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True Story - Breed Identity
The NEWS BOX with RAZI is a platform in which we write the true stories .You will find the true stories of every nation and religion in the NEWS BOX with RAZI . The aim of the NEWS BOX with RAZI is not to motivate you and your heart. But the purpose of NEWS BOX with RAZI is to convey truth. Title of the document Adults, Ethics and Practices * Both blood and breed Let's know..

A king was sitting in his court. He was accompanied by his influential ministers and princes. 

The king was listening to the pleas of all the needy and distressed subjects who came to his court and immediately issued orders, personal and financial issues, and domestic and family disputes and he was solving all the problems of land and property immediately.

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Due to this all the needy citizens and employees were happy and satisfied with it and after solving their problems, they were happily going home.

There was also a stranger in this court. The man also appeared before the king, and said, I am a poor and needy man, and I desperately need a job. The king asked him about his qualifications.

So the stranger said, "I don't know any skill."But I can give you solutions and advice on your important issues.

The king had many advisers to solve his important internal and external problems. But it did not disappoint the man, He was made the special "in charge of the stables."

The one who had passed away was a few days ago and the ministry was still empty.

A few days later, the king came to the stable to see his most expensive and beautiful Arabian horse.

He put his hand on the horse's neck and asked the stall in charge, What breed is this horse?

The man said, "It looks like an Arab racial, But this horse is not racial "

The king was very surprised, he called the first owner of this horse from the forest and inquired from him.

The first owner of this horse said the horse was racial, But after a few days of his birth, his mother had a snake bit.

Because of this, it was death. So, This horse has grown young by drinking the milk of a cow.

The king called the in-charge of the stable and asked him, How did you guess, this horse does not breed?

The in-charge of the stable said, Whenever it eats grass, it eats with its head down like a cow. While the breed horse raises its head with grass in its mouth.

The king was very pleased with his answer and at the same time was very impressed with his understanding and he gave him a lot of grain, ghee, roasted goats, and high-quality bird meat as a reward.

At the same time, he announced that this person would be the Queen's special servant from today. On that day he was stationed in the Queen's special palace,

A few days later, the king asked the bodyguard for his queen's personality.

Said this bodyguard, Her appearance is like that of a queen, but "she is not a born princess."

The king was astonished at how this was possible, having been married for more than twenty years, But he never realized it, and no one mentioned it.

He regained his senses, he knew that this person's observation was very strong,

Such a denial is not possible, so the king immediately went to see his mother-in-law and asked her about his wife's background.

Said the mother-in-law, The fact is that your father asked my husband for a relationship at the birth of our daughter, But our daughter died 6 months later.

So we made our daughter's girls establish a close relationship with your kingdom.

The king asked the bodyguard, "How did you know?" 

He said that his "treatment of servants" was worse than that of the ignorant. Her behavior shows that she has gone through similar situations.

The king was even more impressed by his intellect, giving "lots of grain, sheep, and goats" as a reward. At the same time, he appointed him as his special servant and adviser in his court.

A few days later, the king called his special adviser and asked for his opinion about himself."

The adviser said, "If you promise that you will not kill me or be in jail, then I will answer your questions."

The king thought long and then he promised the adviser,

The adviser said: "O king! You are neither the king's son's and Nor is your styling kings"

He had a lot of anger, but he had promised, He wanted to confirm. So he palaces his mother's palace,

"Mother's heard all the things and said that it is true" You were a son of a shepherd, our children were not, So you were taking away.

The king called the adviser and asked me, How do you know?

He said, "King" whenever they give "a reward", let's diamonds, gems, and lands, Property".

But you give the "sheep, goats, foods" in the reward, "This method does not happen to the king or princes."

Rather, this method can be of the sons of a shepherd.

Your habits know your generation. Man can change your habits, but it is not easy to change nature.

* Habits, ethics, and behavior ... Both blood and breed recognize.*

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Written by Razi Ahmed 

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