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It was a beautiful summer evening, and a house on the edge of town was ablaze with light, blue, yellow electric light bulbs.

A small ceremony was held at the house, to which friend, 

relative and neighbor were to invited.

The event was attended. by family members of all ages, including children and adults, and some young people gathered in one place and laughed at each other.

It was a girl's wedding and, after dinner, all the young people had a party to talk to each other,

A lot of topics were discussed in this Meeting, 

and in the end, there was a discussion between them on success in life.

Many of these young people shared their ideas and experiences in a successful life. That came with them or one of their seniors.

Each ideology was very different and unique from the others while some were quite complex and, these people considered it as the proof of success,

He agreed and was encouraging his fellow youth to accept the argument.

According to him, following their arguments is the key to a successful life in the most positive and current circumstances.


Among the young men was a young Islamic scholar who was listening to them but had not yet joined the discussion.

After a Long discussion, when no result came out, all these young people asked this silent religious scholar to join our comments and tell us. What is the best way to succeed?

This young religious scholar smiled at everyone and said; I have the correct and unique answer to this question. Which is radically different from what you think,

Everyone in the audience asked the young man, "What is your answer?"

The young man said; If I answer this question in this forum, you will not be able to understand it well.

You have to have dinner with me last night to get the answer and understand it better So that I can answer this question practically to all of you.

If you all agree, we invite you all to our house next night. You must come. Now all my friends consulted and agreed.

The next night all the young people arrived at the house of this religious scholar.

This young scholar addressed everyone and said; I want to serve you all soup before dinner,

There is a lesson for you and an answer to your question. You have to wait just for a while.

Shortly afterward, he placed several bowls of soup in front of the young men.

But surprisingly, everyone was given a two-feet-long spoon to drink the soup and said that you all have to drink the soup with the same long spoon, so you all start drinking the soup.

Everyone tried, but obviously, it was impossible to drink soup with such a long spoon. No one could drink soup with a Spoon.

After a long struggle, when all else failed, the religious scholar said: Follow me, see how I drink soup.

Now He grabbed a spoon, 

and put full spoons of soup in the mouth of the person in front of him.

The man drank the soup and at the same time poured the soup into the scholar's mouth with his spoon. Thus the two drank the soup.

Seeing this, everyone grabbed their spoon and started giving soup to the other. After a while the bowls full of soup became empty, everyone drank the soup and, everyone was Very Happy,

When everyone had their share of soup, the religious scholar stood up and addressed all the young people:

What lesson did you all learn by drinking this soup? If you all don't understand, Let me tell you?

And let me tell you a story from the time of Moses (peace be upon him). When Moses (peace be upon him) went to the mountain to talk to God, many people who had embraced his religion,

Bring your request to them that they may ask God; How long will their problems and worries last, and what is their solution?

He would present the questions of these people before God and, whatever answer he got, Moses (peace be upon him) would come back and tell them.

Once upon a time. There was a poor man, who was very worried about not having a job, and because of which he was suffering from hunger and thirst.

One day he got some money and some wheat for his work. He went to the mill to grind it, and after a while, he was returning home after getting flour when suddenly a strong wind blew, 

and all his flour blown away on the air,

He came to Moses weeping and said to him: O Moses, whenever you go to meet God, So ask God how much sustenance in my life? I have and give me that sustenance in one go.

I want to live in peace in the world for a few days, after which I will not be sad even if death comes.

Moses (peace be upon him) told God about the plight of this poor laborer and, God said to him; This laborer has very little sustenance.

For him to receive sustenance for the rest of his life, Moses prayed to God that the laborer should receive his sustenance, one day,

God accepted the laborer's request and gave him his whole life sustenance in one day.

The laborer was very happy, and he and his family ate. After that, he opened a charity hotel with the rest of the money. 

where foods were given to the poor and needy everyday morning, 

and evening also.

Moses was surprised to see this scene, and he asked this laborer; You have a small amount of money that you can spend in a few months.

Then why are you spending this money on others? Laborer said; O Moses, I cannot buy all the comforts of the world with this little money.

It was a long time ago that. All money of laborers should have been Spented, but his charitable hotel was growing day by day.

Seeing this, Moses (peace be upon him) asked God, "O God, you said that the sustenance of this laborer is very little, but this laborer has opened a charitable hotel with this little money."

Surprisingly, this charitable hotel is still running, and the money is not gone.

God said to Moses: We had given him the sustenance of this man's life only once. If he had spent it on himself, it would have been over by now.

But this person has also added others to his sustenance. So I made the sustenance of all the poor with him who eats his eating table.

Life is an eating-table of our needs, a person who decides to fill his stomach at the eating-table of life and strives alone.

He often leaves this world hungry. And he who thinks of feeding others will never go hungry himself.

The giver of happiness and help to others in life is always more profitable than the giver, it seems that the giver is at a loss, but this is by no means true.

If you want to live a happy and peaceful life like everyone else, you cannot succeed in life unless your friends and relatives succeed with your help.

Because of the path to success, all of us go through the success of others.

This story does not mean that you should leave yourself and your family and start looking for solutions to other people's problems and worries.

In addition to managing the needs and comforts of yourself and your family, you must also help others.

So that with your help someone else can make a reasonable arrangement for their business and employment.

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