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UNIQUE REVENGE,relationship revenge stories
UNIQUE REVENGE, relationship revenge stories

Some lions attacked the big mound of the buffalo. The buffalo fought against them, and they escaped. But a lion was injured in the attack of the buffaloes and was unable to walk.

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The bones of the body were broken. Then a thief was sitting under a tree. It was his death.

The rest of the lions came to him. Stocked him, and leaving back, leaving the unbelievers, now the tiger was worried about hunger and thirst along with his wounds.

If you do not eat it, it will die in a few hours. After thinking this, he found his eyes and started waiting for death.

Hungry it was looking intensely, and there was a lot of blood flow from the body. It was probably a few steps away from the sudden that it suddenly felt close to him.

he thinks in his Hart. Maybe the wolf has come to eat me. Today their craftsman will decorate with my flesh meat.

He was reading the same eyes closed, he did not have the power to compete with the wolves. After a while, he felt the smell of fresh meat. He opened his eyes, a fox appeared to himself.

He had a piece of meat in his mouth. The maid saw the lion's eye open and put the meat in front of him.

A few lions looked at the fox and then started turning their body towards meat, and slowly the meat was chewing. Her jaws were not supporting her now but what she used to live and food is essential for living.

Seeing the lion eating, Fox sat down with her satisfaction. lion ended the boat and looked at Fox's eyes full of eyes.

Then the eyes closed. The lion came near the lion and licked a wound, and it's been the first time I had gone back to the lion.

Something thought and then went back to the lion, and again the moment started licking his wounds.

By getting as bled stop from the lion's body, he felt comfortable and he felt energy after healing his stomach.

In a short time, he went to sleep in the embrace out. Shortly his wounds kept wounding and then left the lion to sleep.

The lion sleep on the whole day, on the other day, she opened his eyes in the morning, seeing the fox sitting with her. Her mouth was a piece of meat like yesterday.

She kept in front of the meat lion and asked her charity .lion said, thank you, I am feeling better now.

Fox started licking his body again. His wounds were much better but it took a lot of time to bone bones.

Fox used to serve him for many days. Now, he started to rise up and down again. But he needed a lot of time to hunt. After all, one-day loin made his first victim

He was hunting and hitting her rabbit. She came to her and congratulated him. Asked about him and asked him how he is feeling now.

The lion said, "I am feeling very well now." Today I hated Rabbit. Tomorrow I'll be scared of the deer but I'm alone now, I'll need the rest of my friends to hunt.

Foxy said to smile, "You must find them." Maybe they think you're still dead. The lion said that if you did not help me then I would have died. Thank you so much.

But you can tell me why you helped me? If I died, then you and your children would become a week's meal. You do not have to work hard for food for several days. It was quiet for some time. 

I did not help you, but I have taken revenge. Your children you killed last year. The rain was not last year. The grass and the trees were dried.

All the animals were going to another jungle one by one. I could not go. My kids were very Little's. I could not travel to another jungle with them.

To complete their diet, I used to travel a long distance every day. Because the victim was very difficult and the stomach was necessary.

One day, the victim got out but it was a long time and I did not get any prey. I was wondering about my children. Because it was enough time and they did not drink milk.

Their eyes were opened, and sometimes they used to live outside the cave. I was scared that I could not understand any other fox-like my mother.

If they came out of the cave, they would die. After all, I hated a big rat and fled the cave. I wanted to get to my cave as soon as possible.

I was just a mile away from Cave. I heard the voice of my children. I ran into my cave. The first time I was very busy in life.

That maybe I save my children from the bottom of the hunt. When you came closer and saw you. You had eaten my three children. The fourth child saw me coming.

She ran crying towards me. She believed that I would save her. But the second moment you broke his neck. The innocent person looked at me completely and Your food became.

His senses filled in front of my eyes even today's. I thought that you would take revenge. Your innocent children just like you killed.

When you saw you in a state of shock, it came to pass with heart. Take revenge on anyone like today.

I arranged for your treatment, food, and also took care of you. If you are honored then you will accept my favor, and you will not have any risk again.

If you die that your body will become a meal of my and my children. I was completely hopeful that you would be saved. The lion said, "I will bless you all my life", and my future generations will also be grateful to you.

The tiger had given his promise and the generations of generations were also sown many years, and many lions of the lion passed away.

But even today the lions do not suffer fox. After some work, some meat keeps in front of some cave. They know the fox who had favored their fathers. He has died long before. But they remember his blessings.

Can we not even accept this favor on our enemies? With those friends, relatives, and neighbors who acted badly with us. We can not help them in their pain. Do it once again.

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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