Corona Virus and Social Prevention Campaign:"When you will it be ready?"

Corona Virus and Social Prevention Campaign:

The coronavirus has spread to 188 countries worldwide, This requires drastic measures for everyone in the community.
Keeping distance in society is also a good move. We've all heard this before, some people are lonely.
And love being in a quiet place away from people. We will have to take similar measures in the current situation.

To protect ourselves and our family from this virus and the disadvantages of that virus.

Social Distance is a New Concept!

It is a concept that originated from the diseases of the past and the devastation of war. It's been going on since the disaster in Japan.
And it is intended to prevent or mitigate the spread of chemical and infectious diseases in the population.
In this way, reducing people's close contact with one another helps reduce the infection.
We must go that COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus. Capable of surviving several hours in the air.
And the sick person's cough or sneezing increases them. Or reaching for others by touching something.

Therefore, we need to maintain a certain distance from other people while living in public. And use the mask, you should avoid crowds.

Essential Elements Included in the social Distance:

Coronavirus is a new virus that has recently surfaced. The scientific adviser doesn't know much about the coronavirus.
But they are the key to the information and prevention of this virus. And we are confident that the virus will be discovered shortly.
It is enough for us to know that this virus is Searching for another human body. And in meeting with each other, Sickness moves from body to other healthy bodies.
Thus the colony of this virus is constantly increasing. We suggest taking steps to reduce social connections to help reduce the transmission of viruses.

  • Avoid contacting someone who is showing signs of COVID-19,(Significant symptoms are also due to high body temperature and persistent cough).
  • Avoid meeting people who have recently traveled to a country, Because the virus shows its symptoms after 14 days. Thus, these individuals will help spread the virus. These people will be watching you on health. But they may have some symptoms of the virus.
  • It is better for you to not meet such people for two weeks. And use the telephone and social media to connect with them.
  • Unhealthy public transport accounts for the increase in the disease. So avoid unnecessary transportation, And vary your travel times to avoid rush hour wherever possible.
  • Limit your work to home. Try to get the office stuff done right at home.
  •  Focus on indoor recreation rather than outdoor, Avoid going to small public places like restaurants, theaters, bars, theaters, and clubs.
  • Avoid gatherings with friends and family.
  • Use the phone, internet, and social media to connect with your friends and relatives.
  • Prioritize online services for food and necessities.
  • Do all the morning exercises at home or in the yard adjacent to the house.
  • Use telephone or online services to contact any illness or other essential services.
Social Distance does not mean Imprisoning Oneself:

If you have to go out concerning an important task, So trying to physically remove yourself from other people will keep you from the virus.
You need to be at least one meter away from other people.
If you believe you have the Coronavirus, Or similar symptoms appear.
So you are isolating yourself from other people in your household, Ask people to keep a distance from you too, To protect them from the virus.
If you think you don't have the Coronavirus, Even then, one should plan to maintain distance wherever possible.

We will have to take similar measures in the current situation.

  1. Keep track of the distance in the supermarkets.
  2. Avoid bumping into someone on the go.
  3. Or be careful when passing through a crowd in a hurry.
  4. Avoid unnecessary travel on public transport.
  5. Wear a face mask and hand gloves if necessary.
  6. Use hand gloves to deal with cashiers in stores.

To protect ourselves and our family from this virus and the disadvantages of that virus.
That way you can protect yourself from the Coronavirus and your family will also be saved.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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