Who Is True Lover __ The Story Of A Companion?

Who Is True Lover __ The Story Of A Companion?

No matter how many prophets have brought religions into the world. Those who believe in these religions have faced many difficulties in the beginning.

God made. It is easy for them all to adhere to the religion beginning with the law of these religions. 
So, those who accepted these religions did not have to face many difficulties, and these conveniences created a love for religions in their Hearts.

But when their religions prevailed in the world and they found ease, Then the Shari'ah of these religions ware gradually increased and changed.

but, The followers of these religions, instead of accepting the increase or change in the Shari'a, began to deviate from it and split into many groups and sects.  

Some adhered to the original Laws, and some returned to their former religions. Thus their Religions became divided. This conflict started in the life of the Prophets. And after the death of these prophets, the Powerful group enforced its law all over the world.

But if the religion of Islam is studied. It is stills based on the same Shari'ah that is in the life of Muhammad (peace be upon him), and it will not change until the Day of Resurrection.

The fact that Islam still exists fourteen hundred years later is a sign that its followers love their religion and their Prophet Muhammad very much. They do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives and property for the protection of this religion.

There is a similar story of love and sacrifice of a Companion called Hazrat Bilal, Who loved Muhammad (peace be upon him) very much.

Bilal was asked by a Companion how he felt when he first met the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and what strengths and weaknesses he saw in him.

Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) says that. When I came to Makkah, I did not know anyone here except those who were relatives of my master.
Because I was a slave and the status of slaves in Arabia was worse than that of animals, they were used beyond their means, and they live in houses as prisoners.

So I never had enough time to Go out and meet people, so I didn't know Muhammad at All and had no knowledge of Islam or any religion.

Once, I had a high fever and very Cold weather, and I was Very Weak because of the extreme cold and fever.

That night my master gave me barley to grind and said to grind. It till morning and hand it over to me.
So I started grinding barley right- away so that. I could finish quickly and sleep for a while after I finished. 

When the cold became Unbearable and, my hands trembled, I covered myself with a blanket and lay down.

Shortly afterward, my master came into the room where I was grinding barley. He came to see if I was working or not.

When he saw me lying on the blanket, he became furious. He snatched the blanket from me and took off my shirt as punishment, and he made me sit by the door in the open courtyard to sit here and grind barley.

Now with a severe cold, fever, and so much hard work, I started crying. I missed my home and my mother very much,
I was crying and grinding barely at the same time. The amount of barley was such that grinding would not run out all night.

It wasn't long before there was a knock on the door, and someone asked permission to come in. When I allowed him, so come a very handsome and bright-faced man came in and asked me, "Why are you crying, young man?"

I said, why are you interested in me "go do your job" why should I tell you why I'm crying?

The man smiled at me and said again with great love and gentleness; Tell me, young man, maybe I can help you.

I was very impressed by the love and friendliness of this person, so I told the stranger, My master gave me tonight to grind barley and said grind it till morning and hand it over to me,

I have a high fever, and I can't grind barely because of the severe cold. That's the real reason I cry. 

Also, I said very harsh words to this person. This man listened to me and started walking out of my house so, I said;

I said, Everyone asks, but no one cures. The man did not react and walked out. I began to weep louder and louder after this man left. The mild hope that had arisen in my heart from this man's words that this man would help me grind barley was also gone after he left.

But, I did not know the person. I am dealing with now has been sent by God as a mercy to all the worlds.

Bilal says the man returned shortly after. He had a cup of hot milk in one hand and some dates in the other.

He gave me the dates and the milk and told me to eat and drink and go to bed. I told this person; If I fall asleep, who will grind for this barley?
 If it is not grinding, My master will hit me hard in the morning.

The person said that you sleep, I will give it in the morning. I fell asleep and this man spent the whole night grinding barley for a foreign African slave.

In the Morning. He gave me crushed barley and left. The next night it happened again. He gave me milk and some dates and grinding barley all night. Keep doing this for several days until I recover.

This is the introduction of a prophet. Whom God had sent as a guide for the misguided people of the world. 
And as [The Imam of all the Prophets]. Instead of boasting about their status, they sacrificed their nights to help and serve these slaves and the poor. With whom he had no blood relation.

His actions had such an effect on Bilal's heart that he converted to Islam during his slavery.

As a result, his master, who was a disbeliever, began to oppress them. He used to say leave the religion of Islam. Otherwise, I will be killed by my hands.
And when they got freedom, they converted to Islam.
Hazrat Bilal says, "After this incident, I fell in love with Muhammad (peace be upon him) to such an extent that I became his slave after my master was freedom from slavery."

This spirit of Selflessness and love was so powerful, Of which there is no precedent. 
May Allah, Help us all to have such faith and love for the Prophet (peace be upon him) follow his teachings.


Written by Razi Ahmed 

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