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My Dog is Disloyal
My Dog is Disloyal

The sun was shining, and the sun was touching the edges of the Earth. The birds flew towards their wish and the farmers were returning to their homes.

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The village of Murha Qazi consisted of a few thousand people. Everywhere was the prince's rule.

Otherwise, The lightweight sound of the windmill and the rings in the balls of the bulls, which the people hunt.

They were going to their enclosures. Women were preparing dinner at home kitchen. And on the elder older chairs of the villages were happy cheats.

The water pipe kept in the middle rumble some time - And then it becomes silent. Such silence was also in the heart of Afzal Shah.

His eyes were Careers evident than his face. His naughty baby was torn in the morning with a fever. From the morning, People were coming to him for the looked of his child.

Every person was giving different advice. The philosopher of the village was also seen to the child.

He had given some medicines and said. If the fever does not get until evening, So, it will have to take a big hospital.

In the evening, people started going to their own homes. No one was ready to keep it. His house was near Pin mill beyond the village. There was a lot of time stirred on days.

But when it was evening, it was torn down. And at night the wolf and wild animals used to move around.

His house was the rough and small wall of the courtyard, so any animal could be inside the courtyard. The night darkness was spread everywhere. And the thought of Afzal Shah was increasing.

The baby's fever was not initially. And along with the throat, a strange voice was coming out. He explained his dog (Moti ) ۔ And said that taking care of the child.

I'll be back in a little while ۔See no wolf harm the child. The dog expressed his loyalty by shaking the tail. He went out of the rapidly moving house. He had a gun with herself.

So that no wolf or wild beasts on the road harm it. And they can easily reach the hospital. The wonders of the wolves and trees were threatening him. 

But he did not quail and finally reached the hospital. He told the doctor about his baby's fever. The doctor said that there is nothing to worry about. After some are born some children get fevered.

What goes down after a few days. You should take this medicine. And feed it on time. Your child will be fine in a few days. Afzal Shah insisted the doctor accompany him.

The doctor said that it will be morning in a short time. Our team will make a move in the morning. He will also see your child, go home to be unconcerned. Give medicines must be on time.

He was away from home right now. He heard the voice of the dogs bark and the wolf crying. Praying for the sake of his child, he walked home with sharp steps.

When the dog saw his master, he turned towards him. After Afzal Shah, he was surprised to see him. His white body was showing blood signs in place.

Seeing the signs of his blood, his heart said that this dog has taken my baby's life. Rage was red with his ears and he fired two bullets without a research dog.

The dog's blood was not too white to fall on earth. He was approaching his master's feet to drag his injured body.

His eyes surprised, his face as looking, master! What I want to ask. What was my fault? I have put my loyalty in a big way.

Eye's was blood-stained in Afzal Shah. He spits over the dog and said dishonest. I did not expect such a thing.

And the dog shot is the last bullet in the vibrator body. As soon as he was the bullet, the spirit of the dog was released from his body.

He suddenly heard the voice of his child from the room. He went to the living room. Seeing the scene, his eyes were shattered. His son was Saved right on the bed.

And there was a two wolf body lying in the room. They were asses by dead bodies. 

What a specialist hunter has done to him. But he did not know the wolf that the hunter's horrid has become more termination than that.

Afzal Shah was thinking astonished. That's what I did? I wish I had seen them go to the room. This dog gave me many years of loyalty.

But I did not value her loyalty. Sometimes we also have such incidents in life. When we establish false opinions on any of our friends and relatives.

And do not even feel the need to do research. Many kinds of bullets on their type and actions do their body. But when it comes to knowledge, it's too late.

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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