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Prayers Can Change Destiny

Let me tell you a famous incident of the time of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him).
Moses (peace be upon him) had the characteristic of all the prophets. He was able to speak to God.

Or suppose that out of all the prophets. Only Moses (peace be upon him) was given the advantage he could Easily speak to God.

Once a woman came to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and said to him: O Moses, I have been married for ten years.

We both don't have any illnesses or disorders, but we haven't had any children yet.

My husband and I are pleased with God's will, but I want to ask God once. When you go to meet the Lord as a mountain, ask him if I have children.

Moses promised that he would find out the answer to his question from the Lord, and when they went to the mountain, they asked the Lord about her and asked her the answer.
The Lord said to Moses: Tell her that she will have no children. When Moses returned, the woman came to him and asked, O Moses! What has your Lord answered my question?

Moses (peace be upon him) was silent for a while. When the woman asked him again, he said:

God has said that you will not have children.
When the woman heard what Moses said, The woman became very depressed and walked home crying.

She had just met a beggar on the way.
Seeing this woman crying, the beggar asked her. 
Why are you crying?

The woman said to The beggar, "God has said, 'I will not have children.

Until I knew there was a hope that if not today then tomorrow. I will have children, but now God has told me, that's why I cry.

The beggar consoled the woman and said; Don't worry, I will pray to God. The woman said in surprise!

You are a poor man, wandering the streets begging for alms. Why would God accept your prayer when He rejected His Messenger?

Faqir said; I trust in my Lord. He has not rejected any of my prayers to date. He will fulfill my prayers.

A few days later, the woman became pregnant, The beggar's prayer was accepted by God, and she spent nine months in a state of wonder and joy. When the child was born, she took the child in her arms and went to Moses and said:

you said, "I have no children, but look, God has blessed me with children."

Moses said that when God Himself said that you will have no children then how can this be possible.
The woman told the story of the beggar.

Moses was very Surprised to hear the woman's words. He was feeling ashamed that the woman must be thinking him a liar, 
kept thinking about this for many days.

When God had children with this woman, why did He tell me that this woman would be childless Because of this embarrassment, they did not even go to the mountain for a long time?

A few days later, God called them mountains. When he arrived as a mountain, God asked why he was absent.

So Moses complained to God when you had to give birth to this woman, why did you tell me that this woman would be childless? I am very ashamed of that woman.

God listened to them and said: Take a plate and a knife and go to the people, and tell them that God needs a piece of the flesh of a human body. Which of you will give God the flesh of his own body?

Moses (peace be upon him) took a plate and a knife and wandered from village to village and shouted, Many days passed, but no one gave a piece of meat.

Finally, one day Moses met a beggar. He said; I will fulfill this wish of God, and he asked Moses which part of the body God needs flesh?

Moses said, I do not know, and his head was in denial. The beggar may have told that God needs the flesh of the thigh. 
And cut a piece of the flesh of his thigh and put it on the plate.

Then it may be said. God must have the flesh of my arms and put a piece of fleshes on the plate with His arm.

Even put a piece of each part of the body on the plate,

The beggar was bleeding from every part of his body and had severely injured himself, but he was satisfied that he had fulfilled God's command and desire.

And he has not made any kinds of sacrifice to pieces of his body for completing God's will.

Moses (peace be upon him) took the meat given to him by the beggar, happily went to the mountain, and called out to God.

God asked Moses, "Bring the meat," and he said, Yes, 
God said, "Who gave you this meat?"

Moses said, "A beggar has given." God asked which part of his body he had given flesh to, 
Moses said; Oh God, I forgot to ask you.

When the beggar asked me, I could not tell him, but this beggar has given flesh to every part of his body,

God said; I asked for human flesh. You could have given this meat too. After all, you are also a human being.

Moses (peace be upon him) became silent on hearing this. He was also surprised and was thinking really. He could have given a piece of meat too.

God then asked Moses;
Do you know who that beggar was?
And then he answered,

This man was the same beggar who had prayed for children for the woman.

Just think of you, Whoever dismembers his body for the sake of God.
God willing. Why wouldn't God answer his prayer?

This woman was destined to have no children, But the beggar's prayer became his destiny. 

The lesson of this story is that man does not become good by worshiping too much, 
But by sacrificing himself at the command of God, he deserves to be called good, and the prayers of good people can change anyone's destiny.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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