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How deep is your relationship
How deep is your relationship

The sound of noise would open my eyes. Keeran, why your milk makes Yogurt.
That naughty will not come.

She must have liked some other meal. Where will our foods mush now enjoy it? Grandmother was getting angry about the cat- take away Keeran. She was our younger sister, the final year's student.

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The belle longer, Column nose, and luminous face did not seem to be less than an Egyptian girl's. It seems that our house will be born in error. Big eyes on it. It seemed like these Kashmir's have got rid of it.

Keeran said, "It will come to pass, somewhere outing." What an outing for a week? Now he will not return. Grandmother probably was malediction the cat.

One day the cat came out of our house store. Grandma said just seeing him. Look how it's going on in a ruffle.

We did not value grandmother's words. And they welcome the cat with a smile. But she had actually done the act. Her child was his act.

They were four children and were very beautiful. Some white and white/ black. blue was naughty eyes. When they grew up and started walking around the house.

There was a glimpse of his movements and rollick in freshness our home.
There were three brothers and sisters in the house with their motives and rollick.

We all were studying in colleges and universities, neither our family had a little child nor was we married.

That's why these cats of kittens were the gift of nature for us. We all were happy and were not disturbed by their innocent motives.

But grandmother Cat and her children were very tired because her children used to item traipsing.

Our sisters have a special care of their diet. used to milk these children with the feeder. One day the cat went out of the house and returned after a long time. He had some meat with him.

When she came, all the children went to him and they also ate meat. He was sick after some time after eating meat. He was sickly around the illness and some kids started making vomiting. All of us were worried about seeing their condition.

We showed them to a doctor of a beast immediately. The doctor checks his completed and said that the first time the children had eaten meat and the meat was spoiled.

Because of which they have food poisoning, they have this condition. I give them medicines and injections

Grandmother was not even at the home. He had gone to his elder son's house. If he was, we would have consulted with him maybe he would tell us some cure.

But there was no benefit from the treatment. And by one side all the children died. Now the cat kept depressed, every day, sleep the corners of the house, and leaving it to eat.

Seeing this condition always sick, we were all worried about seeing this situation. The most shocking happened to our sister Keeran. He also made Graves of kittens.

Which was near the side of our courtyard. They sat there with these graves for hours chatting quietly talking to them, and we all were upset and she started looking for a solution to this problem. How come the cat came back to her first position.

A few days later, when Grandma returned home. And we discussed this problem with them.

She said. It was the first child of Kitten. Therefore cat has suffered much of his death. You guys take a walk out of it. And take care of it.

Every day, we took her back to wander out. would like to eat her favorite food. But Cat's nature did not matter.

She was weaker and sick than ever. All the families started finding solutions to the problem.

We recently consulted again from Grandma. Finally, it is decided that he brings another Kitten.

A few days later, Karen took a kitten from her friend's house. This child was like his own kittens.

No one could imagine who and the kitten. There was a lot of similarity in color and shape. And movements too. We left this child away from the cat. Seeing her, the cat ran to him and saw him rotating around and saw it.

and went back to our place. We were surprised that the child was a copy of his child. But the cat realized that he is not a child and she did not accept her child. A cat taught us that he knew his relationship.

In a few moments, he can recognize his blood and his children. The love of his offspring can not be given to anyone Else's child.

Did we have gone beyond this cat? Today we forgot our blood and our relationships.
The first people regularly visited hundreds of miles away from relatives. Today, relatives living in the neighborhood do not meet the years.
Today the relationship is seen in joy and festivals. Today, Facebook and what's up friendship from thousands of miles away .
But relationships do not relate to relatives living shortly. Why is it so? Think about it!

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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