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true story- bad luck sign
true story- bad luck sign
Title of the document The NEWS BOX with RAZI is a platform in which we write the true stories .You will find the true stories of every nation and religion in the NEWS BOX with RAZI . The aim of the NEWS BOX with RAZI is not to motivate you and your heart. But the purpose of NEWS BOX with RAZI is to convey truth. Title of the document If the fate is not good then the man sitting on the camel also bite the dog...

When the only daughter of a rich man was twenty-five years old, he thought that he should marry her now.

So after consulting his wife, he started looking for a boy for his daughter's marriage. After a few days of searching, they were introduced to a businessman. The boy was very handsome and educated.

The boy liked him very much for his daughter and they married them both. Both the boy and the girl were happy with the marriage and at the same time, both families were satisfied.

Shortly after the marriage, the boy made a huge loss in business. He tried hard to get his business back on track, but the more he tried, the more he became indebted. So he quit his business and started to find a new job.

Now the boy started working in a small company. But with the meager salary of this job, his livelihood was very difficult.

His economic situation was now very bad at home. The couple started quarreling over the lack of essential items in the house.

The girl mentioned this to her mother. The girl's mother day informed her husband about her daughter's problem and said; Why do not we help your son-in-law to start a new business?

Support her business and strengthen it in economics and business. Such situations do not seem to see my daughter and son-in-law.

You once again visit the daughter of the house and meet your son-in-law, there may be no case of improvement, and then it's successful in business.

"I will go to my daughter's house and try to find out from her son-in-law the reasons for the failure of his business," 

After some time, the rich man went to his daughter and son-in-law's house to meet her. After talking for a while, she asked her son-in-law the reason for her business failure.

The son-in-law mentioned to them the situation in the business so far, He kept asking her about her business situation for a while and then came back.

When he came home, his wife asked him about meeting her son-in-law. The husband said, "I have analyzed it well. The cause of the economic crisis is his destiny."

I don't see any fault in his business technique anywhere. So, now we have to accept all these situations as his destiny.

When its destiny improves, it will automatically begin to develop and new means will begin to emerge. The woman did not like her husband's advice at all. She thought I would help my son-in-law myself

But I will take a unique approach so that the son-in-law and my husband can not guess, and their selfishness was not hurt. Finally one day she invited her son-in-law to her house.

The son-in-law came straight to her house from the office. After the conversation and dinner, the woman placed a box of sweets in front of him.

There were a lot of sweets in it. Inside each candy was a gold coin, The value of which was in lakhs in the market. If his son-in-law had sold this gold in the market, he could have gotten enough money from which he could have resumed his business.

The woman gave a basket of sweets to his son-in-law and urged him to eat these sweets, which would be beneficial for both of him.

The son-in-law did not know the gold coin inside the sweet and this sweet was making him feel very heavy. He was finding it difficult to carry this heavy basket, and he wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Because he didn't have a car, it seemed like a long way. After walking some distance he saw a sweet shop.

He went to the shop and showed the sweets to the shopkeeper and asked, what can you pay for this sweet? The shopkeeper charged a few thousand rupees for this sweet.

The son-in-law took the money from the shopkeeper and put it in his pocket and left. After a few hours, this wealthy man passed from the sweets shop, He thought I would take some sweets for the family. As soon as he went inside, his eyes fell on the basket. The basket looked so beautiful and the sweets were fresh and fragrant.

So he asked the shopkeeper for the price of the basket of sweets, and after paying a deal, he paid money and came home and sweets in the hands of his wife. The wife saw the sweets surprisingly and asked,

Where did you get these sweets from the husbands? the husband said that I bought the front shop, The wife listened to her husband and said to her husband. I had put gold coins in her sweets so that my son-in-law could work. But alas!

My son-in-law could not take advantage of it. The husband said that this is not a mistake of his son-in-law's destiny.

There is a famous saying,

 If the luck is not good, even a man sitting on a camel can be bitten by a dog.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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