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Take care of those who take care of you quote
Take care of those who take care of you quote

Sikandar was one of the best businessmen in Pakistan. His Business was spreading across all the cities of the country.

He would have been more than fifty years old, But it seemed to take forty-five years. God has given beauty, and there was a lot of wealth also.

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One day, He passed from Anarkali Bazaar. They were a crowd in the market. Vehicles run slowly.

And a few minutes later, the traffic got completely stopped. Sikandar started watching the scene outside the car.

They did not have any Hurry. He was Enjoying the scene outside. Suddenly his eyes fell on a shop. It was a butcher shop.

The Shopkeeper piece of meat throwing on the Road, and dogs and cats caught this piece of meat. This scene looks like a meat shop. But the scenes were different from other shops.

There was a woman here with dogs and cats, Whenever a piece of meat came on the Road. 

So, all these three would have a try-catch piece of meat together Every old woman would succeed.

And ever the dogs and cats, the Old Woman once Snatch meat from the dog's mouth. He was surprised to see this scene. 

He had seen people begging many times, but this was the first time he had seen the scene. He was wondering, who is this woman? Why is this woman snatching pieces of meat from dogs and cats?

After that incident, that person was busy with his routine work, A few days later. He realized the pain in his heart and the body. He felt like Ants.

It was a temporary feeling. Then his body became normal. He became anxious. The next day he intends to meet a Heart Specialist.

On the next day, his eyes opened with the alarm. He extended his hand to stop the alarm, But he was surprised that his hand was not working. He tried to get up from the bed. But he failed.

The surprising thing was that he was watching, listening, but could not move his body, The eyes of his eyelid were also motionless. He should listen to his family.

But there was no sound of the throat. It seemed as if he died, and the soul has left the body.

The body becomes normal after a few minutes, He turned off the alarm, called his wife and children, and told them the whole story. His wife said. Show a doctor to you soon.

He went to the best cardiologist in town. He listened to everything and examined their hearts thoroughly, and informed them that there was no problem in their heart.

But, his heart was kept for a while. It was told of the UK's best hospital. You can get there, There you may be cured. Because we are not able to diagnose the disease.

There were all his tests taken out. The entire board of doctors sat down, and according to his report, despite being healthy, His heart dies for a while.

Doctors have told them that if your heart stops beating for more than a minute, you will die.

There is no cure for this disease yet, so we can't help you, because your heart is stopping working.

Sikandar, who was disappointed, returned to his country, and he contacted the spiritual physician. His friend told the address of a spiritual physician in Lahore. He lost time without reaching the address.

The physician heard the Talk, see the report, and said, According to the medical reports. You do not have any illness. But perhaps destiny wants to take any action from you. Again you are being given a warranty before death.

When you complete your work, do you remember something that is not complete?

Sikandar had long thought of it. But no such thing did not remember that which was not Completed. They used to do all their work on time and honesty, and they did not delay a moment.

Even after coming home, he kept thinking for a long time, and he was thinking of this. It was late at night, He heard the barking of dogs in his sleep, and the next scene was very Strange. An Old Woman had a large piece of meat.

Many dogs were trying to snatch meat from the old woman, and some dogs were biting the old woman's body.

The woman was screaming and calling for help, but she was not leaving a piece of meat.

She was covered in blood, Dogs had tasted his arm and thigh meat, and the bones of his body were visible, but the Old Woman was not willing to give meat to dogs.

After seeing this scene, his eyes opened and he was sweating in the cold weather, he wiped his forehead. He got his car in the morning and ran towards Anarkali market, and asked the butcher.

A few days ago, I had seen an Old Woman gathering meat here. You can tell me the address. The butcher said. The woman has not been here for several days. There are a lot of dogs and cats.

That's why his hand did not come to anything. Maybe, go to another meat shop. Sikandar pledged that he would look for the woman everywhere, and he ran the car at high speed but he had to stop the car immediately.

Sikandar planted an emergency break. In front of the same scenario that he had dreamed of. she woman and the same dog. Sikandar did not believe in her eyes.

One moment he thought he was dreaming, but this scene was not a dream.

He ran to the woman and rescued her from the dogs. he asked the woman, "Why are you collecting this dirty meat?"

The woman said I am a widow. I have four small children. I support them by working from home. I feed myself and my children by eating dry food.

But when the meat is cooked in the houses of the quarter on the Holiday.


So the smell of meat makes my children miserable. I've been entertaining them for weeks and will eat meat next week.

But I couldn't keep my promise. There was no money to buy meat. Whenever anything is collected, it is spent in some way.

And once the week is over, the children will do it again. I was helpless in front of their opponent. Finally, I took this step.

Sikandar bought him some meat, and he went with him to his house, the walls of the house showing poverty. Looking at the children dressed dirty and shattered.

For many years, he has not been able to get a new dress. Without wasting time arrange for their new clothes and essentials. The following week, a large sum of money was placed in the widow's hands, and money was put into the children's admission, bank accounts, and home care.

He did not know how much time he passed. One day he got the doctor's call.

Doctor asked how is your health now, "I am better now," said Sikander. He asks which of your doctor are you treating and which medicines are using?

Sikander said," I am not being Treated. by any Doctor, and no one is using Medicine."  

The doctor said he was surprised that you had such a serious illness that he was still using no medicine.

You have some time to come to our hospital so that we can do your full check-up. The next day Sikander arrived at the hospital and underwent a thorough check-up,

The doctor was surprised! and asked him? What did you eat like that your disease ended with root?

He remembered the widow of the meat. The treatment came from a place you do not believe.

Indeed, my Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that charity avoids every call.

Take care of the people around you who do not extend their hands to anyone.

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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