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Disadvantages of Criticism
Disadvantages of Criticism

There are positive and negative aspects of criticism. But the results can be different. Sometimes we have to act on someone's criticism, and sometimes you have to look inside the critic. What are its objectives?

A farmer from a small village road a donkey to a nearby town to get some of his daily necessities. Along with the farmer, his ten-year-old son also expressed a desire to go to the city.

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The farmer said to his son; Son, I'm going to town to get some essentials. On the way back, I will load whatever I have on the donkey, and walk on my own.

If you go with me, you will have to come back on foot. By the time you get home, you will be so tired that you will be absent from school.

The son said; You take me, I promise I won't be absent from school even if I get tired, So the farmer put his son on the donkey and walked towards the city.

He had just traveled a few kilometers to meet some people on the way. Who was returning to the village from the city?

When they saw the farmer and his son riding on a donkey, they began to say.

See how cruel a man is, father and son sitting on a donkey. They are so cruel to a weak donkey. It didn't matter if a man was sitting on a donkey. But they are both sitting on donkeys.

The farmer was embarrassed to hear them. He understood that father and son should not sit on donkeys at the same time.

And thinking this, he got off the donkey himself and He carried his son on a donkey and walked toward the city.

After walking some distance, he met some people again, and when they saw the farmer and his son, they said,

See how insensitive this boy is sitting on his donkey, and his old father is walking.

The boy should have thought he was young and healthy while his father was old and weak.

So he should put his old father on a donkey and walk on his own, it would be better for both of them.

This time the son was very embarrassed and realized that he had made a big mistake by sitting on the donkey.

He got off the donkey himself and asked his father to ride it, Because I am young and healthy, you have the right to ride this donkey.

The journey was only half over. The farmer came face to face with some other people.

This time they said how cruel this man is. He is sitting on a donkey.

And her innocent child is walking. He was not at all ashamed to get off the donkey herself and put her innocent son on the donkey.

On hearing this, the farmer became even more upset and this time he thought that neither of us would sit on the donkey.

 The farmer and his son both walked towards the city, and my donkey walked with them without a ride.

Just a few steps away I saw some people coming towards me. They were laughing when they saw him

And we're talking. See how foolish they are walking on donkeys.

Now the farmer was upset and sat to one side. He did not know what to do

After some time a person passed by them, Who seemed sensible and educated in his appearance.

He spent there, so he saw the farmer sitting a disturbed, He asked the farmer. Why are you upset, The farmer told him all his worries to A to Z.

The man asked the farmer. Can your donkey carry the weight of both of you with the luggage?

The farmer said why not. I have been to this city many times.

So the man said. You two sit on the donkey and go to the city. Don't care about people

These people will continue to talk like this and you will continue to be upset.

This time the farmer thought, if I follow the words of the people, I will never be able to reach the city.

So he put his son on his donkey and walked toward the city.

People's job is to talk. Do what you understand or need at the time.

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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