing machine.

These were my mother's dreams, and her number of springs increased every year to fulfill that dream. It was a half-past night when my eyes suddenly opened.  I heard someone whisper.

I fell asleep again thinking it was a dream. But after a while, that same sound hit my hearing. He got up in the bar and sat down to assess the direction of the sound.

The sound was coming from the courtyard. My mom was trying to thread a sewing machine into a needle. And would try again after each failure.

The dim light of the courtyard and the weakness of the vision were failing him every time. By listening to the inkling, They immediately shed their tears. And told me.  I've been trying to thread a needle for too long.

I thread the needle forward. And she asked her mother why she was running the sewing machine that night.

They said that they are married tomorrow in the neighborhood and these clothes belong to them. I have to sew her today, otherwise, she would be upset.

I knew my final exam fee was approaching. And my mom runs a sewing machine all night to pay for it.

After completing my education I started looking for a job. But even after several months, I could not find a good job.

Finally one day I told my mother that finding a job here is difficult, why don't I go abroad? There I will get more money and our situation will improve.

My mom said what will I do in this lonely house after my son is gone. After I leave, I will go to the Servant Quarter.

There are so many people out there that my heart will stay. In this lonely house, I would be exhausted and I hugged my mother and said.

In my life, you will never go to a servant quarter. And I will never leave you and go abroad.

A few days later I got a job. My mom's happiness was worth watching. On the first payment, he distributed sweets to all neighborhoods and relatives.

As promised, he stopped running the sewing machine. And start my wedding preparations. Every day she would go to his house to see some girl.

Whenever I came home from the office, I would find the house empty and I would complain to my mother. Mom used to tell me that I was looking for a beautiful bride for you.

One day I returned home from the office and found that the mother was lying on the bed. I asked them, are you okay?

"I'm feeling a little feverish," he said. When I touched their hands, they had a severe fever.

I told them that I would take you to the doctor at eight. Mom said son it's just a seasonal fever that will be fine in a while.

If you are fresh, then I will cook for you. I told you to relax. Give me a voice when you feel better.

Then we will have dinner together and then go to the doctor. Mom smiled and closed her eyes. I went back to my bed and lay down.

Soon I caught my eye.  It was ten o'clock when the eyes opened. I called my mother and told her to get up and have a go to the doctor.

They didn't respond to my voice. I called them again. Still no response. I went with them, and I was amazed when they touched their hands.

Until recently those hands were feverish. They were now as cold as snow. I started to give my mother a loud voice.

And finally, I ran to a local doctor. Describe the nature of the mother and request him to go and check my mother.

The doctor saw my mother's pulse and told me she had died. I was crying and I kept giving his mother a voice. I was crying.

At first, it wasn't like my voice was awakened by my mother's deep sleep. But today I gave them many voices, but they did not answer me.

She went far, far away from me, where my voice could not reach. Without a mother, I didn't like you at all. My house was completely deserted.

 Relatives kept coming home for a few days. He rarely met her. Finally one day I thought why not go abroad.

Now, the mother was no longer in the world, which stopped me. And left for a day in a foreign country. Going there initially made me very nervous.

And my mother was very missed. On coming home from the office, I used to cry for hours remembering my mother. One day Mom came into my dream.

And ask me why do you cry? I'm alive  Why don't you look for me? I said, Mom, I will find you in every corner of the world.

Would you mind telling me where you are? Mom said, "I am in the Cervantes quarters where I told you so."When you first talked about going abroad.

I said I was coming back. I'll bring you home from the Servant Quarter. Mother said, Son, I won't see you, but there are many mothers like me.

You serve them and help them service you desire me to do.
There are so many mothers out there who are losing everything for the bright future of their children.

Like I did for your future. Forget all your wishes and desires, Dreams of a better future for our eyes.

Today I am buried under the soil but am satisfied. That he fulfilled his dream and his duties before he died.

Son, you promise me. You will be the support of these miserable mothers, Who are dreaming of the future of their children.

You will help them to fulfill their dreams. I'll meet them somewhere in the mother. Even here, Waqas has been quiet for a while. Then he left the hotel, saying his last words.

I am still looking for my mom in these servant quarters. The day I Fulfill any mother's dream.That day I will find my real mother.

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