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True story, Diamond recognition
True story, Diamond recognition

Some things are very easy to say. But it proves to be very difficult if you have to do it. (A critical view of society,)

Mr. Farooq was considered one of the best doctors in the country and he was served in a large hospital. His son had recently graduated from education. He had a passion for painting and he inherited this passion.

Because Mr. Farooq himself was a great artist in his youth. His room was full of pictures. Mr. Farooq used to see these scattered pictures every day.

Which were very attractive and the choice of colors was also very high. Undoubtedly, he had become a great artist. His works were very lively.

Of course, he was his father, and the parents like their children and everything about them better than others. Once Mr. Farooq came to his son's room and advised him to take these pictures to the art gallery and exhibit them.

So that those who appreciate the image can see and appreciate your art. In this way, you will be inspired by this art, But he always smiled and ignored his every time.

He had been working hard on the same picture for some days. Whenever Farooq Sahib passed by his son's room, he always saw him busy.

One day he asked his son, son, I see you working hard on this picture, what is so special about this picture that you have been working so hard on it for a long time?

The son said; Baba, I am making a picture which will surely be a masterpiece, No one has ever made such a piece of art, people will forget the picture of the Mona Lisa when they see this picture.

I will put this picture in front of the general public and say if there is anything wrong with it, find it and show it. A few days later the picture was completed and put up for display in a public passageway and written down,

This picture is a masterpiece. If you see any flaws in it, please mark them below it. He came home with the picture. Now he had to wait for the result till tomorrow morning.

After coming home, he told the whole story to his father Mr. Farooq, He was very happy Mr. Farooq saw his son sitting depressed in his room.

He went to his son and asked him why he was depressed and at the same time asked about the picture.

The son didn't say anything, just pointed to the picture on the table. Farooq Sahib saw the picture on the table and was surprised!

The whole picture was full of marks. There was no space in the canvas without a cross. Its true color and beauty were hidden behind these marks.

They were very surprised. He did not expect the picture to be this way, he reassured his son, and he said to those whom he wanted to praise image. They are not familiar with painting.

You re-create an image. And deliberately put some flaws in it and write them down. Wherever you see flaws in this picture, please correct them. Also, keep brushes and paint with you, and put this picture back where it was before. You will see that this time the result will be very different from before

And you will know that familiarity with painting is essential to understanding any picture. The son liked the father's advice and followed it.

He made another picture. The picture was as beautiful as the previous one, but it had deliberate flaws that were noticeable.

Anyone with a little understanding of painting could easily spot these flaws. The next day the picture was put in the same place where he had put it before and according to his father's advice, he had also put the brush and color.

The next day the son could not believe what he saw, The picture looks the same as it was pasted and no one tried to correct it despite the flaws in the picture.

The next day Mr. Farooq saw his son's smiling face and went to him. His son was very happy with this success.

He told his father the whole story and expressed his intention to send his picture to an art gallery for the exhibition.

Farooq smiled at his son and said;

Son, only a Goldsmith can identify a precious diamond. To the people, it is just an ordinary stone.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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