Helmet and change your life

Helmet and change your life
  Helmet and change your life 


The importance of helmets   A beautiful story hidden behind helmet......

After completing his education, Akbar started working in a firm. The salary was low but there were many opportunities for promotion.

He thought, why don't I keep looking for another job while staying in this job. and it is possible that the boss will promote me after seeing my qualifications in the same firm and I will reach a big post. This dream Akbar used to see every day and night, he was sure that he would soon reach the heights of success.

Just a few months after getting the job, her mother and her sisters began preparing to marry her. Akbar told his family, "My job is new and I can't afford to get married and beyond for this meager salary."

But the mystery of the family continued to grow. Eventually, under great pressure from the family, he was forced and agreed to his marriage.

He was first introduced to a beautiful girl. What was the girl With long black thick hair, brown eyes, and pink complexion, she looked no less than a fairy?

Akbar was also charming and young, but the girl was different, People from both sides met and after that, the boy and the girl were allowed to talk to each other.

Akbar liked this girl very much, especially her smile was very sweet. After meeting, the girl asked Akbar about his job and business, Akbar said that he was working in a firm, his salary was still low.

 I am sure I will make progress very soon. I will reach a bigger post than this, But the girl disliked the private job, she wanted her future husband to have his own big business.

So, she refused to marry Akbar. Akbar tried to convince her and said you are making a mistake. Let's see how high this job will take me in just two years.

But the girl refused and he and his family went back. Akbar's family kept looking for girls for him. But nowhere was it happening.

However, a year later, the girl married a wealthy business boy, He was very sad to hear this news, but he could not do anything.

One day she saw the same beautiful girl with her husband in a new car at a traffic signal. He was riding his bike home from the office.

The girl looked at Akbar from her car but could not recognize him as she was wearing a helmet. Akbar thanked God that he was wearing a helmet on his head at that time.

And she realized the importance of the helmet, what would that girl think if she saw me standing in the sun with an old motorcycle.

So be sure to wear a helmet for your safety, which will show you the way to live with your head held high, never letting you feel embarrassed.

And yes, in movies alone, lovers become millionaires in two or three years. In real life, change doesn't happen much in two or three years. Just replace the old bike with a new bike.

So please be sure to use a helmet when riding a bike.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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