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Don' t let love blind you

Don' t let love blind you

Don' t let love blind you

A few days ago I went to Shopping Mall. For purchase of goods, Payout on the counter after purchase.

The counterman threw out the remaining amount in my hand. There was a 100 note in these rupees. One mobile number was writing on it.

I wondered what would be the reason. Has someone written their number in the note? Either he must be promoting his number. And in the hobby, he must have written his number.

Or do not have a paper to write someone's number. This curiosity encouraged me to dial this number.
Hold the bell on the other for a ring. Finally, a concrete sound called me hello.

In response, I also called him greetings. He seemed like a naughty girl. He will be between 16 and 17 years old.
He asked me what? Are you, Tahir

I replied in negligence. So he said, "The Wrong Number" and the mobile closed.
I intend to dial the number again. But some have been thinking.

The mobile pocket was inserted and came out of the shopping mall. This question was going on in my mind. After all, what was the reason that the girl wrote on her 100 note?

But the answer could be given to the girl only. But I did not like to call it again.
After some time I forgot that thing. That sudden note came to my hand once again.

This incident had been so many years ago. But as soon as I looked at the note, I remembered all that .and in the ears they started listening to the melting voice.

I looked at the note number. And I guess it's the same number that I had dial a few years ago.
Curiosity in my heart again annually. Try to know the truth in your heart.

Or maybe the voice of listening to this voice was somewhere in the heart.
I gathered my ideas on one point and dared to call it again. Today, the curtain was about to come.

This time, on the other hand, a bull was once again. And the phone was taken.
This time, why did you go to the sound of sadness like somewhere from some corner?

This time he asked the same question. You are Tahir. I was silent for a moment.
And began to collect words to answer him in his heart.

And then I said. I am not Tahir. But Mis. Please do not close the phone.
For a few seconds, I fixed my breath. Then said. I'm not a lover. I'm a story.

I just want to ask you. Why was the reason you wrote on your phone number paper note?
Maybe I can help you?

He said I will not tell my name. Four years back we lived in one city.
I and Tahir were neighbors. A wall was in between us.

Our homes were different. But there were hearts.
Unless you see each other, there was no heart in any work.

We studied Metric at the same school simultaneously. Boys' and girls' shifts in our school were different.

I went to school early in the morning and he went to school for noon. When I was off, I would wait for his outside. Unless he looks at home, he does not go home.

Similarly, he too waited out for me, after going to see me he went to school.

Then our love seemed to be someone else. And his father's exchange got another city.
There was a new one in the mobile market at this time. It was not our purchase to buy it.

He had made all the promises to me at the time to goes. But perhaps he had forgotten now. It would not be possible for him.
But I still do not forget it. And remember it every breath.

Once I saw a note. I was surprised that people express their love in this way.
So why do not I write my mobile number in the note? It may be noted that this notice also came to him one day.

And he should call that number. I'll recognize it in a moment.
But many years have passed. There are thousands of phone calls. But its call has not yet arrived.

I told him. Maybe he is not in this country. And it may also be that he has loved someone else.
Why are you ruining your life in memory of her? Girls have to leave their parents' doorsteps.

The man can live in the memory of someone else, but the woman needs a man's support at all times.
If he does not get it then you will be a virgin of all life. How long will you wait for it?

I will wait for her till the last breath of life I believe her call will come one day.
Once you see it, then I will leave the decision.

I would say anything else to him. But it was silent. Because I knew it was very difficult to explain it at this time.

Love is like ice that is hard as a rock and it takes hard work to break it. But if it is left as it is, it melts, it becomes water.

I also left her. But my heart got a prayer that God could get him from his beloved.
After a while, he called me. And told me that I am getting married. I asked that beloved!

He did not say. Because these are getting married to my family.
I asked him again. Did you not get Tahir? He said that I met. But he has changed a lot.

Now he is not as I thought of her dreams. he is not like that in her dream's crown palace.
I asked him, are you happy about this decision? Where is your family getting married? Will he keep you happy?

He said, "I agree with the verdict that is written in my destiny."
He requested me. If you receive the note, please remove the number as I do not want to talk to anyone else.

I promised him and thought in my heart, The number of notes that the girl has mentioned will have written her name.

I also ask you guys if you see a number on a note, please remove it from me ۔Because love can be blind You are not.