Counterfeit Coin- The most Precious Capital

Counterfeit Coin- The most Precious Capital
Counterfeit Coin- The most Precious Capital

The daughters are not curious, we offer them their own behavior.

One man had four daughters. He had a great desire to be his son.
When the wife was pregnant, then the person told the wife! This time the girl should not If the girl's hairs, I'll throw him out.

I should definitely have to boy. This time, a girl was born in this house. So the person wrapped the girl out in the clothes and got out of the house but left at the top at night.
So that some needy take it.

The woman prayed for her daughter's security all night.
In the morning, that man went to a thief, then, see what the girl is sleeping right in the clothes.

The person brought him to the house. The next night, he did the same thing. The baby should get it right in the same situation.

Five days he did the same thing. After all, he lost his head and kept it at home.
After a while, his wife gave birth to a beautiful boy. And that night, her eldest daughter died.

He was born four years of his son's. And one by one, all the daughters died. Otherwise, the last daughter, who had left her on the stove, after his wife then died. His children grew up and went to their own homes.

The man was old and sick. There was no one to take care of it.

Instead of her daughter, the son comes to sometimes, and they used to sit for a while asking for their father's good deeds.

Now they did not have time for the old father and sister. He was lost in his life.
Which he considered being his precious capital. He was a stranger to them today. The being was a person who had full care.

The same daughter whom she considered to be a poor person today. Today she was the most precious capital for him. The daughter is not curious, we offer them their own behavior.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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