Why beggars should not be encouraged

Why beggars should not be encouraged
Why beggars should not be encouraged

Why do we encourage begging when it is the wrong thing to do? and discourage hard labor. Knowing that this is the right thing to do.

One man had an interesting experience with his two teenage children (aged between ten and twelve).

One was dressed in torn old clothes and sat on a busy sidewalk to beg.

He sat on the same busy passage a short distance from his first son to sell his second son various daily necessities and he stood away from them and began to observe their income.

He was surprised to see his son sitting down to sell a variety of everyday items.

People were treating this child in a very bitter and cruel way. There was a lot of discussion about the quality and price of the product.

At the same time, they were accusing him of making substandard products and making more profit.

The child was also constantly making noises to increase the sales of his product and attract customers. He was doing his best to increase the sales of his product.

While his other son whom he had begged. He was not trying as hard as his brother.

He sat quietly and watched everyone come and go. But surprisingly, people treated him very well.

People were asking him about his condition and that of his home. They regretted his condition and gave him money, food, and clothes.

In the evening, child labor was very tired and his throat was sore from making noises.

After working all day, he earned only one and a half hundred rupees.

While her second child was made a beggar, he was very calm and there were no signs of fatigue on his face, and he brought eight hundred rupees as well as food and clothes against the child laborer.

The result of this social experience is clear to all of us.

We make no concessions to hotel waiters, greengrocers, and small-scale workers
And by giving the beggars twenty or even a hundred rupees, they think that we have done a great good today.

We should pay the beggars according to their needs while paying the laborers more than the contract.

In this way, the laborer will work hard and the extra money you give him will be used the next day when he cannot find work.

Remember that even if you give a beggar one lakh rupees in cash, he will not stop begging.

On the other hand, if you help a laborer by giving him one lakh rupees in cash, he will fulfill his legitimate need.

Or with that money, he will try to do any small business. So that he can meet the needs of his family and don't need others.

Why not, let us think from today, that we will not beg from any beggar. If we intend to help someone and get good.

So with this money, we will help millions of students, patients, laborers, and women in our country who are in need and indebted to others.

If you start doing this today, you will not see anyone begging in a few days.

Begging is a disgrace to our society. We need to get rid of this disease as soon as possible.So that our next generation will not suffer from this disease.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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