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True Story-As You Sow, So Shall you Reap
True Story-As You Sow, So Shall you Reap

Japan is a land of ancient culture, where people have their customs and identities. There are many folk tales in textbooks and history books. We cannot say with certainty that these stories are true or that there is no evidence that they are True. 

But studying it helps us find solutions to many Important and future problems in life, The events described in this story do not necessarily become part of our lives.

But by reading this instructive story, we must realize that parents need our love and care as much as we need our children. 

After reading this story, one will think that no such incidents are happening around us, Which is our first duty to rectify.

A farmer lived in a small village in Japan, whose name was John, the father of John's was an Old Man, and after his wife's death, he was living with his only beloved son.

Because of the oldness, they couldn't walk even though he needed others for his basic needs. His eyesight was also very weak. By doing latrine, he stayed a corner of the house all day. It was not so much that it could wash his robbery.

When John comes home in the evening, he used to clean his body. Due to untimely cleaning, there was a foul odor in his house. Due to which his wife and children were also very Upset.

He used to fight with his wife every day because of this filth and stench. His wife used to say, "Our neighbor threw his father down from the mountain. Why don't you do the same?"

According to local traditions, when parents became mentally and physically ill due to old age, their children would throw them into a mountain or a stream, thus killing them.

His wife used to tell him that his father is of no use to us, and If he dies, So share of food will be saved, and the money spent on medicines will also be saved.

Farmer John listened to his wife but did not answer. He remembered all those childhood moments, 

When his father raised him with great love, he fulfilled his every wish. However, his financial situation was not as good as he was the only son of his father.

Therefore every word that came out of his mouth had the status of command for his father. But today, his father was in such a state that he could not even drink water on his own.  

Seeing his condition, he was upset. He did not dare to bring his father down from a mountain or drown him in a river.

He was embarrassed to think about it and asked herself if he could do it?

One day when Johne arrives home, he sees his father sitting at the door, in very bad condition and probably hungry and thirsty, And from inside the house came the sound of his wife crying loudly. He entered the house in a state of anxiety and asked his wife what was the matter, why are you crying?

The wife said; Get your old father out of the house right now. Otherwise, I won't stay in that house, 

I am fed up's with that Old Man.

John came to his father, bathed him, put on clean clothes, fed him, and said; Baba, my wife, and children are upset because of you because you have become unimportant to them.

My wife tells me to throw you down the hill too, The way other people have thrown their parents, but I don't have that much courage.

You have brought me up with so much love and hard work and brought me to this place, But what can I do because my household expenses are high and my financial resources are limited?

And I can't leave my job and serve you all day or have an employee who can take care of you. Dad, I'm sorry I can't do anything for you.

Tears welled up in the father's eyes, and he said to his son; 

Son, do as other people have done. 

Saying this, he became silent and kept shedding tears.

The next morning, Johne put her father in a basket and carried him to Hill. He also had a ten-year-old son.

And he reached the mountain peak, he stood, but he did not dare to fall the father from the top of the Hill. He left the father on top of Hill and started falling from Hill.

The father came out of the basket, shook his hands, fled by the son and grandfather, and silently looked at them. After, Some time walking, his son sprinkled his hand with Johne, 

and flew towards the top of the Hill, where he had left his grandfather.

John turned to look at his son and called out to him. Come back, Son. We don't need them anymore.

The son listened to his father and answered; I know, but I need a basket. So that when I am young, and you are old, I will put you in this basket and leave you on this Hill.

John cried when he heard his son's words. It is true, 

What he is doing to his father today, his son will do to him tomorrow.

His son said; How long will we continue to perform this outdated ritual? Let us end this ritual together, Dad.

You keep your father all your life. I will Keep my father all my life. In this way, the ritual will end forever.

A gardener takes Great care of his plants, sows the seeds, and protects them from birds and insects until they become plants,

And then irrigates the plant until it becomes a tenacious tree and protects it from the harshness of the seasons.

And when flowers grow on this tenacious tree, he wants to eat its fruit and sit in its shade.

But if this gardener is deprived of the fruits of this tree, 

And the kingdom of this tree is given to someone else. It will be called a great injustice to a gardener.

Parents are also a gardener to their children. They spend their whole lives in their care, sacrificing their desires and needs to their children.


Children also need to take care of their elderly parents when they are young, just as their parents did when they were young. Because one day your children will be young and you will be old.

Written by Razi Ahmed 

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