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what is the real story of valentines day? short note on valentine day
what is the real story of valentines day? short note on valentine's day

The World's books are full of love stories. In every era and every region, a story of love is born.

Many stories of the past have long times. It continues today in people's languages. Romeo Jules, sheerne Farhad, Lila, and Majnus are still alive in people's hearts today.

Like they were in their time. One such romantic story is Valentine. And in memory of this, Valentine's Day is made.

Western and secular countries celebrate Valentine's Day as a holiday. Its popularity is highest after New Year and Christmas.

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History of Valentine's Day.

On 14 February,
Around 270 AD, Valentine, a Roman priest was executed in the reign of Emperor Claudius II.

Under Emperor Claudius II, Rome was involved in many unpopular wars and campaigns. The emperor had to maintain a strong army, but the soldiers were having difficulty joining his military league.

Claudius believed that Roman men were unwilling to join the army because of their strong attachment to their wives and family.

To get rid of this problem, Claudius banned all weddings and engagements in Rome.

While in prison, St. Valentine healed the jailer's blind daughter, 
Which led to the whole home of Christianity, and they were hanged on the same days of the year and buried along the highway.

St. Valentine a True Man.

He forbade young people from living sinful life. And he taught the same principles of living that were the teaching of the Christian religion.

Many young people began to follow his teachings and married in secret. Valentine's mission became a fork in the way for the rulers of that time.

They did not want young people to get married. And live a pleasant and natural life. 

In this way, His military might have been weakening due to fewer recruits in the army.

So the ruler of that time imprisoned him. While in prison, he continued to inspire the good of the people and teach Christianity.

Once When he was teaching people this Christianity and telling the miracles of Jesus How, he cured the blind and the infirm.

The prison jailer also heard about this with them. And the jailer told Valentine that if you would cure my blind daughter. So I will accept Christianity and support you.

The jailer's daughter was recovered in a few days from Valentine's treatment. The girl was obsessed with Valentine's character and love.

Every evening she would visit him and bring a red rose to her.

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what is the real story of valentines day-short note on valentine day

 Valentine's Mission.

Valentine's mission was to get involved in the bridal life by saying goodbye to virginity at a young age Because these timely sexual encounters cannot give them a full life.

And the desire has to Children, and to live in a house cannot be Fulfilled. Therefore, every young man must marry at the right time.

He gave this message to all the youth, and in the fulfillment of the mission, he gave his life. 

what is the real story of valentines day-short note on valentine day

Valentine's Day Last Send the Words.

.The jailer's blind girl fell in love with him. Every evening she would visit him

He left a farewell note for the girl he had become friends with, and signed it Your  "From Valentine." 

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Who was the real St. Valentine?

Who was the real St. Valentine? The origin and origin of St. Valentine are unclear.

Who was the real St. Valentine? 

Among The signs is that of St. Valentine, 
Who secretly married in the third century against the wishes of the authorities.

Many Stories can be found about St. Valentine. A St. Valentine was supposedly a Roman priest.

Valentine was another Bishop of Saint-Trainee, Who was beheaded on 14 February. 
Valentine's day is especially popular in the United States, England, and around the World.

"In the 1400AD, Valentine is described as a priest of the Temple, who was beheaded by Emperor Claudius II near Rome to help Christian couples marry.

what is the real story of valentines day-short note on valentine day

The skull of St. Valentine.

St Valentine's floral skull is on display in the Basilica of Santa Maria, in the City of Rome.

In the early 1800'AD, skeletal remains and other antiquities related to St. Valentine were excavated by an excavation near Rome.

According to tradition, people assembled these pieces of his body and later distributed them to churches around the World.

You will be shown other pieces of the St. Valentine Skeleton in 
The Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, England, and France.

Which Valentine's Day date is correct?

Due to the Abundance of St. Valentine's on the roman catholic roster, 
you can celebrate several times each year. 

In addition to 14 February, you can decide to celebrate St. Valentine of Waterborough on 3 November.

Or if you want to celebrate the traditional Valentine's Day, celebrate St. Valentine of Wrights on 7 January. St. Valentine (Valentine), 
Who was killed on 25 July, 308 in Palestine?

The Eastern Orthodox Church officially celebrates St. Valentine twice, once as a church elder on 6 July and once as a martyr on 30 July. 
We have the right to love, but why not make a day of love special?

The scary Ambitions are hidden behind Valentine's day.

Valentine's day has now become an Obsolete ritual. Boys and girls look at each other independently in school and all public palaces.

And the exchange of red roses and gifts. Nightclubs and seaside walk go hand to hand, Which is quite different from Valentine's teachings. He was against evil and indecency.

Until 1500 AD, history was Completely silent. But after that, the ritual was reshaped.
It has now acquired illicit Sex and business status, In contrast to Valentine's education,  placed before the public and free Sex and, Sexual misconduct among young people were Aroused,
 Media and marketing play a big role in popularizing it in Asia and the Gulf state.

Fifteen days before Valentine's Day, offers are already being offered at various shops and shopping Malls.
Some places featured items like chocolates, perfumes, and gift items, Which are Discounted from 25% to 50%.

And Common treats are also labeled as Valentine's Day, how Valentine's Day rests to grow your cell.

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