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Why do some cultures prefer sons?
Why do some cultures prefer sons?

The sun was shining from its climate. His brightness was giving a parch to the face. At the same time, a person gets out of his house and walks in a direction.

His face was shaking in the sunlight. This beautiful person was Hazrat Dehih Qalabi.

The commentators write that your beauty was that Arab women stood behind doors and hid them and saw them.

But you were not Muslims at this time. One day, the server of the Crowned Madina Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (RA) saw them.

You saw the face of Hazrat Dehih Qalabi that is a Young Man. You pray in the night of Allah Almighty; O Allah is so, Beautiful man-made,

Put the love of Islam in his heart, make it a Muslim, and save such a young man from hell.

In the night you prayed, the Hazrat Dehih Qalabi, Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) appeared in the morning.

And they said: O Messenger of Allah! Tell us what orders have you brought? You said, "I am the messenger of Allah, and Allah is the One." No share of it. Then told them about Tawheed and Rasulallah.

Hazrat Dehih said, 'I doing a Muslim the Prophet's Allah, but one thing is afraid every time.' I have done so that your God will never forgive me.

You said, 'What sin have you committed to telling Dehih?' So they said; The Messenger of Allah, I am the head of my tribe.

And they are buried alive on our birth daughters and. Because I am the leader of the tribe, I have buried the daughters of seventy houses alive.

Your Lord will never forgive me. At that time Gabriel Amin appeared to him; and said.

Allah salutes the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and says that it has become so far that it has been done, never after that sin. We forgot.

Hazrat Dehih heard crying from your language. You said, "What is happening now?" Why do you cry? They said, 'O Messenger of Allah, I have a sin which your Lord will never forgive.'

You said: How sinful is Dehih? Tell me.
 Hazrat Dehih said: "O Messenger of Allah, my wife was pregnant and I had to go to another country for any work."?

I told the wife to go to see if the born was a son, if the born was a daughter, then she should be buried alive.

Hazrat Dehih is crying and the event is going to be heard. I returned home after eight years, so I knocked on the door. A little girl opened the door and asked me. "who are you "?

I said that I am the owner of this house. The child looked at me with a surprise and I am also here in the bid. But I've seen you for the first time.

Asked the wife; who is this child? The wife said that my mother-in-law is the daughter of my grand brother. They would leave me to Egypt for business.

I also kept it good because after I left you would be all alone and you did not even know when it would be fine.

In a few days, I will love this girl very much. Every day I wanted to finish my work as soon as possible and return home.

So talk to him better. Play with him. Sometimes she was angry with me and sometimes I was angry.

Every day, I had to sit on the shoulder and circle my whole tribe. Her questions were very innocent and complicated. What is it? Why is it? Where is it from?

People from my tribe used to see me with this girl. Finally one day they asked me who was this girl.

I said I have a daughter-in-law. He left her home when he was going to Egypt.

People said that you are lying, this is your daughter. This girl is just like you. If you are unsure, ask your wife.

After you left, she had a baby. If you still do not believe it, ask the midwife of the tribe. I came home fast and steadily

I grabbed my wife by the hair and asked her angrily Tell me if you were a boy or a girl after I left? The wife said that the girl was done. I bowed down and said where is she now?

The wife pointed to a sleeping daughter. I told her to get her daughter ready tomorrow morning. My wife saw that I love my daughter. This anger is timely.

And when I asked her daughter again in the morning, she was surprised! He didn't even think I was going to bury my daughter.

She started to cry and said. This is your daughter. O messenger, I did not get pity.

I thought I was the leader of the tribe. If you do not bury your daughter, then people will say that they have buried our daughters and love their daughter.

The eyebrows started getting out of his eyes of Dehih. O messenger, that child was very beautiful, very nice. I was feeling hearted to chest it.

Then I thought that people would not say later that if their daughter's turn came, why did not they burst?

When I got the daughter out of the house, the wife caught my feet. Mother is the last mother. I pushed the wife back and took the baby.

My daughter said on the way; Baba, are you going to take toys? Where are we going? Doha goes weeping.

And the events are going to be heard. O messenger I did not answer the child's questions. She is asking, Baba why are we going?

My face kisses, sometimes the arm gives it around the neck. But I do not speak anything. Going to a place, I screwed it up and started digging his grave.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is listening to the incident and weeping with the tongue of the Dehih.

When my daughter saw that I was working hard in the sun, she got up and came to me. The little dupatta in my throat takes off and cleanses the sand from my face and says:
 Baba, why are you working in the sunlight?

Get in the shadows. Why are you digging this? Baba is hot, come in the shade. And as well, my sweat and sand are getting cleansed.

But I didn't feel relent. When I finally opened the tomb, I pushed my daughter to the grave.

She fell into the tomb and I started pouring sand. The baby was crying out of the sand, folding her small hands in front of me and saying, Baba does not carry toys.

Baba doesn't kill me like that. Or the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) poured sand. I didn't even relent to listen to him.

Then I buried it in the sand. Hazrat Dahiya Qalbi (RA) wept bitterly while narrating the incident.

When this incident was reported, you were crying so much that your beard became wet with tears.

He said: Listen to your daughter's case again. You heard this incident three times and wept so much that the Companions of Allah (saw) started crying also.

And they said: 'Why do you cry my Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)? We are not tolerated.

When he heard the incident three times from Hazrat Dahiya, the condition of Hazrat Dahiya's crying had worsened.

At that time Hazrat Gabriel came and said: "O Messenger of Allah! Allah says salam.

And says: O Beloved! Tell Dahiya that was when he did not believe in Allah and you. Now if he and I have accepted you, then we have forgiven this sin of Dahiya too.

After that, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, who supported the two daughters, raised them, performed their duties,

He will be with me on the Day of Resurrection as the martyrs and the fingers of one another.

He who raised two daughters has this value, so who has raised three or four or five daughters How important is it?

Do not panic over the birth of daughters, they have great respect for the parents and these daughters are a special blessing of Allah.

Just think when tomorrow's resurrection comes. Then little children and children will come to their parents and they will take them by the hand and lead them to Paradise.

But then there will be those who are unlucky, whose children will be caught before their Lord in the grave.

And they will say, 'O Allah, ask them why they caused me to die. What was our fault?

We all know what will be the decision of Allah at this time. For God's sake.
Do not give priority to sons over daughters.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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