How to Prepare for Holi,Holi Festival 2020 | newsboxwithazi

How to Prepare for Holi, Holi Festival  2020 | newsboxwithazi
How to Prepare for Holi, Holi Festival  2020 | newsboxwithazi

When is Holi?

Every year, in March / April, when spring begins, Hindus celebrate the Holi festival and renewal.
It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India and every other area where the Hindu population is present, in this year 2021; Holi will be celebrated on Tuesday, March 28.

Holi Festival

Holi, one of the most cultural and religious-based festivals in India, is celebrated in the spring of spring. It creates a passion for the Hindu religion that no other festival can. 

Holi festival is associated with famous colors and colorful watercolor enema. With which children and young people splash colors

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Holi Events

Holi is a festival that transcends all prejudices and differences of caste, gender, and race. It's fun for everyone and especially young people and kids enjoy it.

People express their feelings, irrespective of race and ethnicity, both rich and poor, and they show their love and friendship with love.

The day begins with various worships and worships. Children, old and young, engage in these worships in white and fine clothing.

And then youth and children face the ingestion of colors and colorful water in the streets and open fields. And the elderly and the women view the competition with great taste and passion. Everyone is drenched in colors right now.

Holi Celebrations Abroad

Interestingly, Holi is celebrated not only in India but also on many continents. The Indian community overseas visits a major hall or community center for Holi celebrations.

They worship collectively. Play with colors and embellish. Special occasions are cooked and eaten for the occasion. The ceremony lasts till late at night.

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Holi's Dishes

On that day special sweet dishes are made at each house.
Holi is never complete without these special Holi menus.
1- Gazal
2- Propolis
3- Malpas
4- Jalebis
While in the cool sweet drinks
1- Cola
2- Lucy
3- Fruit juice
4- Drug addicts

How to Prepare for Holi,Holi Festival  2020 | newsboxwithazi
How to Prepare for Holi, Holi Festival  2020 | newsboxwithazi

Holi Games:

Holi festival is one of the most interesting pyramid-like games in which a very good hanging vessel hangs at a height. There is a certain amount of money for the winning team. Which the winning team divides into.

Two youth teams are formed. And both of them have a toss. Who will break this vessel?

The winning team builds a human pyramid to reach this vessel.
And one person climbs the pyramid to break the vessel, while the tossing team splashes colored water on it to stop it.

If the person does fall from the pyramid or reach not the vessel within a certain time, the team will be defeated and the opposing team will be given a chance. It is said that Lord Krishna played this game in his childhood. While the old and the weak in the house play cards, entertain.
Holi celebrations can be seen in full joy as children and adults get involved in the strange display of colorful water play.

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Holi Evenings

In the evening of Holi, people go to the homes of friends, relatives, and neighbors, wearing new clothes and carrying various gifts. And welcome guests with 'girly' or dry colors.

Holi in India

Holi is celebrated with equal enthusiasm everywhere in India and various aspects of the festival are brought to light. Holi is celebrated by various names in various regions of India. Mathura, Vrindavan, and Nandgaon are the bases of Holi celebrations in Uttar Pradesh.

1- 'Burj Holi' is very popular and people from all over the country come to Nand village to play the love stories of young Radha and Krishna.
2- 'Dlandi Holi' Haryana is famous for its 'Dlandi Holi'.
3- 'Basant Utsav' Shanti Niketan is best known for his 'Basant Utsav'.
4- Doll Yatra is known in some parts of West Bengal.
5- 'Hola Mahalla' is celebrated as 'Hola Mahalla' at Anandpur Sahib.
And in the northeast, Holi festivals, especially in Manipur, are famous for the six-day gala.

Holly is Related to Agriculture

Holi is also associated with agriculture in India When people are offered rice and folds from the current crop. The gods of fire are called 'Agni'.Invite relatives and people around to cook a specific portion of their recent crop.

Holly's Traditional Ideas

Winning Goods and Eliminating Evil These traditional myths about maintaining moral values are several mythical stories associated with Holi celebrations. Holika's burn is symbolically lit by Holika. It is customary to set artificial houses on fire to get rid of natural disasters.

Holi Festival Goals

The essence of the Holi festival is to recognize the spirit of unity and devotion. Immersed in colorful water is a way to rid yourself of unfulfilled desires and hatred and to show love to everyone. These are Holi's teachings.

Celebrate Holi 2020 with your family and friends on the 10th of this month. Happy Holi to all of you by www.newsboxwithrazi.com

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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